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DU LLM Cut Off 2022

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 27, 2022


Summary: Having a prior knowledge of DU Cut off scores will help you estimate - how much marks you must score in order to secure a seat at DU LLM. Cut off are generated after the result and the merit list is published. 

Cut-off scores have similar trends in most cases and are very useful for students taking the DU LLM exam. 

The qualifying marks for admission to the DU LLM 2022 program will be made public on the university's official admissions website, du.ac.in, during the time of counseling and seat allocation. 

The cut-off will determine the minimum number of marks that a candidate must get to be considered for admission into the DU LLM 2022 program. For those candidates who took part in the DU LLM 2022 exam, DU will announce the admission list along with the minimum score required for acceptance in numerous rounds. 

Candidates who did not make the cut for the first admittance list may be invited to participate in later rounds of selection based on the number of seats that are still available. By reading this blog, you will obtain specific information regarding the cutoff for the DU LLM program in 2022, as well as crucial dates, cutoffs from past years, and other essential particulars.

On behalf of Delhi University, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will administer the Delhi University Entrance Examination (DUET) 2022 for online admission to LLM programs. It provides a combined total of 125 places for students interested in pursuing a 3-year or 2-year LLM degree.

Factors that will determine the cutoff for DU LLM 2022

When deciding the eligibility threshold for DU LLM 2022, the authorities will take a number of things into consideration. Candidates might review the following list of considerations before applying.

  • Total number of available seats in the LLM program at Delhi University
  • A total number of participants in the law school admissions exam.
  • Level of difficulty of the examination to get entry.
  • Candidate's place in the category.
  • The institution provides seating via reservation and on a category-by-category basis.

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Important Facts About DU LLM Result & Cut Off

On November 18th, 2022, the DU LLM 2022 Merit List will be made available to the public.

Applicants who took part in the DU LLM 2022 exam can view their results online by following the URL that has been provided.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to preserve a physical copy of the result in their possession up until the conclusion of the admissions process.

Soon after the rank list is made public without restrictions, the counseling activities for the DU LLM 2022 class will get underway.

The applicant's payment of the admission fee marks the final step in the admissions process, which takes place after the counseling procedure has been finished.

Following the release of the DU LLM 2022 results, the University of Delhi will make the cut-off list for the DU LLM 2022 program public. The cutoff list will determine the minimum score required to qualify for admission to the LLM program that is being offered by the university.

Benefits Of Checking the DU LLM cutoff in 2022

  1. Students who are getting ready for the DU LLM 2022 can review the cutoff from the previous years to understand the level of difficulty of the law entrance test. It is possible to assist them in aligning their preparation according to the necessity.
  2. Checking the DU LLM program cut-off might also provide you with information about the degree of competition on the admission exam.
  3. In addition, it is beneficial for the applicants to establish a score goal for themselves and work tirelessly toward reaching that goal in order to be accepted into the LLM program at Delhi University.

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DU LLM cutoffs from the previous year

Candidates participating in the DU LLM 2022 should look at the cutoffs from the previous year's program to know what to anticipate for the current year's cutoffs. Candidates may consult the minimum scores required from the previous year, which are listed below.

DU LLM Cut Off For 2021

The cut off for last year is listed in the table below: 

Category Cutoff rank Cut-off marks
Unreserved (UR) 37 228
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 84 180
Scheduled caste (SC) 150 114
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 133 131
Economically weaker section (EWS) 188 76

DU LLM 2020 Cut-off

The cut off for 2020 year is listed in the table below: 

Categories Round I Round II Round III
Cutoff Marks Combined Rank Cutoff Marks Combined Rank Cutoff Marks Combined Rank
Unreserved (UR) 223 26 210 38 204 44
Other backward castes (OBC) 181 67 170 78 168 80
Scheduled Caste (SC) 151 97 146 102 141 107
Scheduled tribes (ST) 104 144 100 148 - -
The economically weaker section (EWS) 183 65 164 84 162 86

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DU LLM cut-off 2019

The cut-off for the 2019 year is listed in the table below: 

Categories Round I Round II Round III
Cutoff Marks Combined Rank Cutoff Marks Combined Rank Cutoff Marks Combined Rank
Unreserved (UR) 240 31 236 35 235 36
Other backward castes (OBC) 207 64 203 68 202 69
Scheduled Caste (SC) 187 84 181 90 180 91
Scheduled tribes (ST) 154 117 131 140 131 140
The economically weaker section (EWS) 205 66 200 71 200 71

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Benefits Of Checking Cut-Off Marks 

To begin the admissions process for undergraduate programs and professional courses, one must first demonstrate that they have a solid foundational knowledge of the subject or field one intends to pursue. You will need to look at the minimum score required to apply for the DU LLM test 2022 to ensure that you meet the requirements.

  1. Checking the cut-off marks for the DU-LLM test is vital since doing so gives you an idea of what score you need to acquire to qualify for the exam.
  2. Because the minimum qualifying score varies from year to year, it is important to check the cut-off marks consistently to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on the point total you need to achieve to be eligible for the examination.
  3. If you check the minimum score required to pass the exam, it might also help you realize how much competition there is for the test. This information may prove useful in determining whether or not to take the examination.
  4. As a final point of consideration, examining the cut-off marks will assist you in establishing a target for your score that is both reasonable and attainable. While studying for the test, having a goal in mind is helpful to maintain concentration and remaining motivated.

The DU-LLM examination is regarded as one of the most significant tests law students in India may take. The Master of Laws program at Delhi Institution requires applicants to take it since it is a prerequisite for entry into the university's program. The exam is offered by the university.

The university will announce the minimum passing score for the DU-LLM examination when the test results have been tabulated. They are utilized in the process of determining the bare minimum grade that a student has to achieve in order to be considered for admission into the program.

The minimum passing score required to pass the DU-LLM test shifts from year to year. This shift occurs because the number of students who sit for the exam and the difficulty level is factored in this shift.

If you want to know if your score on the DU-LLM test is high enough to make you eligible for admission into the Master of Laws program at Delhi University, checking the cut-off marks is one of the best ways to find out. You will also better understand how your score stacks up compared to the scores of other students who have completed the test.

It is vital to check the cut-off marks if you are considering taking the DU-LLM test. This will allow you to determine what score you need to get to be considered for admission into the program. So make sure to check the cut-off marks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total number of seats that are being provided for the DU LLM program in 2022, the number of applications, the difficulty level of the law entrance test, the candidate's category, and the reservation policy are all elements that will be considered.
The DU LLM 2022 Exam will be administered in an online format. The exam will be given on a computer and will be completely online.
No, the minimum grade required to be accepted into a DU LLM program is not a constant; rather, it varies from year to year according on a variety of different criteria, including the number of students who apply, the number of available seats, and other considerations.
No, your grades in high school or college do not have any bearing on whether or not you will be admitted to law school. When determining admissions, law schools take a number of aspects into consideration, including your grades and other academic performance.


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