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How to Get Good Marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE: A Comprehensive Guide

Author : Shashwat

Updated On : September 14, 2023


Reader’s Digest: For students aiming to get good marks in CBSE Class 12 Maths, this article offers a step-by-step guide to master the curriculum and secure a better score!

Maths in Class 12 is a big deal for many students. Over time, what we learn in maths has changed to match what's happening around us.

For students in Class 12, maths can be the stepping stone to many exciting future paths. Some might want to study more maths, while others might choose engineering, business, or other fields. Because of this, getting good scores in maths becomes important.

This article will share tips and tricks to help you score 100 in Maths Class 12 CBSE. So, if you aim to do your best in this subject, keep reading! We've got some useful advice for you.

Key Contents: 

  • Introduction: Insight into the importance of Maths at the senior secondary level. 
  • Understanding the Objectives: An overview of the educational goals of the Maths curriculum. 
  • Course Structure: A snapshot of the different units and their weightage in Class 12 Maths. 
  • Effective Study Techniques: Tips like consistent practice, mistake analysis, and regular revisions to enhance study efficiency. 
  • Last-Minute Strategies: Advice on revisiting NCERT, engaging with previous year questions, and the importance of mock tests. 
  • Exam-Day Tips: Recommendations for the day before and during the Maths exam to maximize performance. 

Understanding the Objectives for Success in Maths

Achieving success in any subject, especially aiming to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE, requires a clear understanding of the 'why' behind your studies. Let's break down the objectives to make your journey in Class 12 Maths more purposeful: 

Acquiring Knowledge

  • The Maths syllabus aims to give students a deep and critical understanding of various topics. 
  • This isn't just about memorizing formulae but truly understanding the core concepts. 
  • Such knowledge is often enriched through visual aids and real-life examples, making the subject more relatable and easier to grasp. 

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cuet online coaching

Logical Flow

  • Mathematics is not just about getting the right answer but also about the journey to that answer. 
  • As you work on different problems, you'll see patterns and a logical flow in solutions. 
  • Understanding this flow is vital for problem-solving, which can help students get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. 

Application in Real-life

  • The beauty of Maths lies in its applicability in our daily lives. 
  • The Class 12 syllabus places importance on real-life application, ensuring students don't just learn theoretically but can also apply these concepts in real-world scenarios. 
  • This application-based approach enhances understanding and makes the subject more interesting. 

Positive Attitude

  • A positive mindset is often the differentiator between good and great students. 
  • Approaching challenges with a logical and optimistic attitude is crucial. 
  • With the right mindset, not only can you overcome complex topics, but it also becomes easier to score 100 in Maths Class 12 CBSE. 

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Overview of the Course Structure for Maths Class 12 CBSE

Understanding the course structure is essential to excel in your exams and get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. It offers a clear picture of how your study schedule should be framed. Here's a simple breakdown: 

Units  Allotted Periods (35 Minutes Each)  Marks Weightage 
Sets and Functions  60  23 
Algebra  50  25 
Coordinate Geometry  50  12 
Calculus  40  08 
Statistics and Probability  40  12 
Total  240  80 
Internal Assessment  Not specified  20 

Duration and Pattern

  • The Mathematics paper is conducted over three hours. 
  • The maximum marks you can score is 80. 
  • Additionally, there's an internal assessment worth 20 marks. 

Note: There isn't a specific chapter or unit-wise weightage, so it's essential to cover all chapters thoroughly for a comprehensive grasp on the subject and to score 100 marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. Let's break down why this course overview is essential: 

Clear Division

  • The Maths course for Class 12 is split into separate units. Think of these as different chapters in a book. 

Weightage Matters

  • Each unit or chapter has a certain number of marks attached to it. 
  • Knowing this helps you determine which chapters might need more attention. 

Plan Your Time

  • By being aware of each unit and its importance, you can decide how much time to spend on each one. 
  • This way, you won’t spend too much time on a less important chapter and vice versa. 

Stay On Track

  • Familiarizing yourself with the structure ensures you cover all topics. 
  • It acts as a checklist, so you're confident you haven't missed anything important. 

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Effective Study Techniques for Success

Achieving academic success requires discipline, strategy, and focus, especially to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. Let's delve into these essential study techniques that will help you perform better: 

Consistent Practice

Make it a routine to work through every example and exercise in the NCERT books. 

Why it matters: 

These exercises form the bedrock of understanding. Regular practice enhances problem-solving speed and accuracy, increasing your potential to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. 

Mistake Analysis

Regularly review your work and actively pinpoint errors, be it a minor calculation slip or a deeper misunderstanding of a concept. 

Why it matters: 

Recognizing mistakes helps you avoid them in future attempts. This proactive approach ensures you're better prepared for the main examination. 

Regular Revisions

Dedicate time, particularly on weekends, to review and refresh your memory on formulas and key concepts. 

Why it matters: 

Mathematics thrives on repetition and reinforcement. Consistent recall strengthens your grasp on topics, ensuring you're better equipped to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. 

Preparing with Pre-Boards

Approach your pre-board exams seriously, treating them as rehearsal sessions for the final showdown. 

Why it matters: 

  • They provide a snapshot of your current preparation level. 
  • The feedback and results can be instrumental, offering insights on areas to focus on as you strive to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. 

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Last-Minute Strategies to Get Good Marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE

As the big day approaches, it becomes essential to amplify your preparation game. Here are some strategies to help you seal your efforts and ensure you're ready to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE: 

Dive Deep into NCERT

  • Make sure to go through each example and exercise in the NCERT textbooks. 
  • Alongside, refer to questions from previous years. This helps you: 
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of questions asked. 
  • Understand the pattern and layout of the board exams. 

Practice with Mock Tests

  • Get your hands on sample papers from different sources. 
  • Simulate the real exam by timing yourself. 
  • After each mock test, review your answers. Look out for: 
  • Topics you struggled with. 
  • Silly mistakes were made. 
  • Time-consuming sections. This will help you manage your time better in the actual exam. 

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Exam-Day Guidelines to Get Good Marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE

The culmination of all your hard work is how you fare on the exam day. Here's how to ensure you give your best shot to get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE: 

Rest and Recharge

  • The day before your exam is as crucial as the exam itself. Make it a priority to: 
  • Avoid last-minute cramming. 
  • Get a full night's sleep to ensure your brain is rejuvenated. 
  • Remember, a refreshed mind is more alert and can recall information better. 

Navigating the Exam

  • As you sit down to write your paper: 
  • Read each question with care. Ensure you understand what's being asked. 
  • Avoid rushing, which often leads to silly mistakes. 
  • Keep your answers clear and neat. Messy handwriting or disorganized answers can make it hard for the examiner to follow your reasoning. 

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Key Takeaways 

  • Consistent Practice: Regularly solving NCERT examples and exercises lays a solid foundation for understanding. 
  • Mistake Analysis: Addressing mistakes early ensures you don't repeat them in exams. 
  • Regular Revisions: Keep revisiting concepts and formulas to reinforce your learning. 
  • Pre-Board Importance: Treat pre-boards as mock tests to gauge your preparation. 
  • Last-Minute Strategy: To finalise your preparation, focus on NCERT, past papers, and mock tests. 
  • Exam-Day Protocol: Rest well, read questions carefully, and maintain neatness. 

Remember, consistent effort and strategic studying will help you get good marks in Maths Class 12 CBSE. Stay dedicated and positive! 

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