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Best Books for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam 2024

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 13, 2023


Summary: Find out which CBSE Class 12 Computer Science books are required for good exam preparation. Learn why choosing the appropriate books is important, get access to recommended reference materials, and get expert guidance on how to ace the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science exam in 2023-24. 

In today's digital environment, computer science is becoming increasingly important. Choosing the correct books for students pursuing this subject in CBSE Class 12 is an important step towards effective preparation. Fortunately, CBSE recommends NCERT books that cover the entire syllabus and make understanding topics easy. 

Aside from NCERT, there are additional extra books and preparation material that might help a student's understanding. This article will walk you through the suggested CBSE class 12 computer science books and preparation ideas for the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science exam. 

Why Books Matter in CBSE Class 12 Computer Science 

Before getting into the list of books, it's important to understand why selecting the appropriate literature is so important. Computer Science is a theoretical and practical subject. The CBSE class 12 computer science books might help you balance your understanding of these two particulars. They not only cover the course, but also provide insights into problem solving, algorithm optimization, and coding best practices. 

Furthermore, these books provide a variety of questions that assist students get familiar with the various formats that they might expect in the exam. They are essential in establishing a solid foundation for future learning in Computer Science and related topics. 

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CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Books 

Because computer science is a practical discipline, practical books are also required for hands-on practise. Practicals assist you in learning how the principles you read about are put into practise in the actual world. As a result, for thorough preparation, consult the best books for CBSE class 12 computer science recommended below. 

Books for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science  


Computer Science with Python 

Sumita Arora 

All in One Computer Science CBSE Class 12 


Computer Science with C++ 

Preeti Arora & Pinky Gupta 

Question Bank Chapter-wise Solutions Computer Science (C++) 


Computer Science Textbook for Class 12 


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Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science 

To prepare for computer science, students should read the entire CBSE Class 12 Computer Science syllabus 2024 and familiarise themselves with all of the important topics. 

  • Read the standard books as recommended by NCERT only. If required, then only refer to other books. 
  • Solve CBSE Class 12 sample papers for 2023-24, to understand the CBSE class 12 computer science exam pattern and marking scheme. 
  • Practice as much as you can. With regular practice, individuals can identify their weaker areas and work on them accordingly. 
  • Attempt CBSE Class 12 sample papers to enhance your speed and accuracy in the board examination 2024. 

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Choosing the right books and employing effective preparation strategies are essential for excelling in the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science exam. While NCERT materials are a good starting point, reference works like Sumita Arora, Arihant, and others can provide a deeper understanding of complex topics.  

For a well-rounded preparation, complement these with practical books and practice papers. Remember that consistent practice and comprehension of the syllabus will guide you through the subject's complexity, putting you on the path to success. 

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