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How to Get a Scholarship in NIFT

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 14, 2023


The NIFT exam offers scholarships to the students for a better future as we as 

Through its business plan, the institution emphasizes the personal growth of its students. Each year, a sizable portion of the NIFT Development Fund is used productively in the direction of this essential domain of focus.

Students from low-income families can take advantage of the institute's Means-plus-Merit Financial Assistance program, which provides subsidized tuition rates across all campuses.

The NIFT scholarship provides the base for students with financially weak backgrounds but with high merit values that can value the institution in the future.

This Program aids the institute's pupils in reaching their full caliber and potential. Students can get one of three levels of financial support, determined by their parent's income.

This program has been beneficial to many students in the past. In addition, many of the most prominent organizations in the fashion industry have expressed interest in supporting the academic and creative endeavors of NIFT students.

Academic brilliance has been acknowledged and commended through the establishment of awards and scholarships by industry pioneers such as ITC and HomeShop18, amongst others. The pupils receive inspiration from this, beginning with their first year of schooling.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) provides students with two scholarships.

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The Sarthak NIFT Financial Assistance Scheme is one of the options. Pupils whose family income falls below a specific threshold are eligible for this grant awarded to those students.

For instance, if the parent's annual income is up to 1.5 lakhs, aid is offered to cover the entire cost of the student's tuition.

A financial aid package covering up to 75 percent of the total tuition cost will be available to students whose parents earn between 1.5 and 2.5 times the national poverty level.

The NIFT application form can be downloaded from its official website. Submit the form with all relevant information.

The mission of this organization is to offer monetary support to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, come from families with lower incomes, and deserve it.

The "SARTHAK" Financial Assistance Scheme will be available to all regular students of NIFT who meet the required eligibility requirements.

NIFT will determine this program's applicability. The advantages of this Program will not be available to NRIs or students sponsored by NRIs.

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

How to get Scholarship in NIFT

Criteria for eligibility to submit an application Students who meet the below requirements are eligible to apply for financial help through this Scheme. 

  • The students must belong to Undergraduate and postgraduate programs enrolled at NIFT. It excludes those falling under the category of NRI/NRI.
  • Students must have a family income that is within the range specified in the section to be able to apply. It does not matter where they ranked or how well they did on the admission exam; all qualified first-year students can apply. 
  • For continued financial support during the second, third, and fourth years of the undergraduate program and the second year of the postgraduate program, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 6.00. All necessary documentation must be submitted at the beginning of each semester before the end of the previous semester. 
  • This ensures they are eligible for assistance in the following academic year. Before the fees for the semester are collected from the students, the Campus will decide on the provision of financial help. 
  • The student must not have received a failing grade in any previous semesters during their time studying at NIFT, and they must have received passing grades in all of their previous disciplines. If a student needs to retake a semester for medical reasons, the appropriate authority may be petitioned for leniency regarding the provision. Assistance is also available to students on leave of absence or who have previously taken a leave of absence.
  • Only if the Screening Committee is satisfied that a postgraduate student cannot offer collateral to obtain a bank loan and that the postgraduate student's or their parent's income falls within the prescribed income slabs will be eligible for the program.
  • Suppose a student is found guilty of any disciplinary infraction, regardless of how serious the infraction may be. In that case, the student will be ineligible to receive a subsidy for the remainder of their time at NIFT.

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Students who have received any other financial assistance or reimbursement towards the cost of their education from any other source, such as the Central or State Government, a Public Sector Undertaking, Trusts, or private persons, are ineligible to apply for financial assistance under this Scheme. 

This includes students who have received assistance from Trusts. Suppose there are more students enrolled than the number set by the GovernorsBoard from time to time. In that case, the distribution of financial aid will be determined by prioritizing some students over others. If kids are prioritized, consideration will be given to those pupils whose parents earn the least money.

The second scholarship in NIFT is the Udaan NIFT Scholarship. This is for Foreign students under Means cum Merit. Under this program, a select number of students from each NIFT campus will be chosen each year to participate in the selection process.

Those students who are ultimately chosen will receive financial support to cover the costs of the approved course fees for the period, in addition to a travel and subsistence allowance.

This program aims to offer deserving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds financial help to take advantage of the opportunities for international study accessible through NIFT's partnerships with other educational institutions.

nift mock test

nift Mock test

To be considered for the "UDAAN" NIFT Scholarship Scheme for Overseas Studies, regular students of NIFT must come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and meet the requirements of the "SARTHAK" NIFT Financial Assistance Scheme.

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The advantages of this scholarship in NIFT will not be available to NRIs or students sponsored by NRIs. Across all of the NIFT campuses, only a select few students will be chosen each year for this program.

The students who are ultimately chosen will be given financial support to cover the authorized tuition costs for the duration of the program, in addition to an allowance for travel and living expenses.

Application Eligibility Requirements 

Only those who will satisfy the criteria given below are eligible to fill out the NIFT Application Form 2024.

  • Those enrolled in the standard undergraduate and postgraduate programs at NIFT, except students who have been admitted through the NRI or NRI funded category. Undergraduate students currently enrolled in semesters 4 through 7 and postgraduate students currently reading in semesters 2 and 3 are eligible.
  • The minimum academic performance required to be eligible for this plan will be according to the norms given by the I& DL for the individual universities. It will be considered if achieved in the last two semesters.
  • The student must not have received a failing grade in any previous semesters during their time studying at NIFT, and they must have received passing grades in all of their previous disciplines. Suppose a student has to retake a semester because of extenuating circumstances, such as a serious illness or an unexpected death in the family. In that case, the student may petition the appropriate authority for a waiver of the requirement.
  • Students involved in any disciplinary infraction, whether significant or minor, will be ineligible for UDAAN.
  • Along with the application forms, the student must provide a two thousand rupee processing fee (Rs. 2000/-). If the student is awarded the UDAAN Scholarship, they will be responsible for paying the tuition fee at NIFT out of their pocket.
  • Students who have submitted an application for the exchange but then withdraw their names after being selected will be subject to a penalty. This will ensure that no exchange opportunity is lost. Along with the application form, prospective students are required to enclose a security deposit of Rs15,000, which must be paid in the form of a post-dated check (PDC) payable to NIFT. 
  • The PDC must have a date exactly one month after the final date that application forms might be submitted. Before the student travels for their exchange semester, the money will be placed in the I & DL account of the NIFT campus responsible for the student's Campus. The money will be refunded to the student.

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