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Check out all CBSE class 12 english writing skills formats here.

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 6, 2023


Summary: Learn how to write an essay, a letter, a report, an article, a book, and an email in CBSE Class 12 English Exam. Explore samples, activities, and marking schemes to improve your writing skills. 

Writing is a necessary skill that allows people to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas. It is an important part of learning in both the academic and professional worlds. The Class 12 English curriculum provides students with an excellent foundation for developing their writing skills and improving their ability to express themselves clearly and effectively. 

The English paper of the Board exam is divided into three sections: reading, writing, and literature. The "Advanced Writing Skills" component of the exam accounts for 30 percent of the total marks. Writing articles and letters is an important part of this section. 

This article will go through the format, examples, and exercises that can be used to assist students develop their writing skills in Class 12. 

Format for CBSE Writing Skills Class 12 

The format for writing skills in Class 12 varies based on the type of writing task. Some common formats include: 

  • Essay Writing: Essays are organised pieces of writing which provide arguments, analysis, and evaluation of a specific topic. An introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion are standard essay writing formats. 
  • Letter Writing: Letter writing involves sending a message to a specific individual or group of individuals. A salutation, body paragraphs, and a conclusion are all part of the letter writing format. 
  • Report Writing: Report is a formal presentation of data, analysis, and recommendations. Report writing formats normally comprise an introduction, main body, findings, and recommendations. 
  • Article Writing: Articles comprise pieces of writing that clarify, entertain, or persuade readers about a certain topic. Article writing normally consists of an introduction, a major body, and a conclusion. 
  • Diary Writing: Dairy writing involves personal daily journaling, often in first person, to record thoughts, experiences, and emotions. 
  • Notice Writing: Notices are brief, informative messages to communicate events or announcements, with a clear format. 
  • Email Writing: Emails aim for digital communication using a subject line, message body, and salutation, suitable for various contexts. 

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CBSE Class 12 English Writing Skills Formats 

Below are the formats for CBSE class 12 English writing skills: 

1. Essay Writing Format: 

Topic: The Impact of Social Media on Society 

Introduction: In today's digital age, social media has emerged as a powerful force that has transformed how we communicate, share information, and interact with the world. This essay explores the multifaceted impact of social media on society. 


  • Paragraph 1: Social Media and Communication 
  • Discuss how social media has revolutionized communication, enabling real-time connections across the globe. 
  • Paragraph 2: Social Media and Relationships 
  • Explain how it has influenced relationships, both positively and negatively. 
  • Paragraph 3: Social Media and Mental Health 
  • Discuss the effects of excessive social media use on mental health. 
  • Paragraph 4: Social Media and Information Sharing 
  • Explore its role in the dissemination of information and news. 

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Conclusion: In conclusion, social media has undeniably reshaped our world. Its impact on communication, relationships, mental health, and information sharing underscores its significance in contemporary society. 

2. Formal Letter Writing Format: 

[Your Address] [Date] 

[Recipient's Address] [Salutation, e.g., Dear Sir/Madam] 


[Complimentary Close, e.g., Yours faithfully/sincerely] [Your Signature] [Your Typed Name] 

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3. Informal Letter Writing Format: 

[Your Address] [Date] 

[Salutation, e.g., Dear [Friend's Name]] 


[Closing, e.g., Love, Best wishes] [Your Signature] [Your Typed Name] 

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4. Notice Writing Format: 

NOTICE [Date] 

This is to inform all students that the school's annual sports day will be held on [Date] at [Venue]. The event will begin at [Time] and conclude by [Time]. All students are encouraged to participate actively and make the day a memorable one. 


5. Article Writing Format: 

Title: "The Importance of Recycling in a Sustainable World" 

Introduction: Recycling plays a pivotal role in preserving our environment and conserving resources. In today's world, where environmental concerns are paramount, the significance of recycling cannot be overstated. 


  • Recycling and Resource Conservation: Discuss how recycling helps reduce the need for raw materials and conserves natural resources. 
  • Reduction of Pollution: Explain how recycling reduces pollution and landfill waste. 
  • Economic Benefits: Highlight the economic benefits of recycling in terms of job creation and cost savings. 
  • Individual Responsibility: Stress the importance of individual and collective responsibility in recycling efforts. 

Conclusion: In conclusion, recycling is not merely a personal choice but a global responsibility. Embracing recycling practices contributes to a sustainable and greener future for our planet. 

6. Diary Writing Format: 


Dear Diary, 

Today was an eventful day filled with ups and downs. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a sense of optimism about the day ahead. 

[Content - You can write about your thoughts, experiences, emotions, and events of the day.] 

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7. Email Writing Format: 

Subject Line: Meeting Agenda for Tomorrow 

Dear [Recipient's Name], 

[Body - Write your message here.] 

Regards, [Your Name] [Your Contact Information] 

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CBSE Class 12 English Marking Scheme 2024 

The CBSE 12th English 2024 includes reading skills, creative skills, and Literature. Check the marking scheme below: 


Total Marks 

Reading Skills 


Creative Writing Skills 


Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Texts 






Grand Total 


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Exercises for Writing Skills Class 12 

Students in Class 12 can practise the following activites to improve their writing skills: 

  • Begin a Writing Journal: Students can begin a writing notebook in which to document their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This will help in the development of their writing skills as well as their ability to express themselves. 
  • Read Widely: Reading widely is a great method to improve your writing skills. Students can improve their vocabulary, grammar, and writing style by reading books, newspapers, magazines, and online articles. 
  • Practice Writing Prompts: Students can practise writing prompts to improve their writing skills. Topics or questions which encourage students to write on a specific subject are known as writing prompts. 
  • Edit and Revise: Editing and revising are important parts of the writing process. Students can improve their grammar, spelling, and punctuation by editing and reworking their writing. 
  • Seek Feedback: Students can enhance their writing skills by seeking feedback from teachers, peers, or family members. Feedback can help students enhance their writing style and provide insights into areas that need development. 

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Writing skills are essential for academic and professional success. Students can build their writing capacity and enhance their ability to express themselves effectively by following the CBSE class 12 english writing skills formats, examples, subjects, and activities provided in this article. 

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