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GK Study Plan for CLAT 2024

Author : Aparna

Updated On : February 4, 2023


The current Affairs and GK syllabus for CLAT is relatively vast. You might find it hard to cover or must have felt overwhelmed with the excessive number of topics. However, it is not the case. You don't have to read each and everything you come across. 

There are around 150 topics to be covered in the GK syllabus for CLAT and Current Affairs, and you only have to focus on them. Also, you need just to copy down the notes on the events occurring in the news.

You have to focus on the topics. Some might believe that covering 12 months of CA will be enough preparation. The truth is that you have to prioritize topics over timelines. 

In this article, we will share a month-wise strategy with you. With this, you will be able to prepare best for GK for CLAT Examination. So, without further delay, let's dive into the details. 

GK Study Plan for CLAT 2024

August: Onset of Preparation

We will discuss the basics and the vital things you need to do to strengthen your foundation of GK and CA. It will be your CLAT Study Plan for GK and CA. 

Understand the paper

You are suggested to start the analysis of previous years' papers' for the GK and Current Affairs section.

Also, you must divide and study it into segments. This means you have to make notes about the timeline, sources, questions' depths, and topics covered in CLAT Question Papers.

It will eliminate your doubts about the questions' sources and types. 

Begin with topic classification

You need to analyze what topics are covered in the GK and Current Affairs sections. It means that you have to note which topics are repetitively covered.

These will be your area of focus. The most important enlisted categories are:

  • International news
  • Economics
  • Science (Defence and Technology)
  • Aerospace
  • Politics
  • Legal
  • Environmental (Global Summits)
  • Government Schemes (National and International)

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

Create fact notes

With fact notes, we refer to unchangeable facts and figures. These facts and figures are recorded and presented as reports and rankings.

Like hunger index, literacy index, per capita income rankings, etc. On the other hand, Important dates like International AIDS DAY, Earth Day, World legal Service day, etc.

You should create these notes and stick them on the cardboard wall as a memo. It will help you with quick revision and memorization of the facts.

Check your growth with mock tests

For Current Affairs and GK, you need not wait until the last moment before you take the mock test.

You should start attempting mock tests when you begin your preparation. It will help you in evaluating your preparation.

It will also help you analyze how good you are at dealing with the topics you have been preparing and their probability of securing a good score. 

List down Organizations and their Headquarters 

In the General knowledge section, organizations and their headquarters are often covered. These are involved in testing your memory and your awareness of International organizations.

That's why you are advised to involve this section in your GK preparation for CLAT. For instance, you will be asked to give the location of the Headquarters of the UN WOMEN or UNICEF, etc. 

September: The Second and Critical Stage

You must push your practice more intensely in September than last month. You have to gear up for the big day. Here's how you have to plan your preparation for this month. 

Do pending mocks 

Start by doing pending mocks, or you can say the mock tests in which you previously failed or scored less. Practising pending mocks will allow you to go through the topics again. It will also make you revise the important notes, improving your score. 

Revise notes from the previous month

Revision is important to keep the information fresh in your mind. You are advised to revise the previous month's topic at least 3 times. You must schedule this revision for the 2nd, 7th, and 28th days of each month; this way, you can learn new topics and revise the previous topics simultaneously. 

Cover more topics

We have already listed that there are around 150 topics that are included in the CLAT 2024 GK and Current Affairs sections. It is given that covering all 150 topics is not possible in one month.

Hence in September, you need to cover the rest of the topics which you have left to study in August. 

Perfection in cracking the last month's topics 

Never doubt while attempting mock August month's current affairs. You must be precise in your answer and confident about taking on questions without trepidation or losing marks.

You need to rework and reiterate and attempt mock tests until you accomplish that quintessence where there's no chance for doubts. 

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Mock Tests

October: The month of celebration

It is said that if you cannot celebrate this month, you will have difficulty in your examination. It means to say that you must have built confidence about solving GK and Current Affairs by October, or else you will fall hard on your face. In this section, we will discuss the GK study timetable for CLAT in October. 

Revise topics from the last 2 months

Got the notes from the last two months? Then what are you waiting for? Revise all the topics from CLAT Syllabus you have covered in the last two months.

You can also attempt the mock test based on those topics to strengthen those topics. It will help you analyze your growth and grill on those topics. 

Work on weak areas

This rigorous study timetable for CLAT 2024 should be enough to make your preparation concrete. However, if you face a few issues with some topics, you are advised to work on them exclusively.

You must spend additional time learning and revising those sections to confidently attempt those questions in the exam. 

Score well on factual questions

Facts and figures are something which is universal and is not going to change in any situation. Also, they hold exclusive importance, particularly the legal. So you must remember them so that even if you are asked in your sleep, you can answer them immediately (Just kidding).

Analytical Questions 

Never miss practising Analytical Questions. These are mostly passage-based questions based on current trends or general knowledge. In these questions, you have to analyze and grasp the information in a sheer quick response. Otherwise, you are likely to miss even the easiest questions. For this to enhance your speed, and critical practice reasoning, you are good to go. 

November: Firm up your preparation for the big day

This is the 4th month in this row that you have been preparing for CLAT 2024. This month you have increased the frequency of the activities you have been doing for the last 3 months. Let's see what they are, and you can make your GK and CA preparation unbeatable. 

Increase mock frequency

Practice CLAT Mock Tests frequently. You need to try out the knowledge and information you have gained over all these 3 months. Also, consistently practising mocks will make you familiar with the exam pattern. It will help you ease your stress regarding questions types and applications you need to apply to solve your questions. 

Rigorous revision for 120 topics

Go through every topic you have been reading for the last 3 months. Every topic, Every note, every memo you have made. Revise them all one by one. Ensure that you can actively recall all those facts, figures, news, and information you have read. Only then will it be considered prepared. 

3-day revision for each month's topics 

Make an alternative routine to revise contents from each month; this way, you will remain consistent in your revisions. Also, you will not get exhausted from reading the same thing over and over again. This three-day trick will help you revise all 120 topics simultaneously without weighing you down. 

December: The End game 

This is the last month you will face your biggest challenge. The CLAT 2024 for which you have been gearing up all this while. There are a few activities which you have to complete this month too, so that you can finally face your paper without having a speck of doubt about your preparation.

Time management

You will lose this game if you don't know How to Manage your Time in CLAT. We have already mentioned that although the difficulty level is moderate, CLAT is famous for its notoriously lengthy passages.

So, if you are not equipped with time management skills, then you will lose on scoring well. 

Final revision

There's one last time for everything. Here too, is a similar case. You must prepare one last time before putting yourself on a test in the CLAT Examination hall.

This revision will help you recall everything you have previously read. Also, it will make you actively recall all the collected information. In this manner, you can mark your answers without dilemma or doubts. 

Spare more time for GK 

The last moments call for a little more attention than before. Given that other sections have limited syllabi while GK and CA are ever-happening subjects.

So you must remain updated about any new trends in the above topic you have covered. You need to spend a little more time Practicing GK and CA Questions for CLAT

Anxiety Control 

Feeling nervous and anxious is a part of the exam experience. Even after rigorous study and revision, you feel your pulse racing and your heart beating furiously. It doesn't imply that your preparation is weak; it's just a phase that will pass.

However, you have to keep yourself cool so that you don't make any mistakes out of anxiety. For this, you can practice meditation, counselling, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to Study GK and Current Affairs by making a plan. You need to cover the major topics first. Then you have to revise them and practice mocks regularly. 
There are nearly 20-30 major topics that the candidates are expected to cover for CLAT. 
Yes, Some of the questions are passage-based questions that cannot be solved without precision and accuracy. For that, you need to possess analytical skills. 
You can constantly revise, review, and practice mock tests to improve your weaker sections.
You must spend at least 5-6 months on GK and Current Affairs because these sections have relatively vast syllabi which are not possible to cover within 1-2 months. Hence you require more time to lay a strong foundation for your General knowledge and CA. 


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