SSC CGL Quant Questions and Answers

SSC CGL Quant Questions: Quant is easy and marks scoring subject if prepared well. Enhance your preparation for quantitative aptitude with expert tips and tricks. If you are a CGL aspirant but worried about the Quantitative Aptitude section, then here are important tips and tricks to crack SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude section with a high score.

In SSC CGL Exam, there is a section for Quantitative Aptitude in both Tier 1 and 2. It is essential for candidates to be well prepared in order to score more. Check out the important and most expected  SSC CGL Quant Questions and Answers here.

Most Expected SSC CGL Quant Questions

Here is the list of questions and answers for the SSC CGL Exam 2021. Begin your preparation well in advance and crack the exam in one attempt. Go through the most expected and important questions below and be exam ready.

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Important SSC CGL Quant Questions

Q. Speed of a man during the second hour of his journey is one and half times the speed by which he travels in the first hour and his speed in the third hour is half of the sum of its speeds in the first two hours. Had he traveled for three hours at the speed of the third hour, it would have traveled the same distance. Find the average speed of the man in the first hour if the total distance covered by him in three hours is 150 km.

a. 20; b. 32; c. 40; d. 50

Q. Raman can do a work in 5 days, Jatin can do the same work in 7 days and Nitin can do the same work in 9 days. If they do the same work together and they are paid Rs 2860, then what is the share (in Rs) of Raman?

a. Rs 1260; b. Rs 700; c. Rs 900; d. Rs 870

Q. If a+b+c=27, then what is the value of (a-7)3 + (b-9)3 + (c-11)3 – 3(a-7)(b-9)(c-11)?

a. 0; b. 9; c. 27; d. 81

Q. Three solid spheres of radius 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm are melted and recast into a solid sphere. What will be the percentage decrease in the surface area?

a. 12; b. 14; c. 16; d. 28

Q. If there are four lines in a plane, then what cannot be the number of points of intersection of these lines?

a. 0; b. 5; c. 4; d. 7

Q. Smaller diagonal of a rhombus is equal to the length of its sides. If the length of each side is 4cm, then what is the area (in cm2) of an equilateral triangle with a side equal to the bigger diagonal of the rhombus?

a. 6; b. 9 √3; c. 12; d. 12 √3

SSC CGL Quant Questions

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers

As the number of candidates appearing for the exam is too high, the examiners set the difficulty level of the paper high. Hence, there is a cut off trend by the examination conducting authority to filter out candidates for the next stage of the SSC CGL Exam.

  • Enhance your preparation for the Combined Graduate Level exam by going through SSC CGL Quant Questions and Answers PDF.
  • These SSC CGL Quant Questions are compiled from many previous year papers by a panel of experts.
  • Attempt SSC CGL Mock Test regularly to analyze your preparation levels.
  • Practice these CGL quant questions regularly until you become perfect in the topic.

SSC CGL Important Quant Topics

Here is the list of important topics that candidates must prepare for the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. Try to solve as many SSC CGL Quant Questions as possible from these topics.

Category Chapters
ARITHMETIC Number System
Fractions and Decimals
Square roots
Profit, Loss and Discount
Ratio & Proportion
Partnership Business
Time and Distance
Time and Work
Pipes and Cisterns
Mixture and Alligation
Simple Interest & Compound Interest
Permutation and Combination
ALGEBRA Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra & Elementary surds
Graphs of Linear Equations
GEOMETRY Quadrilaterals
Triangle and its various kinds of centers
Congruence and similarity of triangles
Regular Polygon
Right Prism & Hemispheres
Circle and its chords, tangents
Angles subtended by chords of a circle
Common tangents to two or more circles
Right Circular Cone
Right Circular Cylinder
Regular Right Pyramid with Triangular base or Square base
Rectangular Parallelepiped
MENSURATION Two-dimensional (2D) and Three-dimensional (3D) Mensuration
TRIGONOMETRY Degree and Radian Measures
Trigonometric Ratios
Complementary Angles
Standard Identities
Height and Distance
Bar Diagram

Difficulty Level of the SSC CGL Quant Topics

If you are yet to begin your preparation for SSC CGL Maths, then ensure to make a list of topics in order of the difficulty level. There are some topics which are easy and some are quite difficult. Have a look at the below explanation to know the topics categorized under Easy, Moderate, and Difficult.

Easy Level Quant Topics

If you are perfect in the topics under Easy, then it can fetch you a lot of marks. This way you can score more.

Topics Concepts Involved & How to Solve No. of Questions Asked
Simplication Simplification Techniques like BODMAS Rule, Fractions, Surds and Indices, Square roots, etc. 1-2
Percentage Any Percentage based questions 1
Average requires knowledge of basics and quick calculation 1
Problems on Ages Solve easier questions and move to complex type 1
Number Series understand the pattern of number series which can be of any form like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, etc. 1
Number System Questions are based on LCM & HCF, Irrational or Rational Numbers, etc. 1
Ratio & Proportion Try to solve different varieties of problems in this topic 1-2

Moderate Level Quant Topics

This level includes topics which are quite easy but requires little tricks and tips to answer them correctly.

Topics Concepts Involved & How to Solve No. of Questions Asked
Time, Speed & Distance By applying the formula correctly it is easier to solve these problems. Questions are based on Boats and Streams, Problems on Trains 1-2
Profit & Loss This involves Basic formulas and concepts of Discount and Partnership 1-2
Simple Interest & Compound Interest With the right understanding of the Interest concept, it is easy to answer the questions 1-2
Time and Work This topic includes questions from Time & Work, Pipes & Cistern and Work & Efficiency 1-2
Mixture & Allegation Questions are usually asked in the combination with basic concepts of Ratio and Proportion. 1
Data Interpretation Includes questions from Bar graph, Pie Graph, Line Graph, and charts 4-5

Difficult Level Quant Topics

Here is the list of topics that are difficult. Go through the type of SSC CGL Quant questions asked and the number of questions asked.

Topics Concepts Involved & How to Solve No. of Questions Asked
Algebra This topic involves concepts of Linear Equations in one or two variables 2-3
Geometry Ensure to go through all the basic concepts of Geometry. Try to remember all the theorems and solve problems related to triangle congruency, circle, chords & tangent, etc. 3-4
Mensuration try to memorize the formulas of all the quadrilateral, cone, cylinder, sphere in terms of area, circumference 1-2
Trigonometry If you know each and every identity and formulas of Trigonometry then it is easy to crack this ection 2-3

Commonly Asked SSC CGL Quant Questions and Answers

Q. The average age of A, B and C is 26 years. If the average age of A and C is 29 years, what is the age of B in years?

Ans: 20

Q. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘PROBE’ be arranged ?

Ans: 120

Q. A sum of money is divided among A, B, C and D in the ratio 3 : 5 : 8 : 9 respectively. If the share of D is ` 1,872 more than the share of A, then what is the total amount of money of B & C together?

Ans: Rs 4,056

Q. What approximate compound interest can be obtained on an amount of ` 3,980 after 2 years at 8 p.c.p.a. ?

Ans: 662

Q. A man walks at the speed of 5 km/hr and runs at the speed of 10 km/hr. How much time will the man require to cover the distance of 28 km, if he covers half (first 14 km) of his journey walking and half of his journey running ?

Ans: 4.2 hrs

Q. a, b, cand d are four consecutive numbers. If the sum of a and dis 103, what is the product of b and c?

Ans: 2652

Q. The ratio of the length and the breadth of a rectangle is 4 : 3 and the area of the rectangle is 1728 sq cm. What is the ratio of the breadth and the area of the rectangle ?

Ans: 1:48

Q. In a 3 litre mixture of water and milk, 50% is milk. How much water should be added so that the percentage of milk becomes 20%?

Ans: 4.5 litre

Q. A bag contains 5 green and 7 red balls. Two balls are drawn. The probability that one is green and the other is red is 

Ans: 35/66

Q. A bank pays 16.5% per annum as interest on its deposits while it charges 20% per annum as interest from its borrowers. If at the end of the years the bank earns Rs. 10.5 crore. Find how much money was transacted during the year?

Ans: 300 crore

Q. Population of a district is 2,96,000 of which 1,66,000 are males. 50% of the population is literate. If 70% males are literate, then the number of women who are literate is? 

Ans: 31,800

Q. A bag contains 5 white and 7 black balls and a man draws 4 balls at random. The odds against these being all black is

Ans: 92:7

Q. Water flows at the rate of 10 metres per minute from a cylindrical pipe 5 mm in diameter. How long it take to fill up a conical vessel whose diameter at the base is 30 cm and depth 24 cm ?

Ans: Rs 2000

Q. For what value of k, will the expression 3x 3 – kx 2 + 4x + 16 be divisible by (x-k/2)?

Ans: -4

Q. The average age of 6 persons living in a house is 23.5 years. Three of them are majors and their average age is 42 years. The difference in ages of the three minor children is the same. What is the mean of the ages of minor children?

Ans: 5 years

Q. In how many ways can a committee of 4 people be chosen out of 8 people?

Ans: 70

Q. The length of a plot is five times its breadth. A playground measuring 245 square metres occupies half of the total area of the plot. What is the length of the plot ?

Ans: 35 x square root of 2 meters

Q. If the circumference of a circle increases from 4 π to 8 π , what change occurs in its area ?

Ans: It quadruples

Q. Water flows at the rate of 10 metres per minute from a cylindrical pipe 5 mm in diameter. How long it take to fill up a conical vessel whose diameter at the base is 30 cm and depth 24 cm ?

Ans: 28 minutes 48 seconds

Q. Successive discount of 60% and 60% is equivalent to

Ans: 84%


Ans: (A)

Q. Gaurav opened a workshop investing ` 40000. He invested an additional amount of ` 10000 every year. After 2 years his friend Anshul joined him with an amount of ` 85000. Thereafter, Anshul did not invest any additional amount. On completion of 4 years from the opening of the workshop, they earned a profit of ` 97500. What will be Gaurav’s share in the profit?

Ans: Rs 55000

Q. The marked price of a radio is ` 3840. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discounts is allowed his gain percent would be

Ans: 20%

Q. The present population of a town is 250000. If it decreases at the rate of 2% per annum. What will be its population at the starting of 3rd year ?

Ans: 240100

Q. The difference between the simple interest and compound interest ( compounded annually) at the rate of 12% per annum on ` 5000 for 2 years will be

Ans: 72

Q. A man covers a certain distance from point P to Q on foot and comes back from point Q to P by taxi. He takes 16 hours to complete the whole journey. But when he covers this whole journey only by taxi, he takes 4 hours less. What time will the man take, if he covers this journey only on foot ?

Ans: 20 hours

Q. Walking at three-fourth of his usual speed, a man cover a certain distance in two hours more than the time he take cover the distance at his usual speed. The time taken by him to cover the distance with his usual speed is

Ans: 6 hours

Q. If 12 men and 16 boys can do a piece of work in 5 days and 13 men and 24 boys can do it in 4 days, then the ratio of the daily work done by a man to that of a boy is

Ans: 2:1

Q. The value of sin 720 degree – cot 270 degree- sin 150 degree x cos 120 degree = ?

Ans: 1/4

Q. The angle of elevation of the top of a tower from a point A on the ground is 30 degree. On moving a distance of 100 metres towards the foot of the tower to point B, the angle of elevation increases to 60 degree. The height of the tower is:

Ans: 50 x square root 3 meter

Q. What will be the difference between the compound interest and the simple interest at the rate of 5 p.c.p.a. on an amount of Rs.6000 at the end of two years?

Ans: Rs 15

Q. Three numbers are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. By adding 5 to each of them, the new numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. The numbers are

Ans: 5, 10, 15

Q. The angle of elevation of a cloud from a point h meters above the surface of a lake is 30° and the angle of depression of its reflection is 60°. Then the height of the cloud above the surface of the lake is 

Ans: 2 h m

Q. The product of two numbers is 24 times the difference of these two numbers. If the sum of these numbers is 14, find the larger number

Ans: 8

Q. A student bought 4 books for Rs 120 from one book shop and 6 books for Rs 150 from another. The average price (in rupees) was

Ans: Rs 27

Q. The radii of two concentric circles are 17 cm and 10 cm respectively. A straight line ABCD intersects the larger circle at the point A and D and intersects the smaller circle at the point B and C. If BC = 12 cm, then the length of AD (in cm) is

Ans: 30

Q. 2 km 5 m is equal to

Ans: 2.005 km

Q. In a factory, the production of cycles rose to 48,400 from 40,000 in 2 years. The rate of growth per annum is 

Ans: 10%

Q. Two isosceles triangles have equal vertical angles and their areas are in the ratio 9 : 16. Then the ratio of their corresponding heights is

Ans: 3:4

Q. Two houses are collinear with the base of a tower and are at distance 3 m and 12 m from the base of the tower. The angles of elevation from these two houses of the top of the tower are complementary. What is the height of the tower?

Ans: 6 m

Q. A round balloon of unit radius subtends an angle of 90° at the eye of an observer standing at a point, say A. What is the distance of the center of the balloon from the point A?

Ans: square root of 2

Q. If the area of a circle, inscribed in an equilateral triangle is 4πcmsquare, then what is the area of the triangle?

Ans: 12 square root 3 cm square

Q. If the diameter of a wire is decreased by 10%, by how much percent (approximately) will the length be increased to keep the volume constant?

Ans: 23%

Q. A cone is inscribed in a hemisphere such that their bases are common. If C is the volume of the cone and H that of the hemisphere, then what is the value of C : H?

Ans: 1:2

Q. What is the number of points in the plane of a ΔABC which are at equal distance from the vertices of the triangle?

Ans: 1

Q. An obtuse angle made by a side of a parallelogram PQRS with other pair of parallel sides is 150 degree. If the perpendicular distance between these parallel sides (PQand SR) is 20 cm, what is the length of the side RQ?

Ans: 40 cm

Q. 42 men take 25 days to dig a pond. If the pond would have to be dug in 14 days, then what is the number of men to be employed?

Ans: 75

Q. The diameter of two circles are 18 cm and 8 cm. The distance between their centers is 13 cm. What is the number of common tangents?

Ans: 3

Q. What is the geometric means of the observations 125, 729, 1331?

Ans: 495

Q. The mean of 100 values is 45. If 15 is added to each of the first forty values and 5 is subtracted from each of the remaining sixty values, the new mean becomes

Ans: 48

Q. A cylindrical tube open at both ends is made of metal. The internal diameter of the tube is 6 cm and the length of the tube is 10 cm. If the thickness of the metal used is 1 cm, then the outer curved surface area of the tube is

Ans: 80 pi square cm

Q. For a plot of land of 100 m × 80 m, the length to be raised by spreading the earth from the stack of a rectangular base 10 m× 8 m and vertical section being a trapezium of height 2 m. The top of the stack is 8 m × 5 m. How many centimeters can the level raise?

Ans: 1.5 cm

Q. The expression sin square x + cos square x – 1 = 0 is satisfied by how many values of x?

Ans: Infinite values of x

Q. A can do a piece of work in 16 days while B can do it in 20 days. With the help of C, they together can finish the work in 4 days. If they are paid Rs. 800 for the whole work, how much money is received by B?

Ans: Rs 160

Q. Chiku and Deepti are working on an assignment. Chiku takes 7 hrs to types 35 pages on a computer, while Deepti takes 9 hrs to type 54 pages. How much time will they take working together on two different computers to type an assignment of 88 pages

Ans: 8 hours

Q. A quadrilateral, whose vertices have coordinates (1, 0), (3, 4), (5, 4) and (3, 0) respectively, is

Ans: a Parallelogram

Q. If the area of a trapezium is 209 sq. m and the length of its parallel sides are 13 m and 9 m respectively, then the distance between parallel sides is

Ans: 19 m

Q. The number of sides in a regular polygon is 12. The value of its every interior angle is

Ans: 150 degree

Q. PR is a tangent at point Q on a circle, in which O is the center and its radius is 8 cm. If OR = 16 cm and OP = 10 cm, then the length of PR is

Ans: 19.8 cm

We will keep you posted with questions while in the meantime study these important SSC CGL Quantitative Questions 2019.



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