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CBSE Sociology Project Class 12: Detailed Overview

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 14, 2023


Summary: Sociology in CBSE Class 12 is a hands-on project that combines theory and practical knowledge. Students follow a 20-mark journey that starts with topic selection, proceeds with in-depth analysis, and ends with a viva session. Dive in to master the art of sociological exploration! 

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given importance to learning by the holistic approach. Recognising this, CBSE added a section on practical project work to the Class 12 sociology syllabus. This article aims to give students practical application of what they learn in theory, allowing them to connect and apply ideas to actual circumstances. 

Breakdown of Marks 

According to CBSE regulations, the Class 12 Sociology paper (code 039) would have 80 marks for theoretical and 20 marks for practical project work. Both sections are subjected to external evaluation. The 20 marks for the practical project are broken down in the following manner: 



No. Of Periods 

Project undertaken during the academic year at school level 

1. Introduction - 2 Marks  

2. Statement of Purpose - Marks  

3. Research Question - 2 Marks  

4. Methodology - 3 Marks  

5. Data Analysis - 4 Marks  

6. Conclusion - 2 Marks 



Viva - based on the project work  




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The apportionment of 20 marks prescribed for the Practical Project Work, which will be evaluated by the external examiner, is as follows : 



A. Project (undertaken during the academic year at the school level)    

i) Statement of the purpose - 2 mark 

ii) Methodology/Technique - 2 marks 

iii) Conclusion - 3 marks 


D. Viva based on the project work 


E. Research design 

i) Overall - 1 mark 
ii) Research Question - 1 mark 
iii) Choice of technique - 2 marks 
iv) Detailed procedure for implementation of technique - 2 marks 
v) Limitations of the above technique - 2 marks 




NOTE: B & C will be administered on the day of the external examination. 

Guidelines for Sociology Project Work 

Students are expected to conduct one project throughout the academic session. The flow of the project can be visualized as follows: 

1. Steps involved in the conduct of the project: Students may work on the following lines as a suggested flow chart: 

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2. Expected Checklist for the Project Work: 

  • Introduction of topic/title 
  • Identifying the causes, events, consequences and/or remedies 
  • Various stakeholders and effect on each of them 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of situations or issues identified 
  • Short-term and long-term implications of strategies suggested during research 
  • Validity, reliability, appropriateness, and relevance of data used for research work and for presentation in the project file 
  • Presentation and writing that is succinct and coherent in project file 
  • Citation of the materials referred to, in the file in footnotes, resources section, bibliography, etc.  

3. Assessment of Project Work: 

  • Project Work has the following phases broadly: Synopsis/Initiation, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Interpretation, and Conclusion. 
  • The aspects of the project work to be covered by students can be assessed during the academic year. 
  • 20 marks assigned for Project Work can be divided in the following manner. 

The teacher will assess the progress of the project work in the following manner: 


Periodic Work 

Assessment Rubrics 


April - July 

Instructions about Project Guidelines, Background reading Discussions on Theme, and Selection of the Final Topic, Initiation/Synopsis 

Introduction, Statement of Purpose/Need and objectives of the study, Hypothesis/Research Question, Review of Literature, Presentation of Evidence, Methodology, Questionnaire, Data Collection. 

August - October 

Planning and organization: forming an action plan, feasibility, or baseline study, Updating/modifying the action plan, Data Collection 

Significance and relevance of the topic; challenges encountered while conducting the research. 

November - January 

Content/data analysis and interpretation. Conclusion, Limitations, Suggestions, Bibliography, Annexures and overall presentation of the project. 

Content analysis and its relevance in the current scenario. Conclusion, Limitations, Bibliography, Annexures and Overall Presentation. 


Final Assessment and VIVA by both Internal and External Examiners 

External/ Internal Viva based on the project 



4. Viva-Voce 

  • At the end, each student will present the research work in the project file to the external and internal examiner. 
  • The questions should be asked from the research work/project file of the student. 
  • The internal examiner should ensure that the study submitted by the learner is his/her own original work.  
  • In case of any doubt, authenticity should be checked and verified.  

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The integration of project in CBSE Class 12 Sociology is intended to improve the student's comprehension and use of sociological subjects. Students can ace this section and obtain a deeper understanding of sociology by using the appropriate strategy, rules, and constant effort. 

Students can also find valuable insights and study tips b y understanding the strategies employed by CBSE toppers.

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