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The SSC CGL is the Staff Selection Commission; Combined Level Graduate is conducted to recruit employees for various posts in departments, ministries, and organizations on the Indian Government. The examination has multiple tiers that aspirants need to crack to secure the positions. Candidates need to focus on SSC CGL important questions to get an idea of what they need to study. 

  • SSC CGL Exam is conducted every year for recruitment in different governmental positions in India.
  • The SSC CGL examination has mainly four-tier and cracking all of them a candidate can get a government job. 
  • The syllabus of SSC CGL Tier 1 has four main topics Quantitative Ability (Maths), Reasoning, General Awareness, and English Language.
  • The Tier 1 exam of SSC CGL has a multiple-choice question and answer format.
  • SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude covers topics like Algebra, Profit and Loss, Trigonometry, and Geometry. 
  • SSC CGL Reasoning covers topics like Odd One Out/Classification, Syllogism, Figure Problem and Analogy.
  • SSC CGL General Awareness covers topics like Geography, History, Economics, Polity, and Science.
  • SSC CGL English Language covers topics like Synonym/Antonym, Spotting Errors and One-word substitution.
  • Aspirants preparing for SSC CGL needs to follow and practice the important questions to get qualified. Also, candidates must be aware of SSC CGL Cut Off in order to clear att the stages in one attempt.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Important Questions

As the second stage of CGL is scheduled in June 2020, enhance your preparation well in advance to score more marks. To help candidates with their preparation, we have prepared the SSC CGL Important Topics for Tier 2. Gear up your preparations well in advance and score more in the upcoming SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. 

SSC CGL Maths Important Questions with Solution

Quantitative Ability is a section that mainly concerns with mathematics. If candidates wish to secure the merit list then they need to focus hard on this topic. Here are some SSC maths important questions with answers and you can solve them using maths tricks. Check SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude Questions to know the most expected questions for the Tier 1 exam.

1. A storekeeper sold an object at a profit of 20%. If he had purchased it at 20% less & sold it at INR 80 less, then he earns a profit of 25%. Find the cost price of the object. 

Ans: INR 400

2. In what ratio must a tea seller mix two varieties of tea priced at INR. 15 and INR. 20 per kg respectively so as to get a blend costing INR. 16.50 kg?

Ans: 7 : 3 

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3. What would be the compound interest accrued on an amount of INR 780 at the rate of 14% per annum in 2 years? 

Ans: INR 2351.86

4. Four dice are tossed simultaneously. Find out the probability that all of them display the same face.

Ans: 1/216 

5. An express train starts from Kolkata station and approaches Kharagpur 30 minutes late when it moves with 80 km hr and 48 minutes late when it goes 60 km hr. Find the distance between the two stations:

Ans: 32kms 

SSC CGL Important Topics from Quantitative Ability Section

Below are some of the important topics of the Quantitative Ability section. 


The key areas to focus: Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials, Simplification of Fractions and Algebraic Identities. 


The key areas to focus: There is no need to practice trigonometry intensively. Candidates require to have a basic idea about “Theta (θ)” i.e. sin θ, cos θ, tan θ, cot θ, sec θ, cosec θ and their relationship.

Profit and Loss

The key areas to focus: Candidates must have a strong conception regarding the calculations and approximation to save time in the examination.


The key areas to focus on: Candidates should read about the properties of Angle, Lines, Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral, Polygon, and Concept of Triplet.

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SSC CGL Reasoning Important Questions With Solution

The General Intelligence and Reasoning segments deal with the logical aspects of the SSC CGL examination. We have discussed some of the SSC CGL important reasoning questions that can come in the reasoning section. Candidates need to apply their logic and follow short ticks to answer the questions quickly. 

1. Which of the two conclusions can be true based on provided statements?


(1) Some balls are mats.

(2) Some mats are not coffees.


1. Some mats are balls.

2. Some coffees are balls.

Ans: Conclusion 1

2. Y is the sister of J. L is the wife of J. L has only one son R. K is the mother of L. K is married to D. D has only one son and one daughter. 

As per the details mentioned above, how is J related to K? 

Ans: Son-in-Law. 

3. Pointing to a boy in the picture, Ram said, "His mother's brother is the only son of my mother's father." How is the boy's mother related to Ram?

Ans: Aunt

4. In a certain code, APPLE is written as BQQMF. How is DISPOSE written in that code?


5. In series 6, 9, 7, 10, 8, 11, ... What number should come next?

Ans: 9

SSC CGL Reasoning Important Topics 

The section is based on logical assumptions and accurate tricks. Below are the important topics that candidates need to work upon. 


The key areas to focus: This topic is concerned with verbal reasoning and two or more statements will be provided with some conclusions, and candidates need to choose the correct answers. This has to be followed by a Venn diagram based on all the statements and find out the relation between them. 


The key areas to focus on: This topic deals with the relationship between two elements. In the question, there will be two elements with some sort of relationship and you need to discover other sets of elements having relationships. 

Odd One Out/Classification

The key areas to focus: In this segment, the candidates will be given a set of objects and they need to classify or pick out the odd one. This is one of the easy topics in reasoning and with little concentration candidates can obtain excellent scores. 

Figure Problem

The key areas to focus: Candidates need to prepare hard for this topic as these figure based problems and questions carry a good weightage of marks. There will four-five image questions that are interlinked. Either you need to detect the missing image or find the next image following the question trend. 

SSC CGL Important GK/GS Questions 

The General Knowledge part comprises different subjects like Geography, History, Economics, Polity, and Science. Candidates need to prepare from these subjects and the SSC CGL Important GK Questions are given below:

1. On which factor does the inertia of the body depend?

Ans: Mass.

2. What is the concept of break-even point?

Ans: It is characterized by the phase when firms start earning the normal profit. 

3. Under which articles of the constitution does the scheduled and tribal areas are defined? 

Ans: Article 244 to 244A.

4. By whom the Indian National Congress was formed?

Ans: A.O.Hume.

5. Which planet is known as Earth’s twin? 

Ans: Venus. 

SSC CGL Important Topics from GK/GS

General Science

The key areas to focus on: Subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science will be covered under it, and 10-15 questions will be asked to the candidates. 


The key areas to focus on: Questions will be asked from the Indian constitution, polity, current affairs, and G.K. 


The key areas to focus on: Questions will only be asked from Indian geography and physical geography.


The key areas to focus on: Questions will only be asked from Indian history and its culture.


The key areas to focus on: Questions that will only be asked from basic macro and micro-economics. 

SSC CGL English Important Questions with Answers

The English segment of this competitive exam has questions from the comprehension passage and basic grammar knowledge. Candidates can score plenty if they focus on this part. Below are some of the SSC CGL Important English Questions. Go through expert SSC CGL English Preparation Tips and learn tricks to crack the English section easily.

1. What is the synonym for LETHARGIC?

Ans: Energetic.

2. As Manoj __________ into the classroom, the teacher asked him why is he late. 

Ans: came.

3. Choose the correct verb-

When I was in school, I wanted to ___ a singer. 

Ans: be.

4. Select correct One Word Substitution for the given phrase -

One who is showing excessive love or admiration for one’s physical appearance.

Ans: Narcissistic. 

5. The government has____ to provide financial aid to the ones____ by the severe flood. 

Ans: failed, affected. 

SSC CGL English Important Topics

Synonym / Antonym

The key areas to focus on: Candidates need to practice synonyms and antonyms on a daily basis. By learning typical words there is a chance to improve this section. 

One word substitution

The key areas to focus: The vocabulary of the candidates needs to strong as in SSC CGL Tier 1 there will 8-9 questions based on this topic. 

Spotting errors

The key areas to focus: Candidates are required to detect errors based on grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. The questions can be divided into 4-5 partitions. 

The aspirants are required to solve the SSC CGL practice set for cracking the examination. The more questions they practice the better are the chances to clear the exam. The practice is the only key to successfully qualify the SSC CGL examinations. 

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