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Can average students crack CUET?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 28, 2023


Summary: Are you someone with average marks and wondering if you could clear CUET? This blog is for you! Check out - Can average students crack CUET?

Common University Entrance Test (CUET) in India is an entrance exam some central universities conduct for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.

The exam is highly competitive, and thousands of students nationwide apply for it every year. 

Although the exam is of moderate difficulty, many students face uncertainty in their ability to score good marks and obtain good ranks.

If you think you are an “average student”, this article is for you. We will explore how to prepare well for CUET and provide tips and strategies to help you prepare for the exam.

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Is CUET too difficult?

CUET 2023 as an exam is not very difficult, and passing it and getting a good rank is possible.

Because you need to prepare for multiple subjects like languages and two or more domain subjects, you might find it overwhelming to prepare for the exam.

Previous exams’ analysis has put the CUET exam in easy-moderate difficulty, although that might feel subjective based on your preparation level.

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Can average students crack CUET?

In short, yes. Even if you are an average student, you can easily pass CUET and have a good chance of getting admission to your preferred university or college.

If you are aware of your limitations, that’s the first step towards cracking the exam.

You can start the preparation much earlier to give more time for preparation.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Tips for average students to crack CUET?

If you are aware of your limitations, that’s the first step towards cracking the exam. You can start the preparation much earlier to give more time for preparation.

1. Start much earlier

Give more time than you think you need. Students usually prepare for the exam 2-3 months before the CUET exam. You can start much early.

Since most of the syllabus and content for the exam is based on NCERT class 12, you won’t face the issue of studying extra syllabus apart from your usual class.

Preparing for a longer period of time can boost your confidence immensely, increasing your chance of cracking CUET.

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2. Choose the domain subjects carefully

Choosing the domain subjects can be tricky for CUET. CUET needs you to pick certain subjects from a list, and there are rules for that as well. Check your preferred university’s and CUET UG course’s eligibility requirements and the mandatory subjects. Do not choose any subject you are uncomfortable with or find difficult. 

3. Prepare a strict timetable

The best way to prepare for every subject is to have a strict timetable and study plan. Allot sufficient time for each subject. In every subject, you can allot a certain time based on the difficulty of the topics.

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4. Read the syllabus thoroughly

For every subject that you choose, understand its syllabus. Reading the syllabus thoroughly will give you an obvious idea of what to study. If you find certain topics difficult, be strategic about them. Leave the difficult topics and return to them later when you cover the maximum syllabus possible.

cuet mock tests

cuet mock tests

5. Make notes

For each topic you cover, concisely write down important concepts, formulae, diagrams, theorems, etc. This will help you keep things fresh in your mind, and you can revise them regularly.

6. Previous year's question paper analysis and CUET Mock Tests

Solve all the previous years’ question papers and CUET mock tests to practice and understand the exam pattern. You can also check the analysis of question papers to see which topics had the most weightage. You can give more time to the topics that have more weightage.

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CUET is not a difficult exam; anyone can crack it if preparation is done right. If you are not confident about cracking the exam, you need to give more time, be strategic about the preparation and practice as much as possible. Even if you are an average student, following these simple preparation tips will help you get the best scores possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CUET is often easy-moderate in difficulty. So, if you have a basic understanding of subjects such as numeric aptitude, English, logic, and general awareness, you can easily pass the exam with flying colours.
Study all of the topics covered in the CUET syllabus (based on the class 12 syllabus) for domain-specific subjects. You can acquire good CUET scores with the correct preparation strategy and practice, regardless of whether you are an average or clever student.
CUET is one of the annual entrance tests for CUET UG courses at various central institutions. According to the CUET 2023 official website, there is no limit to the number of exam tries.
Starting from the ground up will take at least 6 months on average. At the very least, you needed one month for revision. As a result, include at least 1.5-2 hours of study time in your CUET study schedule.


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