SSC CGL General Awareness Questions PDF Download

General awareness is one of the important subjects to be studied when appearing in any competitive or government exams. If properly prepared, it is easy to score marks in GK section. To ease your preparation, we have provided the SSC CGL General Awareness Questions asked in the previous years’ exams.

  • Candidates who are appearing for Combined Graduate Level Exam are suggested to go through the SSC CGL Study Notes which include all the important topics that will appear in the exam.
  • To enhance your preparation, we have provided Important SSC CGL GK Questions 2020 here. These questions are compiled from many previous year papers to help with the candidate’s preparation.
  • Candidates can check the SSC CGL GA questions that are important for the upcoming SSC Combined Graduate Level exam.
  • For enhancing your preparation levels, study the from the Best GK Books for SSC CGL 2020.

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions 2020

General Awareness is one such section in SSC Exams which includes various topics like Finance, Indian Economy, current affairs. Take up SSC CGL Online Coaching to get SSC CGL general awareness questions and answers and also understand each and every topic in depth from experts. Also, check experts’ SSC CGL GK Preparation methods to crack the exam in one attempt. Candidates can view or download the SSC CGL General Awareness Previous Year Questions PDF from the table below and start their preparation for the exam.

SSC CGL Previous Year GK Question Paper PDF(English)
SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions Paper PDF 2018 (Hindi)
SSC CGL General Knowledge Model Questions

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions

SSC CGL General Awareness Important Topics

The following table has topics for SSC CGL General Awareness. Candidates preparing for the CGL Exam can download the SSC CGL General Awareness Questions PDF and practice all the important questions. The General Awareness section comprises two sections.

  • General Science
  • General Knowledge

Important Topics of General Science

In this section, the SSC CGL GK Questions are asked from three topics such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Check the subject-wise important topics of General science from the table below.

Physics Chemistry Biology
Gravity Uses, Common names, and composition of various chemicals Parts of Plants and their functions
Motion Alloys Parts of Human Body and their functions
Work Definition based questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction, etc) Basics of the animal kingdom
Pressure SI Units Diseases, prevention, and cure
Units of Measurement Chemical Change & Physical Change Nutrients & Deficiency of diseases

Important Topics of General Knowledge

In General Knowledge, most of the GK questions for SSC CGl are asked from the topics mentioned below:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Political science
  • Miscellaneous
  • Computer and Mobile Technology

Let us have a look at the table below to know the subject-wise SSC CGL General Awareness Questions.


Candidates can study these below-tabulated topics well and solve SSC CGL History Questions to be perfect in each topic.

Ancient History Medival History Modern History
Indus Valley Civilization Establishment & Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate European Penetration & British Conquest of India
Buddhism & Jainism Religious Movements in the Fifteenth & Sixteenth centuries Major Battles
The Mauryans Mughal Dynasty Social & Cultural Awakening in India
Post Mauryan Kingdoms The Maratha State The Great Revolt of 1857
The Gupta Period Later Mughals Indian National Congress
Nationalist Movement; Growth of Militant Nationalism


Movement of Earth Winds Soils of India Interior of Earth
Ocean & Ocean Currents Agriculture in India Latitudes & Longitudes Volcanoes & Earthquakes
Transportation in India Solar System Habitats Mineral Resources in India
Atmosphere Physical Features of India Forests of India States of India
Rivers in India World Geography Continents in the World

Political Science

Farming of the Constitution President Governor Sources of Indian Constitution
Vice President Vidhan Sabha Schedules of Parts of Indian Constitution Attorney General of India
Vidhan Parishad Chief Ministers Comptroller Auditor General Panchayats
Citizenship Lok Sabha Parliamentary Funds Article 370
Rajya Sabha Supreme Court Emergency in India Bills
High Court Commissions Prime Ministers & Cabinet Ministers Writs


Population Census Important books & authors Union budget, demonetization
Oscar winners Sports State animals & symbols
Famous seaports and their locations Indian art & Culture Important institutions of India
Nobel laureates & their fields

Computer & Mobile Technology

Development of computers Input & Output devices Memory

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked in SSC Exams

  • In all SSC Exams, GK and Current Affairs is a part of the syllabus.
  • Candidates who are constantly aware of all the latest issues happening across the globe can easily answer any type of question asked in this section.
  • This section includes commonly asked SSC CGL General Awareness Questions from topics like Current Affairs, General Science, General Knowledge, Static GK, History, Geography, Polity, and more.
  • Candidates must be aware of the Current Affairs and GK at least 6 months before the exam.
  • The questions will easy if reading newspapers, watching the news, and studying GK Books regularly.
  • The below section lists a few SSC CGL Important Questions from the previous year’s exam.

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked in Tier 1 2020 Exam

Here are a few SSC CGL GK questions asked from previous year exams. Candidates appearing for CGL Exam are advised to solve SSC CGL Previous Year Papers to know the difficulty level of the exam and estimate which type of questions will be asked. Let us have a look at the SSC CGL General Awareness Previous Year Questions from below.

  • Sri Lanka’s PM?
  • Hampi is in which state?
  • Who is the CM of Chattisgarh?
  • Thomas Row appeared in which Darbar?
  • Find the bone which is not of human’s
  • The chemical name of Solid CO2
  • Who will decide the repo rate?
  • Where are the headquarters of WHO?
  • Who is the hero of the Mission Mangal movie?
  • Who is the writer of “Era of Darkness”
  • Who is the newly appointed Army Chief?
  • which Article describes the Sexual Discrimination between males and females in the Indian constitution?
  • Mahabalipuram was built in which year?
  • What happens on the 4th day after Pongal?
  • Where is Lady Wellington park?
  • Who received Dada Saheb Palke Award in 2020?
  • Which acid is present in Vinegar?
  • Who was the father of Azad Shatru
  • Name of the excise conducted by Wings India in Begum Pet, Hyderabad Airport
  • Who is the last ruler in the Nanda Dynasty
  • What is the gland present between the lungs
  • Which acid is released when cutting onions that result in tears
  • Name of the book released by Amit Shah
  • Where is Madhapur Mela held?
  • In which year was the name of the capital Bombay changed to Mumbai?
  • What is the rank of India in National Brands Ranking?
  • Where was the recent Global Investors Summit held?
  • Question from Karma Yudha book
  • Who is MP’s first governor?
  • Who is the chairperson of the IMF?
  • Who is the Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory’s Governor?
  • Who is the founder of the Gadar Party?
  • Name of Thailand’s Prime Minister
  • Which is the largest city in Sri Lanka
  • Yangtze River is in which city of China?
  • Last Ruler of Gupta Dynasty
  • PM of Bhutan
  • The formula of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate
  • When is Nurse Day celebrated?
  • Who received Nobel Prize consecutively?
  • Question on Raman Effect
  • Vijaywada is situated beside which river?
  • Who wrote the book “Saint of God”
  • Bhavayei and Kalvalia is which state dance form?
  • Who is the Governor of Kerala?
  • Father of “Bangladesh Renaissance”
  • Chemical Formula of “Epsom Salt”
  • Chemical Formula of “Ferrous Sulphate”
  • Who was Viceroy of the 1843 Draught situation in India?
  • Harbhajan Singh is the Brand Ambassador of which brand?
  • Where is Jhansi ki Rani Samadhi located?
  • When was Congress Socialist Party established?
  • In which state was the first KVIC appointment done?
  • When was the Election Commission formed?
  • Who was the Governor during the 3rd Anglo War?
  • “Yasho Dance” is linked with which State?
  • Question-related to “Jin” Philosophy of Jainism?
  • Abbreviation Question- In “Udaan” word word “A” represents?
  • Who is the writer of “Great Indian Novel”?
  • Kaliyaari Pattu Dance Is from which state?
  • MP surrounded by which states?
  • Tell the number of Carbon and Hydrogen in Propane?
  • Unit of Velocity of Sound?
  • Torr is the SI Unit of?
  • Where is “Jagoda Rock”?
  • Lt. Governor of J&K?
  • The angle of the Benzene Molecule
  • Ramsar conference is related to?
  • Which monument is not opened by Narendra Modi in West Bengal’s visit?
  • “Ribosm” Presents in-?
  • Question from Hunger Index
  • Who appoints the Attorney General of India?

Download FREE SSC GK Current Affairs One-Liners PDF

SSC CGL GK Current Affairs One Liners Questions

Download Free GK One Liner PDF below to know some of the common questions asked in SSC Exams. These questions are picked up from the latest Current Affairs and previous year exams. Check them out and be well prepared for any upcoming SSC Exam.

Attempt Free SSC CGL General Awareness Questions

Where is the first insect museum of India located?

India's first floating market opens in?

According to Forbes 2018, What is the rank of India's PM in world's most powerful people?

Which country will host Commonwealth Games 2022?

Who is the captain of India's women hockey team?

SSC CGL Exam Analysis for GK Section

Begin your preparation for SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam by knowing the SSC CGL Preparation Tips from experts. The following table has all the Shifts for Tier 1 for June 04, 10 & 11, 2019 Exam. The number of questions and good attempts are mentioned:

  • This year the exam was easy to moderate
  • G.K Section has seen a slight shift in Question Pattern.
  • It was the easy-moderate level in the paper
  • The students commented that they could attempt questions easily
Subject No of Questions Good Attempts
GK Shift 1 (June 11, 2019) 25 20-22
GK Shift 1 (June 10, 2019) 25 15-17
GK Shift 2 (June 10, 2019) 25 12-15
GK Shift 3 (June 10, 2019) 25 10-12
GK Shift 1 (June 04, 2019) 25 16-18
GK Shift 2 (June 04, 2019) 25 17-18
GK Shift 3 (June 04, 2019) 25 17-18


SSC CGL GK Preparation Tips

SSC CGL GK section is not something one can become an expert in one day. To master the GK section, one has to make a continuous effort. Here, we have provided a few SSC CGL GK Preparation Tips that help candidates to score 40+ marks in this section.

Know the Syllabus

The foremost important thing is that candidates must be aware of the complete SSC CGL Syllabus. After knowing the syllabus, note down all the important topics and start your preparation accordingly.

Make Notes and Study Daily

Every single day, there needs to be a proper schedule of going through newspapers, TV news channels, Magazines of Current affairs and so on. Note down all the topics and start reading them daily. Make sure to focus on one single topic each day. This will help you remember all the topics. Revise all the topics on a weekly basis.

Learn from Books

Prepare from the books which cover all the syllabus of SSC CGL as per the latest exam pattern. Choose books that cover Indian Geography and important aspects of world geography. Note down the new topics that you cover on a daily basis. It will help during your revision time.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

As per the previous year SSC CGL General Awareness questions, most of the questions are asked from current affairs. To stay updated, solve Current Affairs Quiz on a regular basis and that will help you know all the happenings around the world.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving SSC CGL previous year question papers can help a lot in enhancing the preparation. It is advised for candidates to solve at least 1 question paper every day. After solving each paper, allot marks yourself and that will help improve your weak areas. Solving these papers will let candidates know the type of questions asked in the exam.

Attempt Mock Tests

Attempting SSC CGL Mock Tests will help candidates to enhance their preparation for the exam. Try to solve at least two to three mock tests in a day. Practising mock tests will help candidates to improve their time management skills and also help improve your speed, accuracy, and build your confidence.


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