General Knowledge For BBA Entrance 2024: List of Important Questions

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Summary: If you're preparing for BBA entrance exams, don't underestimate the importance of general knowledge. It's about memorising facts and staying updated with current affairs and business news. Let's check the General Knowledge For BBA Entrance 2024! 

General knowledge plays a crucial role in BBA entrance exams as it tests candidates' awareness and understanding of the world. It is often included as a separate section or part of the overall aptitude test in BBA entrance exams.

A strong general knowledge base can give candidates an edge in the competitive BBA admission process.

It reflects their ability to stay updated with current affairs, demonstrates their analytical and logical reasoning skills, and assesses their communication and problem-solving abilities.

Sound knowledge of general knowledge can help candidates excel and stand out in BBA entrance exams, increasing their chances of securing admission to their desired BBA program.

Let's explore General Knowledge For BBA Entrance 2024. 

General Knowledge For BBA Entrance 2024 For BBA

Which of the following personalities gave ‘The Laws of Heredity?

(A) Robert Hook 

(B) G.J. Mendel

(C) Charles Darwin

(D) William Harvey

Answer: G.J. Mendel

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Name the person who was also known as Deshbandhu.

(A) S. Radhakrishnan

(B) G.K. Gokhale

(C) Chittaranjan Das

(D) Madan Mohan Malviya

Answer: Chittaranjan Das

Which of the following is NOT the language enshrined in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution, as the language of the state?

(A) Nepali

(B) Kashmiri

(C) English

(D) Konkani

Answer: English

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The capital of Uttarakhand is…. 

(A) Mussoorie

(B) Dehra Dun

(C) Nainital

(D) None of these

Answer: Dehra Dun

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Geet Govind is a famous creation of ……

(A) Bana Bhatt

(B) Kalidas

(C) Jayadev

(D) Bharat Muni

 Answer: Jayadev

Which of the following represents the Finance Commissions that have been set-up so far?

(A) 10

(B) 11

(C 12

(D) 13

Answer: 13

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World Trade Organization came into existence in……

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1995

Answer: 1994

According to the Constitution of India, which of the following is NOT one of the main organs of the Government?

(A) Legislature

(B) Bureaucracy

(C) Executive

(D) Judiciary

Answer: Bureaucracy

In which year did the Cabinet Mission arrive in India?

(A) 1942

(B) 1943

(C) 1945

(D) 1946

Answer: 1946

Panchayati Raj comes under….

(A) Residual list

(B) Concurrent list

(C) State list

(D) Union list

Answer: State List

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

General Awareness Questions For BBA Entrance Exam - Union Territories

  • In which year, Union Territories were introduced in India?
  • The Amindivi islands consist of five islands of which of the Union Territory?
  • Which of the following states of India were Union Territories before becoming states?
  • Which Union Territory of India is known for its French influence and is often referred to as the "French Riviera of the East"?
  • Which Union Territory of India is the smallest in terms of both area and population?
  • What is the official language of Puducherry Union Territory?
  • Which Union Territory of India is the only one to have a legislature with a Lieutenant Governor?
  • Which Union Territory of India has the highest literacy rate among all the Union Territories?
  • Which Union Territory of India is known for its pristine beaches and is a popular tourist destination?
  • Which Union Territory of India is known as the "Island City"?

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GK Questions For the BBA Entrance Exam - Dams in India

  • What is the tallest dam in India, located in Gujarat?
  • Which river does the Bhakra Dam, one of the largest dams in India, span across?
  • Which dam in India is known for its unique shape resembling a "horseshoe" and is located in Himachal Pradesh?
  • Which dam in India is also known as the "Lifeline of Kerala" and is built across the Periyar River?
  • Which is the highest concrete dam in India, located in Jammu and Kashmir?
  • Which dam in India is known as the "Temple of Resurgent India" and is built across the Krishna River?
  • Which dam in India is the first concrete dam constructed on Krishna and located in Andhra Pradesh?
  • Which dam in India is a gravity dam built across the Mahanadi River in Odisha?
  • Which dam in India is built across the Tungabhadra River and serves as a joint project between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka?
  • Which dam in India is the oldest in the country and is built across the Kaveri River in Karnataka?

How To Prepare For General Knowledge in BBA Entrance Exam?

As a BBA entrance exam candidate, preparing for the general knowledge section is essential to boost your chances of success. Here are some tips and strategies to help you effectively prepare:

  • Stay updated with current affairs: Keeping yourself updated with the latest news and events is crucial for the general knowledge section. Regularly read newspapers, visit reliable news websites, and subscribe to magazines that cover a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, sports, and culture. This will help you stay informed and updated with current affairs, often forming a significant portion of general knowledge questions.
  • Utilise additional resources: Apart from news sources, explore other resources to improve your general knowledge skills. Look for recommended books that cover various topics such as history, geography, and science. Online tutorials and educational websites can also provide valuable information and insights. Additionally, practice tests designed for BBA entrance exams can help you familiarise yourself with the question format and assess your preparation level.
  • Regular practice and revision: Consistent practice and revision are key to enhancing general knowledge proficiency. Set aside dedicated study time for general knowledge and make a study schedule. Regularly review and revise the topics you have covered to reinforce your learning. Create flashcards or summary notes to revise important facts and figures quickly. Mock tests and quizzes can also help you assess your progress and identify improvement areas.
  • Be proactive and curious: Cultivate a proactive and curious attitude towards learning. Engage in discussions, debates, and group activities to expand your knowledge and gain different perspectives. Follow social media accounts or websites that share interesting facts and trivia. Stay curious and explore various topics beyond your comfort zone to broaden your general knowledge horizon.

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As a BBA aspirant, it is crucial to recognize the significance of general knowledge in the entrance exams. By staying updated with current affairs, practising with reliable sources, and regularly revising and practising, you can enhance your general knowledge proficiency and gain an edge in the competitive admission process. So, prioritise your general knowledge preparation and excel in your BBA entrance exams to achieve your dreams and pave the way for a successful career in business and management. You've got this!

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