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How to Make Notes for Law Entrance GK Preparation?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : October 3, 2022


Summary: The GK section plays a vital role in the law entrance exams. Around 20-25% of the question paper comprises GK questions. You might find it hard to cover or must have felt overwhelmed with the excessive number of topics. However, it is not the case. Preparing short notes in one to two-liners will help you cover all the topics within the time limit and score well in the exam. Let's understand how you can prepare notes for the GK section.

Most of us often overlook the GK section and procrastinate till the end. And usually, when the admit cards are out, we start revising the other subjects, again ignoring the GK section.

However, this approach is incorrect, as it directly hampers the opportunity to score easy marks from this section. 

The best way to prepare for the GK paper is to consistently make notes from newspapers and revise all the essential news regularly.

The importance of this section lies in the fact that you can save a lot of time in this section, wherein you can utilize this time in relatively challenging areas like legal aptitude and logical reasoning.

This post will give you a complete insight into how to make notes for Law Entrance GK Preparation, short tricks to remember important news for a more extended period, and more.

Why Preparing Notes Important for Law Entrance GK Preparation?

As humans, we often forget things we just read on websites and in books. If you are good at remembering the stuff as it is, you are good to go without any handwritten notes. But most of us are not!

There are no shortcuts when it comes to Law Entrance GK preparation. Therefore, start gathering material and reading it. Highlight the main points and jot them down in your notes personalized diary.

Preparing notes for the GK section during your Law Entrance Exam Preparation saves last-moment hassle, as you will only have to go through your notes one week before the examination.

Also, when you start making notes right after the first reading, you are likely to include everything. Besides helping you revise, note making strategy enables you to retain important facts and information quickly.

5 Tips to Make Notes for Law Entrance GK Preparation

Before starting the preparation, you must go through the detailed syllabus of the particular law entrance exam you are applying for. It will help you know the crucial topics from the exam point of view.

If you are a CLAT Aspirant, you will be tested mainly on your general knowledge and current affairs. Knowing the essential GK topics for the Common Law Admission Test will help enhance your CLAT Exam Preparation and help you perform well in the exam.

To ease your preparation, we have provided some simple tips that help you better understand how to take notes for the law GK section.

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Excess of Everything is Bad | Limit Your Sources

A fundamental problem with the GK section is the drown of reading material. Don't read GK and current affairs out of whim, thinking that more material meant more marks. 

Being a law aspirant, you must understand that running after too much material is counter-productive. You should realize choosing quality over quantity is essential for Law Entrance GK Preparation.

You can take substantial time to read and prepare from the newspapers. Going through the syllabus and Previous Years' CLAT Question Papers will help you pick the right issues/news from the newspaper from the exam perspective while leaving out irrelevant ones.

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

Shake Hands with the Best | Best Sources To Prepare for Current Affairs

Many of you may spend an indefinite amount of time researching the “best website” and the " best coaching material" website for GK and less time reading it. 

On the other hand, a few of you may have a perfectionist mindset that forces you to make copious notes and compilations from tons of material available in the market.

Desist from this. Do your daily research, decide on your Best Sources for Law Entrance Exams, and stick with them. You will do just fine.

The following are some of the best sources you can do while preparing notes for the GK section for law entrance exams.

  • The Hindu Newspaper
  • Manorama Year Book by Mammen Mathew
  • Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant Publications

Limit Your Time, Utilize it Effectively

The problem with many of you is not that they neglect newspapers but overplay their importance.

Some read newspapers for almost 3-4 hours daily, leaving them no time to read other subjects.

Remember, you must give equal importance to all the subjects, including reading a newspaper regularly. You must set up a time in your Law Entrance Exam Study Plan to read the newspaper daily.

According to the expert's opinion, you can give a maximum of 45 minutes to 60 minutes to reading a newspaper. But not more than that!

Also, it is always better to read the newspaper early morning. You can read it while making your breakfast or while traveling to work. If you don't have time during the day, read it at night every day.

Era of Pen and Paper is Over | Learn to Make Notes Online

Making notes online saves a lot of time. Read the papers and then utilize online applications like Evernote to capture and highlight the daily news. 

You may think can I skip newspapers altogether and just read these compilations? However, this is not suggestible because reading a newspaper gives a good summary of what is happening, and it becomes that much easier to read the daily compilation later.

While preparing law entrance study material, you can use smartphone applications like Evernote and Google Keep. These applications will help you jot down quick points while traveling or when you do not have access to paper and a pen.

Focus on Issues, not News!

Usually, News talks about an incident while Issues focus on ideas. So, while making notes for Law Entrance GK preparation, you should give more importance to issues.

You can understand any issue quickly by analyzing the following things:

  • Why is it in the news? (This is usually reported in the newspapers)
  • Background Knowledge (Data, facts, authentic reports, etc.)
  • Current Status (What has the government done or not done so far)
  • Both sides of the issue (Pros and Cons/Opportunities and challenges)
  • Opinion/Suggestions/Way forward— What must we do about it?

Revise Weekly

The best way to remember news for a more extended period is through constant revision and by executing them in the answers you write during daily practice or test series.

Without revision, it is difficult to remember the concepts. So, we advise you to revise all the GK topics weekly, and it will also help you focus more on issues that you are feeling difficult.

Even after reading and revising, you may not be able to recollect all the current affairs in the exam hall, but that’ i okay.

clat mock test

clat Mock test

Where to Study GK for Law Entrance Exams?

Though the subject might look easy, you need a proper study timetable and preparation strategy to crack this section. 

Gear up your Static GK Preparation for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams by following the quick tips and tricks listed below:

  • Reading Newspapers: Make a habit of reading newspapers regularly, which helps you stay updated about the latest events happening across the globe.
  • Refer to Right Study Material: You can refer to General Knowledge by Arihant Publications while preparing for the Static GK, as this book covers all the topics per the syllabus.
  • Watch News Channels: If you don't like to read the news, you can watch the news regularly. 
  • Use the Internet to Study Static GK: Following the internet is an excellent option to prepare the Static GK. You can subscribe to websites like LegalEdge that offer free access and registration to monthly PDFs for GK and current affairs preparation.

How to Make Notes from the Newspaper for CLAT Exam 2023?

Newspapers assist you in preparing for the exam in various ways, from improving reading comprehension and vocabulary to developing analytical abilities.

Reading editorials and interviews from the newspaper will help you better understand the ongoing issues and clear the GK section quickly. Also, it will help enhance your CLAT GK preparation and score well in the upcoming exam. 

As we all know, newspaper reading is a time-consuming factor. Therefore, you should opt for selective reading.

  • While reading the newspaper, note down the headline or title in your words, as this will help you memorize them for a long time.
  • Also, make notes on the research that you have conducted related to each topic.
  • One of the most innovative ways to make notes is by dividing the topic into sections like national, international, awards, sports, etc. 
  • You can also make your notes date-wise or month-wise.


If you are an aspirant for CLAT or other law entrance exams, preparing GK and current affairs from LegalEdge is the best option. It offers Grand Master's Box GMB), which has a collection of 3000+ questions based on GK and other subjects for law entrance exams.

LegalEdge's GMB is an effective medium to prepare notes for GK for various law entrance exams. \The institute also offers FREE study material and 70+ mock tests. Attempting these questions will help you analyze your preparation levels for the upcoming exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, static GK is also a part of Law Entrance Exams.
For scoring minimum qualifying marks in GK section, at least one-month consistent preparation is necessary. If you have properly prepared for all topics in-depth, then it is definitely possible to clear the exam with a high score.
In the GK section, you can expect around 35-39 questions in Law Entrance Exams. 
Hindu Newspaper is considered as the best newspaper for the preparation of GK section for Law Entrance Exams.
Legal General Knowledge by R. K Gupta, General Knowledge 2022 by Arihant Publications, Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant Publications are some of the best books for Law Entrance GK Preparation.


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