Applied mathematics is the application of mathematical methods into various fields like Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Biology, Business, Computer Science, and Industry. This is a very interesting subject and important for future career options. Hence, CBSE has come up with this idea to add this subject to the curriculum of class 11 and 12. If you have taken up Commerce or Humanities, then Applied Mathematics is added as an optional subject. Students can choose this subject as it can help in graduation. Also, candidates can get an idea about choosing right Courses After 12th Commerce

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied mathematics deals with an in-depth understanding of mathematical problems. In Undergraduate courses, each topic deals with applied mathematics. All the problems require the application of mathematics i.e., real-time usage of maths. The problems need not be specifically maths, but it can be from different subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and so on. These problems require the application of mathematics and knowledge of various branches of mathematics like analysis, differential equations, and stochastics, utilizing analytical and numerical methods. 

Applied Mathematics Topics for Class 11 CBSE

For class 11 commerce or humanities, having knowledge about Maths is very much required. The subject is mainly designed to develop mathematical skills and methods which can be applied in other subjects. It is observed that the syllabus of Maths present in science stream is not much helpful for commerce or humanities students. As per the CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus, there is maths subject included which doesn't deal with the real-time applications. Hence, CBSE came up with initiation of adding Applied mathematics to their optional subjects.

  • Taking this subject as an optional can really help in the future career. It will be easier for students to grasp things in UG courses. 
  • In UG, the Maths subject is entirely based on Applied Mathematics. So, learning the same here can be a foundation for understanding the subject in depth. 
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education aims to provide relevant experience in Mathematics which can be used in the fields other than Physical Sciences.

Have a look at the detailed CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Syllabus below. Also, know the marking scheme for each topic involved in the syllabus

Unit Name No. of Periods Marks
Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications 20 09
Algebra 35 10
Mathematical Reasoning 15 06
Calculus 30 10
Probability 30 10
Descriptive Statistics 35 12
Basics of Financial Mathematics 55 18
Coordinate Geometry 20 05
Total 240 80
Internal Assessment - 20
Total Marks - 100

Applied Mathematics Topics for Class 12 CBSE

Class 12 is usually an extended session of Class 11. It is always that what we study in class 11 would be repeated in 12th with more information and understanding the subject in depth. Well, it is not same in the case of Applied Mathematics. There are few new chapters included in the CBSE Class 12. Applied Mathematics plays an important role in Humanities also. As per the CBSE Class 12 Humanities Syllabus, there is Maths subject included in the mandatory subjects, however, from this year CBSE has added a new subject in the list of options. 

  • This subject helps in developing mathematical language and symbolism to communicate and relate everyday experiences mathematically.
  • Also, it does enhance the logical reasoning skills of formulating and validating mathematical arguments, framing examples, finding counterexamples.
  • The course content will help students to develop a sound understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics which they can use to describe and analyze a given set of data and to further make meaningful inferences out of it.
  • Data based case studies from the field of business, economics, psychology, education, biology and census data will be used to appreciate the power of data in contemporary society.

Here is thee brief CBSE Class 12 Applied Mathematics Syllabus along with marking scheme. Have a look at the table below and know the topics.

Unit Name No. of Periods Marks
Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications 20 06
Algebra 20 10
Inferential Statistics 10 06
Index Numbers and Time-based data 30 10
Calculus 60 15
Financial Mathematics 40 15
Linear Programming 25 08
Probability 35 10
Total 240 80
Internal Assessment - 20
Total Marks - 100

Applied Mathematics Careers

There is a huge career opportunity for students who have studied or explored Applied mathematics. If you are really very much interested in having a job that deals with Applied Mathematics, then you must understand the subject in depth. It is important to score more marks in Class 11 and 12. Also, it is essential to know the basics very well. Here is the list of organizations that offer jobs for Mathematics and Computational Scientists:

  • Academic institutions and research institutes
  • Aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturers or service providers
  • Analytics and forecasting organizations
  • Chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Communications services providers
  • Computer information and software firms; established or start-ups
  • Consumer products companies
  • Energy systems firms
  • Electronics and computer manufacturers
  • Engineering research organizations
  • Financial service and investment management firms
  • Government labs, research offices and agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Producers of petroleum and petroleum products

Based on your interested you can choose various Courses After 12th Humanities that help in reaching your desired goals. You might be wondering, how is Applied Mathematics applicable in these areas. Well, check out the below problems you may come across when you start working in any of the above-mentioned industries or organizations. Aspirants may have to 

  • Check how to design a robot hand that picks up an object and drops it in the allotted space
  • measure sentiment change as a result of social media shares, likes and comments?
  • design a detailed plan for a clinical trial?
  • check how an airline use smarter scheduling to reduce costs of aircraft parking and engine maintenance?
  • know how to allocate an investment among various financial instruments to meet a risk/reward trade-off?
  • calculate how might disease spread in populated areas in the event of a bioterrorism incident?


Q). Is Applied mathematics an elective subject?

A). Yes, starting from the academic year 2020-21, Applied Mathematics will be considered as an academic elective subject and not a skill elective subject. 

Q). Is Applied Mathematics a tough subject?

A). No, Applied Mathematics is not so tough subject. Students can take up the Class 11 Applied Mathematics Online Tuition to prepare well in the exam. 

What are the branches of applied mathematics?

Numerical analysis, mathematics of engineering, linear programming, optimization and operations research, continuous modelling, mathematical biology and bioinformatics, information theory, game theory, probability and statistics, financial mathematics, actuarial science, cryptography are some of the branches of Applied Mathematics.

What are the subjects included in Applied mathematics for CBSE Class 12?

The subjects included in Class 12 Applied Mathematics are:

  • Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications, 
  • Algebra, 
  • Mathematical Reasoning, 
  • Calculus, 
  • Probability
  • Descriptive Statistics, 
  • Basics of Financial Mathematics, and 
  • Coordinate Geometry.

What are the topics included in CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics?

The subjects included in CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics are:

  • Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications
  • Algebra
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Calculus
  • Probability
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Basics of Financial Mathematics
  • Coordinate Geometry