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CUET Last Minute Preparation Tips 2024, Revision Techniques

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 2, 2023


Exams are what every aspirant should worry about, especially entrance exams like Common University Entrance Test (CUET), the second-largest exam in the country.

With more than 20 lakh students expected to take the test, the competition will be pretty high compared to other national-level entrance exams.

However, with proper planning, time management, dedication, hardwood, and proper resources, you can easily crack the exam and get admission to your dream college.

Also, keeping a positive attitude and belief in yourself throughout your preparation is a must to succeed better in the upcoming exam.

To make it easier, we have provided a few CUET last-minute preparation tips 2024, section-wise strategy, and more in this post.

Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CUET 2024

As long as you have been consistent in your preparation, there is no need to take pressure during the last minute of the CUET exam preparation.

At the last minute of your preparation, do not try to learn or revise any new topics which were unclear because it may create confusion, and you can lose focus.

Revise the topics or notes that you had prepared during your preparation. This can help in remembering the concepts for a long time. 

Take a good number of mock tests at the last moment to get familiar with sectional time management in the CUET entrance exam.

Throughout the preparation phase, you also have to keep track of your strengths and weaknesses, as it will help you develop strong areas and understand weak areas that require more focus.

The following are some of the most important CUET tips 2024 that you can follow to score well in the upcoming exam.

CUET Last Minute Revision Techniques Or Strategies

Set a Goal

While studying, it is common that most of you will get distracted easily away from your focus. So, keeping a goal in mind will constantly remind you what you need to achieve and focus on it.

Ask yourself "Why do I need to crack CUET Entrance Exam?" Either you want to get admitted to a top-ranking college or you want a particular stream.

Whatever may be the answer if you are clear about your goals it will be easier for you to come out with flying colors. Look at your goal every day, visualize it and keep your focus clearly on it.

Find Out Strong and Weak Areas

It is very essential to spend a minimum of 30-40 minutes analyzing your strong and weak points. Under the strong points section, note the topics you are very confident about.

Under the weak point section, note down the topics that have some scope for improvement.

Now when you are done, with the chapters you are strong at, do

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  • Revise concepts for each and every topic
  • Practice solving questions
  • Learn short tricks to remember important points or formulas

And with the chapters you are weak at, you can start

  • Watching lectures/attending classes and clarifying each and every topic
  • Try and cover important topics first
  • Practice MCQ-based questions
  • Solve mock tests regularly
  • Attend doubt clearing sessions

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Revise Notes

During your initial preparation, it is good if you have prepared notes or marked important concepts.

Revision notes always play a vital role to perform better in any exam. It will give you a quick overview of all the important topics, key points, and formulas as per the CUET Syllabus.

There are numerous revision techniques including mindmaps and flash cards you can follow to help boost your preparations for the upcoming exam. 

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Solve Mock Tests

Along with revision, it is essential that you should focus on analyzing your preparation levels by solving at least one to two mock tests daily.

Mock tests are the replica of the actual entrance exam. Hence, attempting CUET Mock Tests will help you get an idea about the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Also, it will help enhance your problem-solving skills and speed in the final exam.

Jump Start

Set the timer before taking any CUET mock test or sample paper. In this way, you can analyze how much time you are taking for each section or question.

  • Allot a fixed time to each section and try to complete it within the prescribed time.
  • Do not waste more time on a single question if you cannot identify the correct answer.
  • Move to the next question if you feel the question is tricky and time-consuming.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Stay Calm and Relaxed

It is quite natural to panic and be stressed out just before any exam. But it is essential to train yourself to stay calm before, during, and after the exam, as it will help you to write your exam at ease, remember all the concepts studied for the exam, and also have a good mindset to take the exam.

Make sure to give enough time to relax and take breaks. Also, get proper sleep, eat healthy food, and stay hydrated.

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