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Study Plan: How to score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 16, 2023


Summary: Scoring a perfect 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE should not just be a dream but a realistic goal. Dive into this article to discover how to score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE? with focused preparation tips, timetable suggestions, and more tailored specifically for mastering the Class 12 Chemistry syllabus.

Chemistry for Class 12 is a challenging subject, but with the right strategy and approach, scoring a perfect 100 is possible. 

The key is to concentrate on understanding the syllabus thoroughly and practising enough to be comfortable with both theoretical, numerical and practicals. 

This article provides a detailed guide to help you achieve that elusive perfect score.

Let's check the study plan on how to score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?

How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?: Syllabus

The CBSE Class 12 Chemistry syllabus is divided into the following: 

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

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How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE? Physical Chemistry 

  • You will have an advantage when preparing for physical chemistry if you possess good mathematical calculation abilities and formula application capabilities.
  • This includes chapters on electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, solutions, solid-state, and surface chemistry.
  • Physical Chemistry consists primarily of 23 marks and accounts for 33% of the total weight of the paper.

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How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE? Organic Chemistry

You can easily pass this section with complete dedication and hard work if you have studied the fundamentals of organic chemistry.

In the board exam, organic chemistry questions carry 28 marks.

The reactions, IUPAC naming of compounds, and use of various reagents to detect the presence of compounds make up the majority of these issues.

Important topics for organic chemistry are as follows - 

  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  • Phenols-Carboxylic Acid
  •  Aldehyde-Ketone
  • 1,2,3 alcohols
  • 1, 2, 3 amines
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  • Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
  • Biomolecules
  • Polymers
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life

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cuet online coaching

How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE? Inorganic Chemistry 

This is thought to be a challenging section of chemistry for class 12. The periodic table and the characteristics of the p-block, d-block, and f-block elements must be memorised thoroughly. 

Students should practise the chapter exercises since the majority of the exam questions are drawn from the NCERT Class 12 Chemistry textbook.

There are 19 questions in inorganic chemistry asked in the exam.

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Focus on the following topics - 

  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • p -Block Elements
  • d -and f -Block Elements
  • Coordination Compounds

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How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?: Preparation Tips

Here are specific prep tips to help you start covering the CBSE Chemistry Syllabus. 

Focus on Conceptual Understanding

  • Solid State: Start by understanding the difference between amorphous and crystalline solids. Practice numerical on calculating packing efficiency.
  • Electrochemistry: Master the Nernst equation and learn how to calculate the EMF of cells.
  • Organic Chemistry: Focus on mechanisms of reactions. Understanding why a reaction happens is crucial.

Consistent Revision

  • Inorganic Chemistry: It's largely memory-based. Use flashcards for periodic properties and reactions of elements and compounds.
  • Physical Chemistry: Make summary sheets for formulae and their applications.

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Examination Technique

  • Writing Skills: While practising, ensure you write chemical equations and diagrams clearly.
  • Presentation is crucial for fetching full marks for any question.

Mock Tests and Past Papers

Frequent Testing: Use previous year's papers and timed mock tests to replicate the final examination impression. 

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How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?: TimeTable

Here is a rough timetable you can follow.

Ensure you spend more time on topics that need more attention. 

One Month Before the Exam

  • First two weeks: Cover all chapters, focusing on conceptual understanding.
  • Third week: Revise and take a few mock tests.
  • Fourth week: Fine-tune your preparations by working on weak areas and taking additional mock tests.

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cuet mock test

Weekly Breakdown

  • Monday: Physical Chemistry (Numericals and formula-based questions)
  • Tuesday: Organic Chemistry (Mechanisms and named reactions)
  • Wednesday: Inorganic Chemistry (Periodic properties and blocks)
  • Thursday: Revisit topics covered from Monday to Wednesday and practice problems.
  • Friday-Sunday: Mock tests and evaluation

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How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE?: Preparation Books

  • NCERT Textbook: Essential for understanding basic concepts.
  • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for Class 12: Excellent for in-depth theory and problems.
  • Previous Year Question Papers: Essential for exam-oriented preparation.

Other  CBSE Class 12 Chemistry reference books are as follows - 

  • Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry for class XII (Vol I and II) by S.C. Kheterpal, S.N. Dhawan, P.N. Kapil
  • Modern's ABC of Chemistry Class - 12 (Part 1 & 2) by S. P. Jauhar
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee
  • SC Chemistry Class 12: Chemistry Class XII by OP Tandon, A.K. Virmani, A.S. Singh
  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions - Chemistry (Class 12): A Collection of Fully Solved Questions Asked from 2014 - 2008 Examination Arranged by Purnima Sharma

How to Score 100 in Chemistry Class 12 CBSE: Sample Questions Asked in Exam

You can find similar questions in your examination as well.

Ensure you take mock tests and solve the previous year's papers. 

MCQ Sample

  • Which type of isomerism is shown by [Co(NH3)5Cl]SO4 and [Co(NH3)5SO4]Cl?

Short Answer Sample

  • Write balanced equations for the extraction of copper from copper pyrites.

Long Answer Sample

  • Explain the different methods of purification of colloids.

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Scoring 100 in Chemistry in Class 12 CBSE requires a balanced approach between conceptual understanding, practical application, and consistent revision. With a strategic timetable and the right resources, that perfect score is within your reach. 

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