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Know the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Solve CLAT Sample Papers

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : January 17, 2023


Reader's Digest: No one likes to eat bitter gourd because of its bitter taste. But it purifies the blood. In the same way, CLAT Sample Papers may seem boring to most of the aspirants. However, it is long-term benefits can not be ignored. Please read this blog post to know the top five reasons why it is essential to solving CLAT sample papers and more! 

" Practice Makes A Man Perfect. "

How Does Solving CLAT Sample Papers Help in Exam Preparation?

The pressure to prepare for competitive entrance exams like CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is overwhelming. But remember, you cannot determine what the ultimate result of the exam is going to be just by worrying about it.

Instead, it would be best to try to work out what is in your control and let all other things fall in place as they are supposed to. 

In the CLAT exam, you are mainly tested on your reading and analytical skills, which you can primarily develop by solving sample papers.

Sample papers are model tests of the actual entrance exam that follows the exact exam pattern and the time limit. The most obvious reasons to solve CLAT sample papers are mentioned below:

  • Enhance time management and Skills
  • Analyze Strengths & Weakness
  • Reduce Common Mistakes
  • Build Confidence Levels
  • Understand the Exam Pattern

For instance,

If you solve sample papers with total dedication, the results can prove a great source of motivation for you. But, if you lack in attempting them with total concentration, they can make you demotivated while preparing for the CLAT Entrance Exam.

Hence, it is essential to take attempt sample papers seriously as they act as swords with two edges. There are various perks that you can avail yourself by solving sample papers, and those are explained below:

CLAT Sample Paper

CLAT Sample Paper

The phrase "practice markets man perfect" can be correlated with sample papers in the CLAT exam preparation. Also, sample papers are the most valuable resources for the aspirants. 

Let's analyze how solving sample papers can help prepare you to achieve your goals.

5 Reasons to Solve CLAT Sample Papers - Understand the Exam Pattern

According to the toppers, knowing the paper pattern is the first step in preparation. If you do not see the pattern, it isn't easy to plan your preparation better.

When you solve sample papers, you will clearly understand the CLAT exam pattern, the number of sections, the marking scheme, etc.

Also, it will help you understand which section you are comfortable with based on their weightage and try to focus on improving in weaker sections.

5 Reasons to Solve CLAT Sample Papers - Enhance Time Management Skills

As the Common Law Admission Test competition increases exponentially, managing your time properly plays a vital role in qualifying for the entrance exam.

Note that CLAT time management is a skill you can not develop overnight. Instead, you require regular practice!

Attempting sample papers will help you understand how long you are trying each section and each question from a particular section.

During the exam, it is essential to allocate time for every question in each section because it will help you attempt the questions on a priority basis.

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5 Reasons to Solve CLAT Sample Papers - Analyze Strengths & Weakness

Generally, most of you might find a few topics very simple and easy while solving questions from a textbook. However, solving the same topic during the final exam may produce different results.

Hence, solving CLAT sample papers and previous year's question papers is the only way to determine whether you are fully aware of a particular topic.

Also, it helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses and improve your weaknesses.

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

5 Reasons to Solve CLAT Sample Papers - Reduce Common Mistakes

Most of you might commit silly mistakes such as a simple error in calculation, missing "not" while reading the passage during the final exam, or attempting sample papers.

There is no particular technique or method to eliminate such silly mistakes. However, you can reduce such errors by practising as many sample papers as possible. 

The more you practice, the more chances you can avoid these mistakes in the final exam.

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5 Reasons to Solve CLAT Sample Papers - Build Confidence Levels

Usually, sample papers are set by highly experienced faculty, who prepare the question paper based on their experience and previous year's trends.

The questions are designed to test your analytical and logical reasoning skills to a more satisfactory degree.

By solving different questions from multiple sample papers, you can build your confidence levels, which is essential for cracking the CLAT exam on the first attempt.

Summing Up - After reading all the five solid reasons why you must solve CLAT sample papers, you might have received a reality check! Well, now that you know the importance of solving the CLAT sample papers, solve as many as possible. Tell these reasons to your friends, too. Happy Reading! Good luck with your CLAT preparation!

“We generate fears while we do nothing. We overcome these fears by taking action.”

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Mock Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

By solving CLAT sample Papers during your preparation: you can understand the difficulty level of the questions, you can understand which type of questions appeared over the years, you can check which topics have high weightage and how many times they have been repeated, you can gain confidence by solving more and more question papers.
The official mocks organized by the authority this year are samples to help students get an understanding of the new pattern. It is not fixed that the question paper might have the same difficulty level. However, one must be prepared for the exam well in advance to make sure they ace it.
You can download the Free CLAT study material by clicking on the direct link provided in the above post.
The National Law Consortium comprises officials from the Law Universities who possibly design and set the paper for the annually recurring exam. No separate authority or officials set the exam paper. However, there is no clarity on the names of officials. This has been always kept confidential by the conducting body.
Yes. Solving sample papers will help enhance your time management skills and speed which are essential factors to score good marks in the CLAT 2024 exam.


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