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11th Commerce Subjects [CBSE & ISCE] 2022-23

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : October 14, 2022


Commerce deals with various aspects of business, trade, accounting, financial information, etc. In academics, the Commerce stream is considered one of the most popular streams of education along with Science and Arts.

The commerce stream acts as a gateway that leads you towards various professional courses like chartered accountancy (CA), company secretary, and chartered financial analyst (CFA) after the completion of class 12.

If you wish to choose commerce as your stream after the 10th, then you need to be aware of the subjects involved in academics and also the Class 11 Commerce Subjects combinations.

This post shall take you through detailed information about Class 11 Commerce Subjects for both CBSE and ICSE.

Class 11 Commerce Subjects List 2022

Class 11 Commerce Subjects are broadly divided into three main categories as explained below:

  • Mandatory Subjects: There are four mandatory subjects namely Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and English in class 11.
  • 5th Optional Subject (It is imperative to choose): Apart from the mandatory subjects, you must choose one more subject as the main subject. However, you have to select anyone out of "primary optional" subjects, according to your interest. 
  • 6th Optional Subject (It is not imperative to choose): You must choose the 6th optional subject regardless of the board. You can select the 6th optional subject from the "secondary optional" subject list. The pros of choosing the optional subject are that your overall percentage will be calculated based on the five best scores, excluding the sixth score comparatively not as good. The board gives relaxation to students who score less in their main subject. 

Note that the Class 11 Commerce Subjects list for both CBSE and ICSE boards is quite similar except for the choices provided for the optional subjects.

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What are CBSE Class 11 Commerce Subjects?

Check out the table below to know the CBSE Class 11 Commerce Subjects List that is offered by CBSE schools across the country.

Name of subject  Priority of subject 
Accountancy  Mandatory 
Business Studies  Mandatory 
Economics  Mandatory 
English  Mandatory 
Entrepreneurship  Primary Optional 
Mathematics  Primary Optional 
Informatics Practices  Primary Optional 
Other Language  Secondary Optional 
Computer Science  Secondary Optional 
Physical Education  Secondary Optional 
Fine Arts  Secondary Optional 

What are ISC Class 11 Commerce Subjects?

There are very few ICSE board schools across the country. Hence, the demand for more optional subjects is less as compared to CBSE. Below is the list of subjects in the commerce stream for the 11th class in ICSE-affiliated schools:

Name of Subjects  Priority of Subject 
Accountancy  Mandatory 
Business Studies  Mandatory 
Economics  Mandatory 
English  Mandatory 
Entrepreneurship  Primary Optional 
Mathematics  Primary Optional 
Informatics Practices  Primary Optional 
Physical Education  Secondary Optional 

Class 11 Commerce Subjects 2022 (CBSE & ISC)

To ease your preparation, we have provided a detailed list of Class 11 Commerce Subjects in the post below. Go through the list of subjects and plan your preparation accordingly.


This subject deals with both numerical and theoretical parts. The numerical part will give a practical analysis of real-world problems whereas the theoretical part will provide accountancy information.

Accountancy is the study of analyzing and recording profit/loss, and trade transactions of a business. Bank reconciliation statements, Application of computers in accounting, Interpreting expenditure in terms of transactions, and financial accounting are among the important topics according to the Class 11 Accountancy Syllabus. The following are some of the topics that the Accountancy subject deals with:

  • Accounting Processes
  • Financial Accounting
  • Computers in Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis

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Business Studies

Business Studies or Organisation of commerce is a theoretical subject that will provide in-depth business knowledge, its types, and objectives. It helps to develop the communication skills, operation strategies, and marketing skills of an individual.

Class 11 Business Studies Syllabus also includes information about Business Services, Social responsibilities of business and business ethics, and much more to be covered under Class 11 Commerce Subject books. Students will gain a solid foundation in how business functions with the help of business studies subject. It includes topics like:

  • Evolution and Fundamentals of Business
  • Internal Trade
  • Emerging Modes of Business
  • Principles and Functions of Management
  • Business Finance and Marketing

The syllabus of English differs largely between the ICSE board and the CBSE board.

  • In ICSE Board: This subject consists of two papers, the first paper for language and the second one for the literature portion, each carrying 100 marks. The syllabus is designed especially for students aiming for foreign universities or who want to build a career in the English language-related field.
  • In CBSE Board: Students are provided to choose between English core and Elective English. There is a single paper for both language and literature. English as a subject is easier on the CBSE board as compared to the ICSE board.


Economics deals with the studies of the functioning of the entire economy at a national and international level and the basic elements of the economy. Class 11 Economics Syllabus is broadly divided into two parts:

  • Statics: It includes concepts like statistical analysis, presentation of numerical data, graphs, charts, and formulas to calculate mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, sampling, etc.
  • Microeconomics: Microeconomics will deal with concepts like the functioning of the entire economy on national and international levels, economic realities that our country is currently facing, economic development over the past few years, individual agents and their interactions, and other production and distribution issues.

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Class 11 Commerce Subjects List 2022: Optional Subjects

Apart from core subjects, you have to opt for one of the following Class 11 Commerce subjects as the optional subject. 

  • Mathematics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Informatics Practices
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Other Language
  • Fine Arts


It is a primary optional subject of commerce for the 11th. It includes topics like Algebra, Statics, Probability, Calculus, Mathematical reasoning, linear inequalities, Permutation and combination, straight lines, limits, derivatives, etc. Including Mathematics as an optional subject will help students, in the long run, making them eligible for a variety of courses and careers like Chartered Accountancy, MBA, Company Secretaryship training, and Finance.

You are advised to solve the 11th Commerce Question Paper to know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.


It is also a primary optional subject for Class 11 Commerce. It deals with concepts like Enterprise Marketing, resource mobilization, Entrepreneurial planning, Enterprise growth strategies, Entrepreneurial opportunities, and Business Arithmetics to build Entrepreneurial thinking in students.

Informatics Practices

This subject gives a deep understanding of how data is processed beyond computer applications to form usable information. Computer systems, Integrated device electronics, developing device applications, and debugging them are major topics studied in this subject at the school level. You can add Informatics Practices to the Class 11 Commerce Subjects list if you intend to expand your knowledge in this field.

Computer Science

It is one of the second optional CBSE Class 11 Commerce Subjects that you can choose as the 6th subject. It involves the study of computer applications, operating systems, and programming languages like C, C++, SQL, etc. This subject guides and gives practical knowledge on how to manage databases using a computer which is a crucial part of Accountancy.

It consists of a weightage of 70 marks for the written exam and 30 marks for the practical exam including a database-related project to be submitted at the time of the practical examination. Hence it’s quite a bit easy to score well in this subject.

Physical Education

 It is considered to be the most scoring and easy subject. Physical education is a second optional subject. Students learn about different sports, yoga activities, physical fitness, sportsmen psychology, and changing trends in physical education in this subject. This subject also has a weightage of 70 marks for written exams and 30 marks for practical.

Fine Arts

It is also a 6th optional subject in the CBSE curriculum but it is not included in the ICSE curriculum. This subject is ideal if you wish to establish a career in design, whether it is graphic design, interior design, fashion design, etc. You can choose a specialization in painting, graphics, sculpture, or Commercial Art.

Commerce with Maths

There are various combinations of commerce subjects that you can opt for in your class 11. You can opt for Commerce with Maths if you are planning to do courses like chartered accounts, cost accountant, chartered financial analyst, financial planning, etc. However, it is not mandatory to choose Maths to pursue these courses.

You can also go for MBA and finance if Mathematics is an optional subject in your class 11. You can choose jobs in the following fields if you choose to pursue commerce with Maths.

  • Auditor
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Consultant
  • Production Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Budget Analyst

Commerce with Legal Studies

It is noted that Commerce with Legal Studies is a great combination for career growth. A Commerce background will give an edge to students who are going to pursue a 5-year law course of BBA, LLB, or Bcom. Opting for commerce with legal studies is the best degree for lawyers because it will give them an idea about the income tax act and other laws related to trade and commerce.

You also pursue your career in corporate law firms, tax law firms,  law officers in banks and insurance companies, legal advisors in esteemed law firms, etc. with the combination of Commerce and legal studies.

What Is The Scope If I Choose Commerce in Class 11?

It is known that choosing the commerce stream in your class 11 offers you a plethora of career options like a business executive, accountant, HR manager, marketing manager, data analyst, investment banker, wealth manager, project manager, research and development manager, etc.

However, if you are still having doubts while choosing the stream, go through courses after 12th commerce that helps you to identify your goals and which stream to pursue. You can pursue any one of the following courses if you opt for the commerce stream in class 11.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Journalism and Mass Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

The optional subjects included in the 11th Commerce branch are Mathematics, Informatics Practices, and Entrepreneurship.

11th commerce subjects list consist of four compulsory subjects , that are, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and English.Optional Subjects depend upon options available in school or board of examination of students. Students have to choose at least one primary optional subject, that is, Mathematics,Informatics Practices and Entrepreneurship.Students have the choice whether they want to choose a secondary optional subject or not .Student can choose a secondary optional subject also if they wish to do so. Some secondary optional subjects are : Computer Science , Physical Education and Fine Art. 

There are four mandatory subjects in commerce class 11th apart from these students are required to choose one optional subject called the primary optional subject. So, basically the student has to study at least five subjects in 11th class commerce. Plus there is an option to choose one additional subject from the second optional subject list. This would be the 6th subject for students opting for an extra additional subject. But the overall percentage will be taken out of the best five subject scores. This additional option provides relaxation for students who have scored fewer marks in any one mandatory subject. 

Students are suggested not to change their board and keep it the same as that of class 10th because they become habitual of boards they have already studied which makes it easier to score better. In general, comparing CBSE exam patterns is easier than ICSE. A large variety of subject options also increases chances to opt for a subject that a student is keenly interested in. This increases chances of CBSE students to score better than ICSE students. 

All the mandatory subjects are important subjects of commerce for class 11th. It is very crucial for individuals to understand the basics of Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics to have a  strong foundation to build a career in Finance.

Recommended books are listed in the article above. Apart from this can download it from the official site of CBSE from 11th commerce all subject pdf download. Or they can google it also and download pdf easily. 

Students have the option to choose any one subject out of Mathematics, Informatics Practices, and Entrepreneurship. Therefore if a student feels that his/her mathematics is not that strong and this subject may lead to his/her failure in the 11th class, he/she must opt for other options. But mathematics is generally suggested to 11th commerce students as it benefits the individual to establish a career quite easily in this stream.

Across India, the subjects in 11th Commerce are the same. Even in Kerala also, the subjects in 11th Commerce are: 

  • English (compulsory)
  • Second language (optional)
  • Accountancy (compulsory)
  • Business Studies (compulsory)
  • Economics (compulsory)
  • Entrepreneurship (optional)
  • Mathematics (optional)
  • Physical Education (optional)

The subjects in ISC Commerce stream are:

  • English 
  • Accounts
  • Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Environmental Education
  • Optional - Political Science, Computer Science, Hindi, Art, Indian Music, Physical Education

Students choosing Commerce stream with Maths subject, then the subjects involved in the syllabus are

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • English
  • Optional Subject (Information Practices)
Yes. The class 11 commerce subjects are same as the 12th commerce subjects.


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