CUCET Courses 2022

Conducting authority of the Central Universities Common Entrance Test publishes the list of CUCET courses offered by each university in the official announcement.

The participating institutions will provide admission to UG, PG, and Doctoral level programs of CUCET 2022 with the help of the entrance exam. 

You will have to fill in the choice of course while filing the form. Your performance in the entrance exam is the sole reason for admission to the desired course. 

To know more details about the CUCET Courses, program code, and universities offering the programs, read the article below.

CUCET Courses List 2022 - UG Programs

The number of programs, colleges, and list of courses may vary this year since the exam will now be conducted for admission to 54 central universities. 

If you are interested to apply for the UG courses, then make sure to fill the CUCET Application Form on or before the last date.

Given is the present list of undergraduate courses as per the previous notification:

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cuccet online coaching

Degrees Courses Codes Universities
Integrated MCA Computer Science UI001 GSBU
B.Voc Biomedical Sciences U1002 CUHAR
B.Voc Industrial and Waste Management U1003 CUHAR
B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering UI004 CUHAR
B. Tech. Electrical Engineering UI005, UI016 CUHAR, CUKNK
B. Tech. Civil Engineering UI006 CUHAR
B. Tech. Printing and Packaging Technology UI007 CUHAR
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MSc Botany UI008 CUJAM
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MSc Zoology UI009, UI014 CUJAM, CUSKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons MSc Chemistry UI010 CUJAM
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MSc Physics UI011, UI012 CUJAM, CUKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MSc Mathematics UI013 CUKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MSc Biotechnology UI015 CUKAS
BSc Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics UI018 CUKNK
BCA Computer Applications UI019 CUODA
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics UI020, UI026, UI033 CUODA, CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Biochemistry UI021 CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology UI022 CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry UI023, UI031 CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Life Sciences UI032 CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Environmental Science UI025 CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Microbiology UI027 CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Physics UI028, UI034 CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated B.Sc. Textiles UI071 CUTND
Integrated M.Sc Economics UI036 BASE
B.Sc Hons. Economics UI037 CUAPH
BA Hons. Political Science UI038 CUAPH
BA Hons. German Studies UI041 CUGUJ
BA Hons. Chinese UI042, UI062 CUGUJ, CUJHD
Integrated MA Social Management UI043 CUGUJ
BA International Relations UI051 CUKER
BA English UI052 CUKNK
B.A Economics UI053 CUKNK
B.Sc Psychology UI055 CUKNK
B.Sc Geography UI056 CUKNK
BSc Geology UI057 CUKNK
BA Hons. Korean UI060 CUJHD
BA Social Science UI067 SPUP
B.A. Security Management UI070 SPUP
B.P.A Music UI49 CUTND

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Code of Universities

The above table uses the abbreviated forms of the colleges/universities. We have enlisted the full form for better understanding:

University Code
Central University of Haryana CUHAR
Central University of Jammu CUJAM
Central University of Jharkhand CUJHD
Central University of Karnataka CUKNK
Central University of Kashmir CUKAS
Central University of Kerala CUKER
Central University of Punjab CUPUN
Central University of Rajasthan CURAJ
Central University of South Bihar CUSBR
Central University of Tamil Nadu CUTND

CUCET Courses List 2022 - PG Programs

Before applying for the PG courses, you must make sure to meet the CUCET Eligibility Criteria. Given is the tentative list of Post Graduate courses offered by various central institutions across India:

Degree Program Code Universities
M. A. Education PG015, PG016, PG017 CUKAS, CUPUN, CURAJ
M. Ed Education PG018, PG019, PG020, PG021, PG022, PG023 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A. English Literature and Language PG024 CUAPH
M. A. English PG025, PG027, PG028, PG030, PG033, PG035, PG036, PG037, PG038, PG039 CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. English and Foreign Languages PG026 CUHAR
M. A. English and Comparative Literature PG031 CUKER
M. A. Linguistics and Language Technology PG032 CUKER
M. A. Hindi PG040, PG041, PG042, PG043, PG046, PG047, PG048, PG049, PG050, PG051 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. Punjabi PG050 CUPUN
M. A. Classical Tamil Studies PG055 CUTND
M. A. Kannada PG056, PG057 CUKER, CUKNK
M. A. History PG059, PG060, PG061, PG062 CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. Sanskrit PG068, PG069 CUHAR, CUODA
M. Sc Geography PG073, PG074, PG075, PG076, PG077 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.A. History and Archaeology PG058 CUHAR
M.Sc. Geology PG081, PG083, PG084, PG085 CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc. Applied Geology PG082 CUKNK
M.Sc. Sociology PG086, PG088, PG093, PG094, PG096 CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CUSBR
M.A Social Work PG087, PG089, PG097 CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUSBR
MSW Social Work PG090, PG091, PG092, PG095, PG098 CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CURAJ, CUTND
M.Sc. Life Sciences PG100, PG105, PG109, PG121 CUGUJ, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUSBR
M.Sc. Microbiology PG101, PG112, PG119, PG122 CUHAR, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUTND
M.Sc Biochemistry PG102, PG107, PG111, PG117 CUHAR, CUKER, CUPUN, CURAJ
M.Sc. Nutrition Biology PG103 CUHAR
M.Sc. Biotechnology PG104, PG118, PG120 CUHAR, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Botany PG123, PG343 CUKER, CUKAS
M.A Odia PG127 CUODA
M.Sc. Chemistry PG138, PG139, PG140, PG141, PG142, PG147, PG148, PG149, PG344 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND, CUKAS
M.Sc. Computer Science PG152, PG154, PG156, PG158, PG159 GSBU, CUKER, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc. Mathematics PG160, PG161, PG162, PG163, PG164, PG165, PG166, PG168, PG169 CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Computer Science (Big Data Analytics) PG157 CURAJ
M.Sc. Physics PG171, PG172, PG173, PG175, PG177, PG178 CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics) PG174 CUPUN
M.Sc. Statistics PG179, PG180, PG181, PG182, PG183 CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Com. M.Com. PG205, PG206, PG208, PG209, PG210, PG211, PG212, PG213 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc Yoga Therapy PG202, PG204 CUKER, CURAJ
MA Cultural Informatics PG245 CURAJ
M.Sc Digital Society PG246 CURAJ
M. A. Development Studies PG247 CUSBR
M. A. Defence and Strategic Studies PG248 CUGUJ
M. A. Comparative Religion PG249 CUKAS
M. A. Tibetan PG255 CUJHD
M. A. Islamic Studies PG256 CUKAS
M. A. Folklore PG260 CUJHD
M.A. Political Science PG272, PG274, PG278, PG282 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUKAS, CUPUN
M.A. International Relations and Political Science PG279 CUKER
M.A. Public Administration and Policy Studies PG280 CUKER
M.A. Actuarial Economics PG306 CUTND
M.A. Economics PG289, PG290, PG291, PG292, PG293, PG294, PG295, PG296, PG297, PG299, PG300, PG301 BASE, CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. General Economics PG302 CUTND
M. A. Urdu PG307 CUKAS
M.A. Psychology PG308, PG309, PG310, PG311 CUHAR, CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A. Gujarati PG313 CUGUJ
M.A. Chinese PG314 CUGUJ
M. A German Studies PG315 CUGUJ
M.Sc Nanotechnology PG316 CUGUJ
M.A. Sports Physiology PG317 CURAJ
M. A. Sports Biochemistry PG318 CURAJ
M.A. Sports Nutrition PG319 CURAJ
M.A. Sports Biomechanics PG320 CURAJ
MA Sports Psychology PG321 CURAJ
M.A. Folkloristic and Tribal Studies PG259 CUKNK
M.A Telugu PG322 CUAPH
M.Sc. Geo-Informatics PG078 CUJHD

CUCET 2022 Admission Procedure Details for Ph.D. Program

The applicant who has fellowships from external sources will be first preferred in case they qualify for the test/interview and are eligible.

The applicant having any financial assistance such as RGNF, MANF, etc., will be given priority over those without any financial assistance, subject to qualifying entrance test.

Those without any financial assistance will be kept in a panel against the vacant seats, if any, after those above are admitted. The panel shall be valid up to the next advertisement/admission process.

The applicant in the panel will be provisionally enrolled for Ph.D. and will be eligible for getting their applications forwarded to outside agencies such as RGNF, MANF, etc. any other, however, they shall not be allowed to begin Course Work till they submit proof of financial assistance.

If awarded a fellowship or selected in a project of the Central University of Punjab, such applicants shall be registered for Ph.D. and allowed to begin Course Work.

The Interview will be conducted at the level of the Centre by the Coordinator of the Centre along with 02 Senior Faculty members. The Centre shall check the eligibility for admission to Ph.D. Course. The Dean of the School will be Chairman/Coordinator for Ph.D. Admission.

The Interview Committee of the Centre will also verify all the original documents of the candidates and shall be responsible for compliance with the rules prescribed.

In the case of the candidate who is in a panel and wants to apply for the Financial Assistance from Govt. Agencies like RGNF/MANF etc. will have to submit an affidavit that, In case, he/she does not get a fellowship within the valid period of the panel, he/she will not have any claim on the admission to the Ph.D. course.


In which courses can I secure admission through CUCET Exam?

You can secure admission in a variety of UG, PG, and PhD programs through CUCET Exam.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for CUCET UG Courses?

You must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in class 12 to apply for CUCET UG Courses.

How many universities are participating in CUCET?

A total of 14 Central universities and and four state universities are participating in CUCET 2021.

What is the eligibility Criteria to apply for PG courses through CUCET?

You must have secured a minimum of 55% marks in your graduation from a recognized university to apply for PG courses through CUCET.

What will be the structure of CUCET courses?

Central Universities adopt a system wherein each program will have core courses, optional courses, and other courses.