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How Many Marks is 95 Percentile in CUET?

Author : Aparna

Updated On : April 26, 2023


Summary: Hey there! In this blog, you'll find out how many marks is 95 percentile in CUET? Here, we have provided a breakdown of the total and minimum marks required to achieve the 95th percentile in each exam section. Check it out to see where you stand!

CUET (Common University Entrance Test) is a highly competitive entrance exam thousands of students take annually for admission to various colleges and universities.

A common way of comparing applicants' performance on such tests is using percentiles.

To assess one's success on the CUET, it is crucial to comprehend what percentiles are and how they are determined.

This blog will explain percentiles, their determination, and how many marks is 95 percentile in CUET?

What is a Percentile in CUET?

Percentiles are a tool to compare your performance on the CUET to that of other applicants. Your score is ranked using percentiles compared to all other applicants' scores.

  • For instance, if you received a 95th percentile score, it signifies that you outperformed 95% of all applicants who took the test.
  • The maximum score that can be achieved on the CUET is 800.
  • The CUET scores are separated into percentiles, with each percentile denoting a certain range of scores. The 95th percentile range, for instance, often falls between 670 and 700 points.
  • Recognizing that percentiles depend on your grades' relative standing rather than on set marks is critical. This implies that depending on the student's performance who took the test that year, a percentile score of 95 in one year may indicate a different range of marks than a percentile score of 95 in another year.

Based on their CUET cutoffs, it may also help you understand the various colleges or universities where you can apply.

Knowing your percentile score, you may understand how you fared concerning other applicants.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

How Many Marks is 95 Percentile in CUET?

You must score above 95% of test takers overall to pass the CUET with a score in the 95th percentile.

Depending on the exam's degree of difficulty and the performance of other students, the precise number of points needed to get the 95th percentile score might change from year to year. 

However, a 95 percentile score on the CUET could need a score of between 650 and 700 out of 800, according to statistics from past years.

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It's crucial to remember that percentiles are relative, so although a 95 percentile score is fantastic, it may not be enough to get into prestigious colleges or universities with higher percentiles.

Therefore, striving for a score that satisfies the cutoff requirements of your preferred institution or university and is excellent in terms of percentiles is crucial.

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cuet mock tests

How Important is a 95 Percentile Score in CUET?

A 95 percentile score on the CUET is regarded as good and may significantly increase your chances of admission to a prestigious institution or university. With this score, you have outperformed 95% of all applicants who took the test, giving you a strong candidate for admission.

It's crucial to remember that admittance to a certain institution, or university may not always be guaranteed by a 95 percentile score alone.

Additionally, characteristics include extracurricular activities, academic achievements, performance on interviews and other admissions examinations, and academic records.

A 95 percentile score is unquestionably a plus that may help you throughout the CUET admissions process. It suggests that you have a solid academic background and an in-depth knowledge of the subject, which might make you a compelling applicant for admission.

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Achieving a 95 percentile score in CUET can significantly increase your chances of admission to top colleges and universities. Understanding the percentile system and the approximate number of marks required to achieve a 95 percentile score is important. You can aim for a high percentile score and secure your future with diligent preparation and hard work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A percentile is a statistical measure that shows the percentage of test-takers who scored equal to or lower than you in the exam.
The percentile score is calculated based on the total number of candidates who appeared for the exam and the marks obtained by them.
The full mark of the CUET exam is 800.
While a 95 percentile score is an excellent score, admission to top colleges depends on various other factors, such as academic record, extracurricular activities, and interview performance.
Yes, the marking scheme is the same for all sections in the CUET exam.
A percentile score represents the percentage of test-takers who scored equal to or lower than you in the exam, whereas a percentage score represents the total marks obtained out of the maximum marks.


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