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DU LLM Important Questions from Environmental Law & Partnership Act 2022

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 28, 2022



With very few days left for DU LLM 2022 exam to be conducted, it can be frustrating to look for good study materials at the enth moment. If you preparing for the topic Environmental Law & Partnership Act, don't look elsewhere! 

Continue reading to understand the important questions that appear in the DU LLM from the specific topics of the Environmental Law and Partnership Act

The University of Delhi offers a full-time LLM program with a course duration of two and three years programs at the postgraduate level. 

This course is available at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, at the DU Campus. 

Like every university, the LLM application process is conducted online, and if you are interested in taking up the LLM program? You must hold valid scores in the DU LLM Entrance Test, which is conducted annually. 

Analyzing the trends in the question papers, one can decipher the kind of questions and level of difficulty the paper may have. You can also know the most common subjects and topics that are guaranteed to appear in the exam.

Let’s cover some of the important questions in previous year's papers from the Environmental Law and Partnership Act.

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Important topics under Environmental Law

Let's check the important topics under Environmental Law are as follows: 

International Agreements

Knowing about all the major international agreements like Kyoto Protocol, Rio Declaration, and any other major summits is crucial. If India has signed any new agreements regarding the environment, like the Plastic ban, you should know about it too.

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Umbrella Legislation EPA, 1986

Read through all the important provisions of Umbrella Legislation. Many questions do appear based on the basic provisions of the EPA Act, 1986.

Brief Overview of Other Legislations

Things like Air Act and Water Act are important to understand. Under this NGT Act is a little more important, especially the part of Jurisdiction.

Important Case Laws

Note important landmark cases like the Vellore Citizen Case, MCMehta’s, and the Public Trust Doctrine. You should also note down things like Sovereign functions and understand them in brief.

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The core and basics of Environmental Laws

Polluter Pay Principle, Precautionary Principle, and Sustainable development are very important in the domain of environmental laws, and you must be familiar with them. You must also know under which legislation these sections are in, and landmark cases where these concepts were discussed are also important.

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DU LLM Important Questions from Environmental Law & Partnership Act 2022

Let’s review some of the questions that appeared in the previous year's questions papers.

1 - Under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, which ones of the following have the power to constitute authorities?

  • Central Pollution control board
  • State Government
  • State Pollution Control Board
  • Central Government

The right answer is d. Central Government. Since it comes under Ulmbrella legislation, the power to constitute authorities is with the central government.

2 - Which among the following legal instruments is not related to climate change?

  • Kyoto Protocol 
  • Paris Agreement
  • Copenhagen Accord
  • Nagoya Protocol

The correct answer is d. Nagoya Protocol. In this case, the question has “not,” which can be missed by someone in a hurry. Always read the question carefully before answering.

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3 - The Public Trust Doctrine lays down that State is a trustee of natural resources so

  • The property subject to trust must be made available to the public
  • The property may not be sold
  • The property must be maintained for a particular use
  • All of these

The correct answer is d. All of these. One question regarding Public Trust Doctrine is always present in the question paper, making it a crucial topic.

4 - In which of the following cases the High Court of Uttarakhand declared the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna as legal persons?

  • Vellore Citizens Welfare Forum vs Union of India
  • India Council for Enviro-legal Action vs Union of India
  • Shubash JKuma vs the State of Bihar
  • Mohd. Salim vs the State of Uttarakhand.

The right answer is d. Mohd. Salim vs the State of Uttarakhand. This is a landmark case, and the other options given here are also some of the very important cases in the domain of Environmental laws. There are only around 10-12 landmark cases and only questions regarding those are asked in the DULLM.

5 - Which among the following is the appellate forum for any person aggrieved by any award, decision, or order of ht National Green Tribunal?

  • High court of state from which the cause of action arose
  • Supreme court of India
  • National Environment Appellate Authority
  • The appeal is not permitted against the National Green Tribunal's award, decision, or order.

The right answer is b. Supreme Court of India. NGT is a quasi-judicial body, and after NGT, the appeal directly goes to the Supreme court of India. 

6 - Which two types of business structures are created via an incorporation process?

  • Companies and sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships and limited liability partnerships
  • Companies and limited liability partnerships
  • Companies and partnerships

The correct answer is c. Companies and limited liability partnerships. Only the companies and the LLPs are created via registration and incorporation. This is a part of Company Laws, and it is highly recommended to study the Company Laws thoroughly because questions from these always appear from the DU LLM syllabus.

7 - On incorporation of a company, the Registrar of Companies, in addition, to the Certification of Incorporation, issues a unique identification number, namely

  • Unique corporate number 
  • Corporate identification number
  • Company identification number
  • Unique identification number

The correct answer is b. Corporate identification number. Again, these are the basics of Company Laws, which you should be very familiar with.

8 - Which remedies are available for a person who acted upon a false prospectus?

  • Damaged for fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Compensation for untrue statement
  • Damaged for non-compliance with the requirement of section 26 of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • All of these.

The correct answer is d. All of the above. All of these options can be used to sue those who acted upon a false prospectus. This question's difficulty level is high; you can only answer this if you know the basics.

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9 - Which new type of company was introduced in the Companies Act 2013?

  • Small Company
  • One Person Company
  • Associate Company 
  • All of the Above

The correct answer is d. All of the Above as all these types of companies came through the Companies Act 2013.

10 - Who can inspect the Register and file documents at the office of the Registrar:

  • Any Government servant
  • The Partners of the firm
  • The partner of the other firms
  • Any Person

The correct answer is d. All of the Above. This particular question is from Section 66. This is from the Partnership Act, and basic questions regarding this are asked in the exam. More concept-based questions are asked than section-based questions. Partnership Act is an easy topic to study, and guaranteed questions appear in DU LLM.

11 - What is the partnership written agreement known as?

  • Contract
  • Agreement
  • Deed
  • Act

The correct answer is c. Deed. This is called PArtnership Deed, and this is designated by the Partnership Act.

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12 - Which types of partnership have no agreement regarding the duration of partnership?

  • Partnership at will
  • Limited partnership
  • General partnership
  • Particular partnership

The correct answer is a. Partnership at Will, which is the only one with no agreement on the duration of the partnership.


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