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CBSE Class 11 Humanities Subjects List

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


Humanities, which deals with the study aspects of human society and culture is a very popular subject that provides many career opportunities for the students. The candidates appearing for the CBSE Class 11 Humanities exam must be aware of all the subjects that come under the humanities stream. To help candidates, we have provided the detailed CBSE Class 11 Humanities Subjects List 2021 here.

CBSE Subjects For Class 11 Humanities

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the boards that conducts primary, secondary, and Higher secondary level exams. History, Political Science, English/Hindi, Geography, and Computers are the mandatory subjects n CBSE Class 11 Humanities Stream. Also, there are many optional subjects which students have to choose as per their interest.

  • Before starting the preparation, candidates must go through the CBSE 11th Humanities Subjects. as this will help them to better succeed in the exam.
  • Knowing the subjects of humanities will help candidates to get an idea about how to plan the preparation to cover all the subjects as per the latest syllabus.
  • In this post, we have provided subject-wise important topics for the class 11 Humanities stream. Candidates are advised to concentrate more on topics that have more weight.
  • Students who opt for the Humanities stream can have an option to choose the one optional subject among sociology, fine arts, psychology, maths, sociology, etc as per their choice.

Class 12 Humanities Syllabus for All Subjects

Topic-Wise CBSE 11th Humanities Subjects & Weightage of Marks 

Below are some of the compulsory subjects and detailed marks given which will help students to better understand the weightage of the subject and topics that they need to study in the 11th Humanities stream.

Class 11 Humanities Subjects

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CBSE Class 11 History Syllabus 2021

The syllabus of the History is segregated into four sections and those are as follows:

Section A - Early Societies

Section B - Empires

Section C - Changing Traditions

Section D - Paths to Modernization

History Important Topics 

As per the experts, solving CBSE Class 11 Humanities Sample Papers will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and type of questions asked in the exam. Let us have a look at the table below to know the section-wise importnat topics and its weightage.

Units Topics Marks
1 Introduction to World History -
Section A - Early Societies
2 Introduction  19
3. From the Beginning of Time
4.  Early Cities
Section B - Empires
5. Introduction  19
6. An Empire Across Three Continents
7. Central Islamic Lands
8. Nomadic Empires
Section C - Changing Traditions
9. Introduction  19
10. Three Orders 
11. Changing Cultural Traditions 
12. Confrontation of Cultures
Section D - Paths to Moderanization
13. Introduction  19
14. The Industrial Revolution 
15. Displacing Indigenous People
16. Map Work (Unit 1 to 11) 4
17. Project Work 20
Total 100

CBSE Class 11 Geograpghy syllabus 2021

Geography is the field of science that deals with the study of lands, features, phenomena of earth and planets. Geography Class 11 Humanities Syllabus is divided into three parts namely:

  • Part A - Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Part B - India – Physical Environment
  • Part C- Practical Work

Geography Important Topics

Before starting the preparation, it is important for candidates to check the CBSE 11th Humanities Syllabus. Here, we have provided the unit-wise important topics and its weightage for CBSE class 11 Geography.

Part A - Fundamentals of Physical Geography
Geography as a discipline 35
The Earth 
Water (Oceans)
Life on the Earth
Map and Diagram
Part B - India – Physical Environment
Introduction 35
Climate, vegetation and soil
Natural hazards and Disasters
Map and Diagram
Part C- Practical Work
Fundamentals of Maps 10
Topographic and Weather Maps 15
Practical Record Book and Viva 5

Class 12 Humanities Syllabus

Class 12 Humanities Syllabus

CBSE Class 11 Political Science syllabus 2021

Political science, also known as politology deals with the system of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts and behaviour. The syllabus of political science is segregated into two parts as mentioned below: Part A - Indian Constitution at Work Part B - Political Theory Both Part A and Part B is conducted for a total of 80 marks whereas 20 marks are allotted for project work.

Political Science Important Topics

Go through the table below to know all the important topics of political science and the weightage of each topic.

Units Marks
Part A - Indian Constitution at Work
Constitution  16
Rights and Duties in the Indian Constitution 
Election and Representation  8
The Execution 
The Legislature 8
The Judiciary
Federalism 8
Local Government 
Part B - Political Theory
Political Theory Introduction 8
Equality  8
Justice with Special Reference for Social Justice
Rights 8
Nationalism 8
Peace  8
Project Work 20
Total 100

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education syllabus 2021

Physical education subject is important to the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. As per the Class 11 Humanities Syllabus, there are a total of 10 units in physical education. It is known that few CBSE subjects are the same as the ICSE Humanities Class 11 Subjects. Hence, it is important for candidates to check all the subjects and plan their preparation accordingly.

Physical Education Important Topics

As per the experts, referring to the best 11th Humanities Books will help candidates to enhance their preparation and score good marks in the exam. If you are choosing physical education as an optional subject in the Humanities stream, then you must be aware of the following topics.

  • Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education
  • Olympic Value Education
  • Physical Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Physical Activity
  • Test, Measurement and Evaluation
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Psychology and Sports
  • Training and Doping in sports

These are some of the other subjects in the humanities stream in 11th CBSE students will get to study in their 11th class. By choosing a proper combination of subjects students can make more of the arts subjects. Please consider your subject wisely in your 11th class as it will be the base of your whole career if the student wants to pursue in the same field. Let's discuss some of the career options students can choose after passing from their 12th board exam from humanities.

  • BA, MA, B.ED, M.Phil, P.hd
  • One can also prepare for the government job exam such as- IAS, IPS, IFS, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Inspector, Audit Officer, etc.

The humanities stream is vast and has different subjects for every student and it also gives you the freedom to choose the subject that students like and love to study.

What Can Be Done After Taking Humanities in Class 11th?

Candidates who will opt for Humanities in class 11 can choose degree courses and professional courses as mentioned below.

  • Hotel Management and Tourism
  • Fashion Designing
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Business and Law
  • Mass Communication

Is Maths Compulsory for CBSE 11th Class?

Students opting for the science stream must choose Mathematics in their class 11. But it is not mandatory for students opting for either science (Biology) or Humanities stream. The importance of choosing Maths subject in CBSE Class 11 will completely depend on the interest of the individual.

However, opting for Maths is important in class 11 because it is base for many other subjects like physics, economics, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early cities, An Empire Across Three Continents, Central Islamic Lands, Nomadic Empires, Confrontation of Cultures are some of the important topics that candidates need to prepare for History in CBSE Class 11 Humanities stream.
As per the CBSE Class 11 Humanities Syllabus 2020, history, political science, computers, English/Hindi, and Geography are the mandatory subjects. However, it will depend on options available in school or board.
Following the expert tips will definitely help you to prepare better for the CBSE Class 11 Humanities exam. Begin your preparation by studying from the right Books which covers all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus 2020. One of the best methods to score more marks in the exam is to practice as many previous year question papers as possible.
The CBSE Class 11 Political Science 2020 syllabus include topics like Constitution, Rights and Duties in the Indian Constitution, Federalism, Justice with Special Reference for Social Justice, etc.


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