DU LLM Syllabus 2022

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Delhi University conducts the DU LLM entrance exam annually to provide admissions to full-time or part-time LLM courses. The university offers three types of LLM programs:

  • 2-years LLM program
  • 3-years LLM program
  • 3-year Master in Comparative Law (MCL) Degree program for foreign students

The university published the syllabus for the Delhi University LLM Exam on the official website.

The DU LLM Syllabus 2022 is vast, and it covers many aspects of law, from commercial to personal, financial, and many other concepts listed in the article follows.

This detailed syllabus overview will help you plan the course of action in advance with topics that must be prioritized while preparing your timetable.

Important Subjects from DU LLM Syllabus 2022

The following topics have been identified as significant from last year's papers and based on an analysis of the questions asked in the DU LLM Entrance Exam.

Although the number of questions may vary every year, it is not guaranteed that these topics are the only ones that will be important. 

Indian Constitution Contracts Law
Criminal Law International Law
Jurisprudence Law of Torts
Cyber Law  Environmental Law
Intellectual Property Law Consumer Protection Act
Family Law Sale of Goods Act
Company Law and Partnership

DU LLM Syllabus 2022 (Subject-wise)

Since the topics asked in the exam have already been a part of your curriculum during your graduation, it is very important to understand the focus areas to proceed with your preparation in the right direction.

No change has been observed in the DU LLM Exam Pattern from the previous years. Below, we have accumulated the list of topics from each subject asked in the DU LLM 2022 syllabus. 

Enhance your preparation by going through the important topics from the post below.

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DU LLM Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus for Constitution of India

It is a common subject for most of the LLM entrance exams. The weightage of this subject may vary yearly.

Practicing Constitution Questions for DU LLM will help you know the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the exam.

The most asked topics from the DU LLM Entrance Syllabus 2022 are enlisted below:

Preamble Essential features of the Indian constitution
Fundamental rights, fundamental duties Directive principles of state policy
Judiciary and executive Union-State legislative relations
Distribution of legislative  Emergency Provisions
Anti-Defection Law Center-state Relation
Writ jurisdiction Role of the election commission in the democratic process
Amendment of the constitution Amending the process of the constitution

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DU LLM Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022 Topics for Jurisprudence

Questions from this are a bit tricky. Focus on these for a better score in the DU LLM exam. 

According to the trend seen in the DU LLM Previous year's papers, these topics hold a high relevance in the exam.

Make sure they are covered properly and thoroughly. The topics asked from this subject are:

The Constitution of India Justice and executive council
Trade Union Relations - Parliament and State Legislatures Distribution of Legal Power between Union and the International States
Emergency Conditions Background
Highlights of the Constitution of India. Contract Power - Limited Contract
Controls for breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, public policy, coercion, improper influence, contract frustration Remedy for contract breach - Injury.
Contribution of Justice to Social Transformation Law and Conduct
Rights and Duties Ideas of Punishment
Positivism Sociological Jurisprudence
Environment and Legal Resources Legal Procedure-Application of Indian Indigenous doctrine
The function of the Electoral Commission. Legal Concepts - Rights, Duty, Ownership, Property, and Person
Principles of Country Policy. Amendment and Procedure Amendment of the Constitution.
Basic Tasks Basic Rights

DU LLM Topics Asked from Environmental Law

Many of you tend to ignore this subject. Do not commit the same mistake as others. 

Practice as many DU LLM Environmental Questions as possible to enhance your preparation levels for the upcoming exam.

Remedies under other laws (I.P.C., Cr. P.C, C.P.C.) - Riparian rights and pre-distribution. Elements of the General Environmental Protection Act
International agreements on the development of environmental laws and their policy - From Stockholm to recent conferences (Special Emphasis on Major Conventions and Procedures) - Marine Pollution Control Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
Pollution Prevention and Control: Water Act, 1974, The Air Act, 1981.Environmental Protection Act, 1986 The Role of Government in Environmental Protection Forest Conservation Act, 1980
Stockholm to Johannesburg Declaration (Rio) Local Vision and Different Concepts of Local Policy and Law: Before and After Independence

DU LLM Syllabus Topics for International Civil Law

Apart from national laws, international laws also hold a great deal of importance in the field of law; therefore, they are considered an important aspect of the exam.

Focus on these topics to enhance your DU LLM Exam Preparation.

International Court of Justice UNO and organs Global Trade Regime, under international law.
Regional and Government Recognition The concept of royalty and its merit today
The nature of International Law and its relationship to the By-Law Extradition, Asylum, Nationality & Status of Refugees
Sources of International Law International Dispute Resolution
Human rights United Nations

LLM Syllabus DU for Torts Law

One of the most important aspects of law fields, Torts law, although seemingly short, is a deep subject to dive into, and the following topics should be read for the DU LLM entrance exam -

Correction of Consumer Complaints
The emergence of Consumer Rights
Consumer Protection Act Complete and Strong Bond - Styles emerging in India
Vicarious Liability General Defense in Tort Action
Some Rebels - Neglect, Harassment, and Humiliation The Basic Principles and Principles of the Violent Legal Obligation
Nature and meaning of Tort Neglect Offering

DU LLM Syllabus Topics for Criminal Law

One of the most widely known and asked topics is criminal law. The main subjects in Criminal law courses are - Criminal Justice, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Science, Criminal Procedures, Legal Research, Law Ethics, Penology & Victimology, IPC, CrPC, Juvenile Justice, Narcotics, etc. This field needs extra concentration to remember the laws and articles that fall under its umbrella.

General Purpose and General Object
Crime Attack, Conspiracy, and Reduction
Joint Bond; Abetment and Conspiracy Crimes against the Human Body, Cases against Women Nature and Definition of Case
General Principles of Criminal Law - definition, nature, priorities, and categories of case Alternative Normal
Charges against buildings Humiliation

DU LLM 2022 Syllabus Topics for Company Law and Co-operation

Company laws and cooperations are the laws that state how the corporate world should function. Corporate law regulates how corporations, investors, shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another.

It is important to understand the corporate firm's limitations to work within boundaries.

Commercial Real Estate Act Negotiable Instruments Act
Benefits of firm registration Company Law - The Role of Directors, Internal Management and Ultra-vires
Co-operative Law - The environment and values of co-operative rights in partnership and debt -

DU LLM Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus for Family Law

You must practice DU LLM Family Law Questions from the previous year's papers to score well in this subject. The following are important topics under the LLM syllabus DU family law.

Concepts in family law Source of family law in India
Marriage and dissolution of marriage Maintenance
Matrimonial remedies uniform civil code Adoption and guardianship

DU LLM Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022 Topics for IPR 

This is the least asked topic in any LLM exam all over India. Considering the least number of questions asked on this topic, it is not highly important for exams but can help one get an upper wedge over others if asked. 

Designs Location Index
Semiconductors Overview of intellectual property
Copyright Patent
Trademarks Plant species
Major international agreements on IP protection - Berne Convention, Paris Convention, TRIPS -

DU LLM Entrance Exam Syllabus Topics for Cyber Law

Cyberlaw is an emerging field in the field of law, and questions from this field can be considered important because of the newness and the wide array of possibilities it holds.

You can analyze your preparation levels by attempting DU LLM Mock Tests. The following are some of the important topics under the DU LLM Exam Syllabus.

Cyber Jurisprudence at the international and Indian level Cyber Crimes Against Someone, Institution, and State
Intellectual Property Issues in Cyberspace Link to Copyright Law
Contact Copyright Act Concepts - Robbery, Digital Forgery, Cyber Stalking / Harassment, Identity Theft and Fraud, Cyber Terrorism, Cyberbullying
Various cases under the IT Act, 2000 Many Types of Social Injustice under the IT Act, 2000
Trademarks and Domain Names Related Issues E-commerce-Salient Features

DU LLM Exam Books 2022

When studying for any kind of admissions test, it is important to consult the appropriate sources of information.

The following are the Best Books for DU LLM Exam that you can consider during your preparation.

Book Name Author/Publication
S.S. Handbook for LLM Entrance Exam Singhal Law Publications
Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam Gaurav Mehta
Ascent's Law Guide for LLM Entrance Exam Ashok. K Jain
Singhal's Solved Papers of LLM Singhal Law Publications
S.S. HandBook For LL.M. Entrance Exam (based on the new syllabus) Vishal Singh

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