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CBSE Sociology Class 12: Everything About CBSE Sociology Exam

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 12, 2023


Summary: Explore CBSE Class 12 Sociology: a thorough guide on the syllabus, examination patterns, recommended NCERT books, and successful study strategies to ace board examinations while learning about societal dynamics and structures. 

The board exams for CBSE Class 12 are extremely important for students' future academic and professional aspirations. Sociology CBSE class 12 has become increasingly well-liked among students as an elective subject.

The article digs deeply into the subject of CBSE Class 12 Sociology, exposing its exam structure, syllabus, recommended book list, and effective preparation strategies. 

Students studying sociology in CBSE Class 12 are provided with an objective through which to examine societal systems and human relationships. This course, which is important in the current global environment, explores Indian society's dynamics and more general paradigms of social development.

Along with providing academic knowledge, it fosters critical thinking and gets students ready for both board exams and future involvement in social sciences. The curriculum and exam pattern guarantee that students thoroughly understand the subject.

CBSE Sociology Class 12 Exam pattern 

The exam is theoretical, spanning 3 hours and comprising a total of 80 marks, divided across several units. 

Exam Pattern 


Type of Paper 


Maximum Marks 



3 hours 

Question Types 

  • Very Short Answer (VSA): 1 or 2 sentences, 1 mark each 
  • Short Answer (SA-I): Paragraph, 4 marks each 
  • Short Answer (SA-II): Detailed, 6 marks each 
  • Long Answer (LA): Comprehensive, 8 marks each 

Internal Assessment (20 marks) 

Project Work: 7 marks 

Assignment: 5 marks 

Viva based on the project work: 8 marks 

NOTE: Exam patterns and marking schemes may change; refer to the latest CBSE guidelines or the official website for updates. 

CBSE Sociology Class 12 Syllabus 

The syllabus of CBSE Sociology Class 12 is divided into two main sections: Indian Society and Social Change and Development in India. In total, the syllabus spans 132 periods, concludes in an 80 mark examination. 



No. of Periods 


Indian Society 

1. Introducing Indian Society 

0 (Non-evaluative) 

2. The Demographic Structure of Indian Society 



3. Social Institutions: Continuity and Change 



5. Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion 



6. The Challenges of Cultural Diversity 



7. Suggestions for Project Work 

10 (Non-evaluative) 




Social Change and Development in India 

8. Structural Change 

9. Cultural Change 


11. Change and Development in Rural Society 



12. Change and Development in Industrial Society 



15. Social Movements 






Grand Total 



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Recommended Books for CBSE Sociology Class 12 

The series of NCERT books is the main source for CBSE Class 12 Sociology. These textbooks, which are developed under the guidance of the Central Board, give students a thorough comprehension of the subject. The NCERT books that are suggested include: 

CBSE Class 12 Sociology Books 



Introducing Sociology 

Class XI 


Understanding Society 

Class XI 


Indian Society 

Class XII 


Social Change and Development in India 

Class XII 


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CBSE Sociology Class 12 Preparation Strategy  

  • Familiarize with Structure: Thoroughly understand the syllabus, weightage of units, and the detailed exam pattern to strategize your study plan. 
  • Structured Planning: Design a well-thought-out timetable, breaking down each unit, and setting realistic long-term and short-term learning goals. 
  • Primary Study Material: Primarily rely on the official NCERT Sociology textbooks; they provide a foundational understanding of concepts. 
  • Comprehensive Notes: Create organized and detailed notes, using diagrams, flowcharts, and color coding for better visualization and retention. 
  • Systematic Revision: Allocate specific time for revisiting and reinforcing topics, ensuring intensive revision sessions as exams approach. 
  • Consistent Practice: Regularly tackle sample papers and delve into previous years' question papers to understand the pattern and improve answer-writing. 
  • Engage in Group Study: Organize or join group study sessions for diversified viewpoints, clarifying doubts, and reinforcing concepts. 
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on contemporary sociological events and global trends to enrich your answers with relevant examples. 
  • Highlight Key Areas: Concentrate on significant concepts, theories, and sociologists that recur in exams, ensuring a deep understanding. 
  • Prioritize Well-being: Strike a balance between studying and relaxation; incorporate breaks, engage in rejuvenating activities, and ensure regular sleep. 
  • Seek Guidance When Stuck: Whenever faced with challenging topics or concepts, don't hesitate to approach teachers, peers, or online platforms. 
  • Mock Test Simulations: Schedule and attempt mock tests under exam-like conditions to fine-tune time management and reduce exam-day anxiety. 

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The study of sociology provides deep insights into the human society in which we live. Understanding the sociological fabric and its complexities is a key component of CBSE Class 12 Sociology, which goes beyond rote learning.

One may understand the subject and achieve excellent results on the board exams with a clear strategy, thorough study, and the correct tools. 

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