Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths Tier I 2020

Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths Tier I

Preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL Exam 2020? Here are a few Tips, Tricks & Practices to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths or Quantitative Aptitude examination. Go through the post to get expert guidance for clearing all stages of the SSC CGL Exam.

  • It is common that Quantitative Aptitude is the trickiest section and students tend to find it difficult.
  • To ease the candidate’s worries about clearing the Maths section, here are tips and tricks to score more marks in the SSC CGL Maths section.
  • All the sections in the SSC CGL Exam are qualifying. It is mandatory for candidates to score above the cut off in order to get shortlisted for the next stage of the exam.
  • If you are looking to get the best result, then joining the best SSC CGL Online Coaching will help in clearing all stages of CGL.

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 Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths Tier I 2020

Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths:- Mathematics or quantitative aptitude is one of the most important sections with regards to exam preparation for SSC CGL. One must give extra emphasis on SSC CGL Maths Preparation in order to score well in the examination.

  • In SSC CGL Tier I exam, Quantitative Aptitude/ Maths carry 25 questions for 50 marks.
  • To learn tips, tricks & best practices for SSC CGL Maths Preparation for Tier I exam, read our post on Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips for SSC CGL
  • Strategizing your exam preparation for SSC CGL is the foremost thing one must do in order to pave a way for successful exam preparation, read our article on SSC CGL Preparation Tips to learn more.

Must learn Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths 2020

  • Do not try to jump directly to the test series. The very first thing you need to do is to work on your fundamentals. Try to cover every topic from every chapter and solve as many questions as possible to smoothen your basics.
  • Once you have learned the basics, solve some good problems ( Level 1 of Quantum CAT ) which will check your conceptual skill which you learned during initial preparation.
  • Take up the SSC CGL Mock Test Series regularly to analyze your preparation levels.
  • Do not waste your time in doing advanced level questions of Quantum CAT or from any other book if you have got less time. It’s better that you utilize that time in preparing GA and English.
  • Do not try to solve problems from different books every time you start solving questions. Try to keep your resources limited and solve problems from the same book you learned basics from.

Level of Difficulty – Tips and Tricks to score 40+ in SSC CGL Maths

Now let’s break the Maths/ Quantitative Aptitude syllabus into smaller segments in order to have a clear vision of what needs to be given more emphasis during Quantitative Aptitude/ Maths Preparation for SSC CGL Tier I examination.

Basically, questions in SSC CGL Maths is prepared from various difficulty levels. One must start with the easiest sections in order to prepare efficiently.

Easy Topics

No of Questions (Tier I) Moderate Topics No of Questions (Tier I) Difficult Topics No of Questions (Tier I)
Simplification 1-2 Qs Speed Time and Distance 1-2 Qs Time and Work 1-2 Qs
Interest 1-2 Qs Profit and Loss 2 Qs Mixture Problems 1 Qs
Percentage 1 Qs Number Series 1 Qs Algebra 2-3 Qs
Average 1 Qs Mensuration 2-3 Qs Geometry 3-4 Qs
Ratio & Proportion 1-2 Qs Data Interpretation 2-4 Qs Trigonometry 2-3 Qs
Problems on Ages 1 Qs Number System 1 Qs

Level of Difficulty

As mentioned in the table above, we have categorized SSC CGL Maths Topics as per their level of difficulty. Well, the trick is still the same. Start with the basics, perfect yourself in those basic areas and keep on revising until you become proficient.

  • Easy Topics will cover 8- 10 questions which almost everyone will be able to solve and it can easily fetch you a little less than the target of 40 marks in SSC CGL Maths.
  • Moderate Topics will cover another 8-10 questions but this section is a bit lengthy in terms of the length of the solution. so, remain calm while solving one of those and you will boss it soon.
  •  Difficult Topics will cover the rest. To say, you can expect 6-8 Questions and this will be the icebreaker because if you can solve at least half of them, you can score well. Try to be proficient in this section and it will help you immensely.

If you follow these steps and understand the nature of the exam well, you can definitely score 40 plus marks in SSC CGL Maths.

Best SSC CGL Maths / Quantitative Aptitude Online coaching

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