SSC CGL Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

The reasoning is a considerably scoring section in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. Since the new notification for SSC CGL 2021 will be published in September as per the SSC Exam Calendar, one must resume the preparation at a higher pace now.

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This section is generally from an easy to the moderate difficulty level in the SSC CGL Exam. Students are usually able to attempt 15-18 questions during the exam.

  • Beginners can begin with their preparation by solving Reasoning questions from previous year papers and mentioned in the best Reasoning Books for SSC CGL
  • The reasoning section tests the candidate’s logical and analytical thinking.
  • For every correct answer given for the attempted question, one will get 1 mark.
  • Negative marking prevails in this section. 0.25 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer.

SSC CGL Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Candidates appearing for CGL Exam must ensure to prepare well for all the sections well in advance to be perfect in each topic.

  • Solve these SSC CGL Questions in the form of an SSC CGL Reasoning Quiz to skyrocket your score in the Reasoning section.
  • Exposure to different problems and logical thought processes to solve the questions can be helpful tricks to set hands on this section in SSC CGL 2021.
  • The reasoning section is divided into 2 sub-sections majorly Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • The understanding of questions and level of difficulty can be checked from the SSC CGL Exam Analysis.
  • The most commonly asked topics from Verbal Reasoning are Analogy, Syllogism, Classification, and Coding-Decoding.
  • The commonly asked topics from Non-Verbal Reasoning are Figure Series, Mirror Image, and Pattern Completion.

Here is an analysis/report of topic-wise weightage for SSC CGL Reasoning over 2017 and 2018 Years:

Topic-Wise Preparation Strategy and Tricks

Here are a few experts tips and suggestion on how to prepare for each topic in Reasoning and how to attempt them.

SSC CGL Reasoning Easy Questions

Classifications & Analogies

  • There is at least one question from classifications and analogies.
  • This topic is easier compared to other sections.
  • With regular practice, it is possible to answer the questions asked in this topic correctly.
  • The questions from the classification are based on Numbers, Letters, GK, and Meaningful words.
  • In analogies, candidates need to find out the blank part of the question to complete the sequence.
  • There are options given in both type questions to find out the correct answer.


  • In syllogism, the questions include statements and conclusions wherein candidate needs to decide which conclusion logically follows the statements.
  • To answer this type of questions correctly, try to draw Venn diagrams to match the statements correctly.
  • Make sure to read the question carefully and answer them. Solving more and more questions is one of the best preparation tips for this section.

Verbal Analogies

  • The main trick to solve these verbal analogies is to find the relationship between the first pair and next pair.
  • Improving your vocabulary is an important trick to solve questions on this topic.

SSC CGL Reasoning Moderate Questions

Blood Relations

  • This includes blood relation questions i.e., family tree, coded blood relation.
  • Draw the family tree to analyse the question correctly and solve them
  • Try to solve previous year papers to know which type of questions are asked in the exam.

Data Sufficiency

  • This topic includes Ordering & Ranking, Blood Relation, Coding & Decoding, Circular Arrangements, Direction & Distance, Ages and Birth dates.
  • There is a trick in solving data sufficiency questions instead solve more and more questions from previous year papers to answer them correctly.

Seating Arrangement

  • There are two types of seating arrangement questions asked i.e., Linear and Circular.
  • In Linear seating arrangement there are questions based on Floor, Persons sitting in a single row or double row
  • Circular arrangement includes circular, rectangle, square, unidirectional or bi-directional.
  • Try to draw the map for these type of questions. This helps in analysing the question properly and answer them correctly.

SSC CGL Tricky Questions

Coding & Decoding

  • This includes letter shifting, coding in fictitious language, operation on place values, coding by analogy, coding by words, conditional matrix
  • Pay attention to the numbers and alphabets in the given code.
  • Make sure the sequences are in ascending or descending order.
  • Solve more and more questions to be perfect on this topic.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • In this topic, the questions are based on pictorial analogies, symbol series, finding the next picture based on the previous set of pictures, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations etc
  • It also requires strong reasoning ability to answer the questions asked in this section.

Matrix and Puzzles

  • This is one of the trickiest topics as it requires strong logical thinking to answer the questions correctly.
  • The questions are also time-consuming. Hence, it is important to improve your speed to answer the questions quickly.
  • Also, the important thing to remember is to read the questions carefully.

SSC CGL Reasoning Questions from Tier I 2020

Here are few Reasoning Questions asked in SSC CGL 2020 Tier 1 Exam. Candidates preparing for CGL Exam are advised to check these SSC CGL Reasoning Questions and be well prepared to answer any type of questions from this section. Try to answer the questions by using your logical thinking and Intelligence.

1. Arrange the following words in the order in which they appear in an English Dictionary- Rightly; Rigidly; Righteous; Rigour; Rights

2. Select the number that can replace the question mark in the table:

6 21 14
40 500 ?
8 25 7

91; 84; 98; 78

3. Which of the two numbers should be interchanged to make the given equation correct? 9+7*5-18/2 = 3*4-10+45/5

4. Which is the exact mirror image of the text given below? RSTPK9LOX

5. The ratio of present ages off Asha and Lata is 5:6. If the difference between their ages is 6 years, then what will be Lata’s age after 5 years?

6. In a certain code language, “HARVEST” is coded as “22-21-7-24-20-3-10”. How will “FARMER” be coded as?

7. Which number replaces the question mark in the series- 1537, 1539, 1543, ?, 15557, 1567

8. Which letters replace the question mark in the series- DAG, FCI, ?, JGM, LIO

9. “Wheat” is related to “Bread” in the same way as “Sugarcane” is related to “____”

10. Select the option that is related to the third number in the same way as the second number is related to the first number and the sixth number is related to the fifth number. 6:16::20:?::11:81

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Reasoning Questions and Answers for SSC CGL Exam 2020

Here is the list of previous year SSC CGL Reasoning Questions along with their answers. Go through them and start preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam. Candidates preparing for CGL Exam are suggested to follow experts SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation methods and crack all the questions asked in the exam.

Q. Uttarakhand : Dehradun : : Mizoram : ?

Ans: Aizawl

Q. Crime : Court : : Disease : ?

Ans: Hospital

Q. ACE : BDF : : GIK : ?

Ans: HJL

Q. 1 : 1 : : 10 : ?

Ans: 1000

Q. 7 : 56 : : 5 : ?

Ans: 30

Q. Arrange the colours of the rainbow (in the reverse order) (from the top edge): (1) Blue, (2) Indigo, (3) Yellow, (4) Green, (5) Violet

Ans: 3, 4, 1, 2, 5

Q. complete the series CEG, JLN, QSU,  ?

Ans: HJL


Q. If FRIEND is coded as HUMJTK, how is CANDLE written in that code?


Q. In the following question, a group of letters is given which are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Below are given four alternatives containing combinations of these numbers. Select that combination of numbers so that letters arranged accordingly, form a meaningful word. C E L S M U 1 2 3 4 5 6

Ans: 5, 6, 4, 1, 3, 2


Q. Mani is double the age of Prabhu. Ramona is half the age of Prabhu. If Mani is sixty, find out the age of Ramona

Ans: 15

Q. A family consisted of a man, his wife, his three sons, their wives and three children in each son’s family. How many members are there in the family?

Ans: 17

Q. select the one which is different from the other three alternatives (A) Influenza (B) Scurvy (C) Rickets (D) Night-blindness Ans: (A) Q. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complied it ? _ _ b a a b a a _ a a _

Ans: a a b b

Q. A man showed at the boy next to him and said– “He is the son of my wife’s sister-in-law, but I am the only child of my parents.” How is my son related to him?

Ans: Cousin

Q. Tobacco : Cancer : : ?

Ans: Mosquito : Malaria


Q. Pointing towards a girl, Sandeep said, “That girl is the daughter of the son of my paternal grandfather”. How is the girl related to Sandeep?

Ans: Unable to determine

Q. Pointing to Seema, Hari says “she is the mother of Mahesh, who i s my only grandson. How is Seema related to Hari?

Ans: Daughter-in-law

Q. Find the odd word/letters/ numbers from the given alternatives: (a) Google, (b) Firefox, (c) Internet Explorer, (d) Chrome

Ans: (a)



Q. Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence 1. Yarn 2. Plant 3. Saree 4. Cotton 5. Cloth

Ans: 2, 4, 1, 5, 3

Q. Find the missing number in the figure

Ans: 5

Q. Fing the difference between the number of triangles in the given figures

Ans: 0

Q. Five girls took part in a race. Rajni finished before Mohini but behind Geeta. Anita finished before Sangeeta but behind Mohini. Who came last in the race?

Ans: Sangeeta

Q. Find the missing number in the series: 95, 115.5, 138, ?, 189

Ans: 162.5

Q. Find the missing number in the figure

Ans: 12

Q. MANGO : 50 : : CHILLI : ?

Ans: 53

Q. If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, then what will be the code for SEARCH ?

Ans: 214673

Q. find out the wrong number in the series: 52, 51, 49, 46, 41, 37

Ans: 41

Q. From the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word IRREGULARITIES (a) Regular, (b) Tired, (c) trailer, (d) Irrigate

Ans: (b) Tired

Q. Find the missing letter in the figure

Ans: D

Q. Find the missing number in the series

Ans: 21, 14

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