In the current situation across the country, preparation for CLAT for most of you has been a tough task. Are you facing problems and issues while preparing for CLAT? 

Well, to help you have a smooth preparation, we have come up with important tips and tricks to crack CLAT with a high score. 

Following these tips shall help in boosting your CLAT preparation during lockdown. 

Top Five Ways to Prepare for CLAT During Lockdown

Unlike other exams, CLAT needs extra focus and dedication to score good marks. If you wondering How to Prepare for CLAT in less time, then the below methods can help you. 

Prepare a Study Plan

  • A proper study plan is essential when you are preparing for CLAT. As you know there are five subjects included in the exam out of which maths section has the least weightage.
  • Prepare a schedule that includes a combination of all subjects each day. Make sure to study topics planned for each day without postponing them.
  • The study plan for CLAT must include timings for each subject wherein the tough subject has more time and the easy subject has less time. 

Wondering how to prepare a good study plan? Well, check out CLAT Study Plan by our experts from the LegalEdge team which gives you an insight into what to be included in the study plan and how to follow it. 

clat mock test

clat Mock test

Join a Crash Course

  • As there is lockdown announced in the country, you can join online coaching for experiencing the real-time classroom. 
  • You can watch our free demo on CLAT 2021 Crash Course to know the quality of coaching. 
  • If you are finding difficulties while preparing by yourself, joining online coaching shall help in a better understanding of subjects. 
  • The subject matter experts give you guidance on how to understand the concepts easily and how to tackle tricky questions. 

Practice Previous Year Papers

  • Question papers are one of the best resources while you are preparing for CLAT. 
  • Solving CLAT Question Papers lets you understand the difficulty level of questions and types of questions asked. 
  • You can experience a real-time exam environment while solving question papers. You can keep a timer and solve the question papers to improve your time management skills. 

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Attempt Mock Tests

  • Mock tests let you analyze your preparation levels. 
  • You can attempt CLAT Mock Tests during your preparation to know the difficulty level of questions. 
  • With the detailed analysis report received, you can know your errors and improve them. 
  • Solving tests weekly can help in better preparation for the exam. 

Do your Revision

  • After studying all the topics, make sure to revise all topics. Give a quick glance to all topics you have read before. 
  • Remember that during revision do not read any new topic or concept. This leads you to confusion in topics. 
  • Try to read the notes prepared during the initial days of preparation. 

Section-wise CLAT Preparation

Here are few strategies for section-wise CLAT preparation. Try following these to enhance your preparation for CLAT 2021 ad score better. 


  • This section has the least number of questions asked in the exam. Around 10-13 questions can be expected from this section.
  • Practice is the key to secure full marks in this section. 
  • Follow expert suggested CLAT Maths Preparation Tips for knowing topics wise preparation tricks.
  • Questions are asked from topics involved in class 10th Mathematics subject. 

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Read Daily current affairs to stay updated on the latest issues happening across the globe. 
  • Basic knowledge of History, Geography and Science will be preferred as a great advantage.
  • Refer to popular magazines and newspapers like "The Hindu" for current affairs.

Legal Reasoning

  • Read about all the new amendments and enactments done in both monsoon and winter sessions of the parliament. Also, contemporary issues like LGBTQ rights or the death penalty have been a part of the news in the last few months.
  • Focus on the legal issues from the last 10 months and read about them. Most importantly, landmark judgments and important cases of the previous year.
  • To understand the passage better, read about static and current legal issues prior to the exam.
  • Improve your legal vocabulary including legal jargons, legal terms, foreign phrases, and maxims.
  • Follow CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips by experts to know strategies for scoring good marks. 

English Language

  • Reading is the key to clear CLAT with a high score since the new pattern of the exam has comprehension-based questions. 
  • For the English section as well, you need to have strong reading skills.
  • Practice previous year's papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked. 
  • Read daily newspapers to come across new words and find out their meanings. 
  • Go through expert-curated CLAT English Preparation Tips for enhancing preparation strategies. 

Logical Reasoning

  • Study and solve questions from verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 
  • As there are few days left for the exam practice more and more questions from this section. 
  • Learn CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips to know topic-wise strategies and tricks. 


How much time is sufficient for CLAT Preparation?

For scoring minimum qualifying marks in CLAT, at least one-month consistent preparation is necessary. If you have properly prepared for all topics in-depth, then it is definitely possible to clear the exam with a high score.

How do I prepare for CLAT at the last minute?

The last-minute preparation refers to revision and giving a quick glance to all topics. This time is utilized for solving previous year papers, attempting mock tests, and revising each topic from all subjects.

Is the CLAT Exam difficult?

The difficulty level of the exam depends on the candidate's mindset and preparation levels. If prepared well for all topics, then it is easier to answer any question asked in the exam. Candidates must also ensure not to get tensed while taking up the exam this helps in answering better all questions. The question paper might be lengthy but it depends on how a candidate answers the questions.

Which newspaper is best for CLAT Preparation?

Most of the experts recommend that The Hindu Newspaper is the best material for the CLAT Preparation of General Awareness section.

How can I improve my accuracy in the CLAT exam?

You can easily improve your speed and accuracy in the CLAT Exam by solving as many sample papers as possible. Practicing mock tests would definitely improve your time management skills and problem-solving techniques. So, it is advisable to solve mock tests on a daily basis.

Do really solving mock tests in the last minute will help me score good marks in CLAT Exam?

Yes. Solving mock tests during your last minute preparation would definitely help you score good marks in CLAT Exam.