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How to Utilize the Last 20 Days for DU LLM Preparation?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : October 13, 2022



The exam dates for DU LLM has finally have been announced after a long wait. The exam dates were announced much earlier for entrance exams like CLAT PG and AILET PG so that preparations can be well planned. 

However, this was not the case in the DU LLM exam; therefore, reading through and following this article will definitely help you. 

The drawback of knowing your exam will be conducted much sooner than anticipated can cause anxiety in you. 

The exam date was released a few days back, and the DU LLM exam will be conducted shortly. 

The college offers both 2-3 years LLM course, but the number of DU LLM seats are very limited, increasing the competition among the students. 

So here’s an article to effectively address “ How to Utilise the Last 20 Days for DU LLM Preparation?”. 

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Prioritize Topics from the DU LLM Syllabus

The infographic helps you identify topics in the chronological order you have to prepare.

DU LLM Important Topics

Check: DU LLM Syllabus

Highlights of each DU LLM Syllabus Topics 

  • Do not skip CrPC and IPC in criminal law.
  • Expect 10-12 questions from this section; it has both fundamental and contemporary topics as well. 
  • Jurisprudence has 10-12 questions too. 
  • In Law of Contracts, cover 1-75 in detail; sure shot questions will be asked. 
  • Expect 2-3 questions from the sale of goods act 
  • Law of Torts 6-7 questions from this. 
  • In consumer protection, 2019 is very important. 
  • IPR has 5-6; important topics are copywriter, patent, and trademark. 
  • Cyberlaw has more cyber crimes related questions appear. 
  • Learn international aspects and cover important conferences. Cover 3 topics sustainability development and the precautionary principle.
  • In company law, MOA and AOA cover these as these topics are important. Check new amendments too.
  • Partnership, understand the basics of any Act.
  • Keep track of recent legal developments, such as the hijab controversy.

3 Rs Strategy for DU LLM Preparation

  • Read the topics to understand the basics. 
  • After you understand the concepts, revise
  • Only on re-revising can you remember what you studied during the exam. 
  • Divide your days and the first 10 days, and give more time to study Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, and Family Law. 
  • Remaining 5 days, you can study the other topics of the syllabus. 
  • The last 5 days are dedicated only to revision.

Check: DU LLM Colleges

What not to do During these 20 Day

Now, let's check what you do not do during your last days of DU LLM preparations. 

Dont cover any new Topic:

As your exams approach, do not study anything from scratch. 

Don't Solve new questions:

Solving questions on topics you have not prepared for will beat your confidence and increase your anxiety. 

It is advised not to solve questions from topics you have not covered. 

Check: DU LLM Exam Pattern

Dont read a new topic: 

Make sure you do not read or study any new topic at the enth moment; instead, invest time in revision. 

Effective DU LLM Preparation Strategy from Experts at LegalEdge After College

Our experts advise the following: 

  • The lengthy paper needs to be cracked with effective time management 
  • In the last 20 days, make sure you attempt at least 10 mocks
  • Solve MCQ topic-wise MCQ Questions from DU LLM Sample Question Banks
  • Dont study something that is not important, stick to your DULLM preparations. 

Check: DU LLM Course Structure and Duration

How to Study for DU LLM 2022? 

Make a timetable for studying and assign equal timing to each activity. 

Solving DU LLM previous year papers and analyzing the areas that are weak and require special attention before the exam. 

  • Online Study Material: Download DU LLM sample papers from any of the online sources. Toprankers have several sample questions that help you ace your DU LLM prep! Attempt the sample paper to know about the performance level before the examination. 
  • DU LLM Books: The candidates can refer to the books available for the competitive law exam to understand the complex topics. 
Subject Author/Publisher
Indian Penal Code PSA Pillai or Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
Contract Law Avtar Singh or R.K. Bangia
Family and Property Law Poonam Pradhan
Torts R.K. Bangia
Administrative Law P Massey
Constitution K. Jain (Dukki) Part – I & II
Public International Law K. Jain
Jurisprudence K. Jain or Salmond

The aspirants must solve the DU LLM previous year's question papers to know about the structure of the exam.

Solve mocks: There is no preparation without taking DU LLM mocks. Your last 20 days of preparation must include solving 10 mocks. 

Youtube channel: Subscribe to LegalEdge after college and check out all the videos prepared to help you ace DU LLM preparations. 

How to Make Notes during DU LLM 2022 Preparation?

Start preparing notes from day 1. It may not be everybody’s way of preparing for the DULLM exam, but it has several benefits. 

  1. Segregation of notes for different sections
  2. Make detailed notes for every important topic 
  3. Understand and prepare notes around basics
  4. Jot down Ideas
  5. Gather notes from other experts and other resources

Making notes will help you during your revision process. Thoroughly utilize the last 20 days for DU LLM Preparation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

DU LLM exam is conducted in slot 2. 

Between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm - SLOT 2 the DU LLM exam will be conducted on October 17, 2022.

Preparing notes help you familiarize the concepts you study; it is always found useful during the revision process. 

10-12 questions appear from Jurisprudence. 

In company law, MOA and AOA cover these as these topics are important. Check new amendments too.


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