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Time Management Tips for AILET Exam 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : June 7, 2023


Reader's Digest: The bad news is that time flies too soon, but the good news is that you are the pilot. But most AILET aspirants don't know how to manage time effectively, so we are here to help you, my friends! Be the first one to know the five golden time management tips for AILET. Know how to be careful while investing your time. Read the blog post to learn detailed insights into this examination's time management tips and tricks, and inculcate these practices in your daily routine.

How to Manage Time Effectively in AILET Exam 2023?

The AILET Entrance Exam 2023 creates pathways for candidates seeking admission to the National Law University Delhi. It is a National Level Exam, and although it is not as tough as the other All India Level Examinations.

The difficulty level of the question is pretty much demanding and requires unfathomable efforts and dedication while you prepare for the examination. Once you clear this exam, you can enrol at UG (LLB) or PG (LLM), whatever you have applied for.

It also encapsulates the intention of promoting research-based studies on the domain of law and encouraging more students to choose law as their mainstream career.

AILET will cover the most common sections appearing in all other law examinations, such as English, Reasoning (Analytical and Logical), Current Affairs and GS, and Legal Reasoning questions.

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Knock it with Subject-wise Preparation

AILET is one such prestigious and high-end entrance examination organized by the NLUD (National Law University Delhi) to provide Admission to the Qualifying Candidates in a 5-year Integrated LLB Degree at the UG level and 2-year PG Law Programme (LLM).

If you are the one who is preparing for the UG (BALLB) program, then you have to face only three sections of the question which will carry 50 marks each making it a total Weightage of 150 marks.

Candidates will be allowed 1 hour and 30 mins when they are expected to attempt all the questions. However, you must be careful while trying the question because the AILET marking scheme makes each wrong answer very dear to you. 

Per the AILET Exam Pattern 2023, candidates will achieve +1 for correctly marked answers. At the same time, the wrong one will charge a negative marking of .25, and the rest unattempted questions will not be counted in either of the sections so it will give you a 0.

Let's begin with the sectional dissection of the paper and the strategies involved in preparing for the same. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Be Ready with Current Affairs

Here are some of the most important points to manage time for the current affair section of the NLU entrance exam 2023.

  • Never invest more than 1 min on each question; you can even curtail it to 30 sec because it is a memory-based question.
  • The newspaper will be your 'Brahamastra' while preparing for the Current Affairs.
  • Watch News from Independent Sources to collect factual information about news of National and international importance.
  • Focus more on the Current Affairs than the pre-recorded GK information, as the pattern includes more questions from day-to-day happenings
  • Refer to the Weekly, Fortnightly, or monthly magazines from Educational Publication houses 

The topics which you must focus on are mentioned in the table below:

Social Science and Cultural Questions  Arts and Entertainment World
Books and Journals  Sports 
Recent Political Events  Awards 
Sports  Legal Amendments etc.

AILET Mock Tests

AILET Mock Tests

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Get a Firm Grip on English

Refer to the mentioned pointers to prepare the English section of the AILET in a time-bound manner. 

  • You are expected to invest the precious 60 sec on 1 question in this section because it calls for the "read between the lines" approach.
  • The section will have questions to test your comprehension skills and language knowledge.
  • Be prepared with "synonyms, antonyms, and how to use a word" techniques.
  • Nothing could add more value than reading every day and building your vocabulary bit by bit. 
  • Wren and Martin could be the best book to refresh your grammar and enhance your AILET English Preparation.
  • Learn all the rules for each part of speech because you never know what you will be asked.
  • Practice Unseen passages regularly. It will develop speed, accuracy, and analysis Power.

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Master Stroke of Logical Reasoning

Go through the points below to learn the time management tips for the reasoning section

  • There will be a total of 70 questions having a total of 70 marks, where each question is of objective type. Hence, you need to implement your Intellectual skills to solve these questions.
  • This section will carry a mix of Verbal and non Verbal questions primarily designed to test the Analytical and Logical skills of the brain.
  • To ace this section, you must practice from the books along with the Previous Year's AILET Question Papers and attempt mock tests.
  • This section will include question patterns, directions, probabilities, and other questions which puts intelligence and quick wit to the test. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Crack the Shell in 60 days

Preparing for the AILET Exam within two months is quite a big challenge; however, it can be achieved if you make the right plan. You must maximize practising the mock tests and the sample papers carrying questions from the previous year.

You can set off to achieve your target by first checking on the syllabus and analyzing the question pattern of AILET. 

Next, you have to follow the topics by dividing them into broad sections and then work on clearing the concepts of each topic separately by creating a schedule and dividing your time so that each section receives enough time to practice and prepare.

Here we can help you with an outline for a 60 days preparation plan.

  • Please go through the detailed AILET Syllabus, select a topic to begin with, and learn its basics.
  • Set off by attempting the easy difficulty questions and then move to the medium and hard level questions.
  • Don't Skip attempting the Sample paper, mock test, and previous year's questions for each topic to gain clarity and practice simultaneously.
  • Keep a keen eye for the tips and tricks of solving each topic, as it will help a great deal in exams.
  • Try solving 1-2 topics/passages daily from the English Language and Literature section.
  • Refer to the Newspaper and credible sources daily to collect important news as much as possible
  • Memos and notes will add perks to the short-term preparation as they will help with a quick revision.

AILET Online Coaching

AILET Online Coaching

Time Management Tips for AILET Exam 2023 - Be a Master in 30 days

If you didn't get enough time and still wish to attempt AILET Exam with just one month of preparation, then we have something for you too. 

  • Cover all the Monthly editorials issued by the Educational Publication houses for current affairs.
  • Take AILET mock tests, perform as well as you can, and constantly practice to improve your score gradually.
  • Being consistent because of your slacking can cost a lot to your performance and reduce your chances of scoring in the AILET exam.
  •  Never get subjected to anxiety and panic attacks; instead, focus on calming your mind and practice consistently.
  • Look into your weak points and improve them by reviewing previous years' questions. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Create Equilibrium Between Boards & AILET 

AILET is scheduled to be held right 30 days after the commencement of the 12th board. That's Why many aspirants prepare for this examination along with their 12th boards.

However, if one fails to create a perfect balance between them, they might ruin their 12th and AILET. That's why here are our Useful tips about how you can balance the preparation for the board and the entrance exam.

  • To understand the exam fundamentals of AILET, navigate through the syllabus carefully.
  • Create a parallel plan for the board so you can have two years to create equilibrium between 12th and AILET.
  • Divide your day between School and Self Study for the AILET.
  • Practising mock papers will be a cherry on the top, so do it religiously.
  • You can also opt for the coaching centre to receive expert guidance and study materials and regularly enhance your practice.

Students are suggested to create the timetable and divide their priorities depending on their potential, which they can execute. So focus on your boards more. 

Time Management Tips for AILET Exam Preparation 2023 - Top 5 Generalized Tips to Remember

There are other generalized tips for the aspirants who are planning on being a part of AILET, irrespective of how early or late they have begun their preparation.

That's why we have created this pocketbook of Instructions that anyone can adopt, implement, and pass the examination with flying colours. At Least, we hope so.

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Stick to Schedule

A proper Schedule with careful planning and distribution of time between each section is important because if you don't manage your time between the topics and create harmony between them, then your preparation is likely to become a chaotic task that you will not prefer, of course. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Practice Regularly

Read, Write, Revise and Repeat. This must be your mantra while preparing for the AILET.

You must be very punctual with the preparation and invest your time of the day (at least 5-6 hours) in practising the AILET Mock Tests, attempting tests and questions, and skimming and scanning through the news daily. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Practice Last Year's Questions

Previous year's questions of AILET are the best tools to analyze the types of questions you will be presented within the examination and the difficulty levels.

These questions will familiarize you with the question's structure so that the final exam paper doesn't seem alien to you. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Credible Sources and Materials

Always try to source your materials that are tried and tested because you are to gain knowledge, not collect a bunch of information.

That's why you must also note from your seniors or from multiple coaching centres to avoid the void of information created because of the unavailability of resources. 

AILET Time Management Tips 2023 - Consult a Coach

You can also approach the Best Coaching Center for AILET, which offers LLB/LLM Entrance examination preparation classes.

This will provide you with additional perks like Group Discussions, Live Sessions with mentors, and doubt-clearing sessions to improve your rankings and score in the AILET Exam.

Summing Up - Time is precious, and everyone must know its judicious use. Devise the best time management tips while preparing for AILET, and save your time. Good luck with your preparation. Happy Reading!

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to approach Logical reasoning is to refer to the Arihant Quantitative and Qualitative Reasoning books. In addition to that, you must attempt the logical reasoning section in the mock tests as well as previous years' Questions. 
Mock Tests are suggested to attempt after you complete your preparations because they will help you develop a complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses and then you can work accordingly. 
You must have at least 1 month in hand to complete your revision because the syllabus is vast and 30 days is the bare minimum for Revision of AILET. 
Given the Syllabus of AILET is no less than CLAT or other Law Entrance Examinations, Hence you are suggested to begin your preparation Early. However, if you want to prepare in 30 days then you have to refer to the concept clearing classes instead of jumping into the details. Just Memorize and develop knowledge of concepts alongside the mock test and you will be good to go. 
It depends on how you are approaching this Preparation. If you are allowing yourself an ample amount of time then self-study should be sufficient. But if you have a short time and you prefer mentors over self-study then coaching could be your savior. So it depends on how you want to begin your preparation. Coaching does have some additional perks but it is up to you what suits your needs. 


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