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Basics to Advanced Concepts: CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 6, 2023


Summary: CBSE Class 11 Applied Math books 2024 are tailored to provide students with a practical understanding of mathematical concepts, paving the way for diverse career opportunities in analytics, commerce, and more.

CBSE board has introduced Applied Mathematics in class 11 curriculum to help students develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their application in Science, Business, Finance, Economics, and other fields.

Preparing from the right CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024 is important to understand the topics of applied mathematics and score good marks in the class 11 board exams.

To ease your preparation, we have provided topic-wise CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Books listed in this article! 

How to Choose Best Books for Class 11 Applied Mathematics CBSE?

The applied mathematics subject deals with topics like:

  • Numerical applications
  • Algebra
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Calculus
  • Probability
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Basics of financial mathematics 
  • Coordinate geometry

It is important to choose books that cover all the topics as per the CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Syllabus.

Opting for the right CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024 will help clear your basics and get a good grip on the applied mathematics subject.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024

Here's what to study and respective reference books. 

CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths Numerical Applications Books

  • Numerical analysis is a field of mathematics that analyses and develops algorithms for obtaining numerical solutions to problems containing continuous variables. 
  • Numerical applications are the study of algorithms that use an approximation method for the problems of mathematical analysis. Numerical analysis naturally finds application in life sciences, social sciences, medicine, business, and even the arts have adopted its elements.
  • The numerical applications topic holds a weightage of 09 marks out of 80 marks in the theory exam. Before starting the preparation, it is important to go through the details.
  • In numerical applications unit, you will be studying topics like Prime Numbers, Encryptions using Prime Numbers, Binary Numbers, Complex Numbers (Preliminary idea only), Indices, Logarithm and Antilogarithm, Laws and properties of logarithms, Simple applications of logarithm and antilogarithm, Numerical problems on averages, calendar, clock, time, work and distance, mensuration, seating arrangement.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024-

  • NCERT textbook
  • One of the renowned publishers for CBSE-related materials is R.D. Sharma.
  • If they have released a book specifically catering to CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths, it would likely be an excellent reference. Other well-known publishers include R.S. Aggarwal and Arihant Publications.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths Algebra Books

Applied mathematics course prepares you to choose algebraic methods as a means of representation and as a problem-solving tool. The algebra unit holds a weightage of 10 marks out of 80 marks in the theory exam.

Various equality equations consist of different variables in algebraic identities. There are two types of linear equations, as specified below:

a) Linear Equations in One Variable: A linear equation in one variable has the maximum of one variable present in order 1. It is depicted in the form of ax + b = 0, where x is represented as the variable.

b) Linear Equations in Two Variables: A linear equation in two variables consists of the utmost two variables present in order 2. The equation is depicted in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0.

The two variables are quite important because your course book has a lot of questions based on it. So, you need to stay focused on important algebra formulas to find the solution.

The Algebra unit mainly focuses on topics like Sets, Types of sets, the Venn diagram, De Morgan's laws, Problem-solving using the Venn diagram, Relations and types of relations, Introduction of Sequences, Series, Arithmetic and Geometric progression, Relationship between AM and GM, Basic concepts of Permutations and Combinations, Permutations, Circular Permutations, Permutations with restrictions, Combinations with standard results.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: While R.D. Sharma is more commonly associated with traditional CBSE mathematics, the thorough explanations and myriad of problems in the book make it useful for applied math students as well, especially in areas of overlap like Algebra.
  • Comprehensive Applied Mathematics Vol I & II for Class 11 by Laxmi Publications: Laxmi Publications has been a consistent provider of educational resources, and their comprehensive series often goes into depth on specific subjects.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths Mathematical Reasoning Books

Mathematical reasoning is a vital topic in the academic course of applied mathematics. Mathematical reasoning is a sub-genre of mathematics that focuses on determining the truth values of statements. There are mainly two types of mathematical reasoning: deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. 

With the use of mathematical reasoning, you can recognize the problems and think of strategies to solve them. The topics covered under the mathematical reasoning class 11 assist students in developing critical thinking skills that aid them in approaching a problem using the logic in mathematical reasoning. 

The topics covered in CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths Mathematical Reasoning include:

  • Mathematically acceptable statements
  • Connecting words/ phrases in Mathematical statements consolidating the understanding of "if and only if (necessary and sufficient) condition", "implies", "and/or", "implied by", "and", "our", "there exists" and their use through a variety of examples related to real life and Mathematics
  • Problems based on logical reasoning (coding-decoding, odd man out, blood relation, syllogism, etc.)

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.S. Aggarwal's Mathematics for Class 11: R.S. Aggarwal's series of books have been a popular choice among CBSE students for decades. For Mathematical Reasoning, this book provides a systematic approach with graded levels of questions, which can be very helpful for practice.
  • Arihant Publications: Arihant's series of CBSE-centric books often cover topics in depth, and they might have a version that focuses on Applied Maths, which would be beneficial for Mathematical Reasoning as well.
  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: As previously mentioned, R.D. Sharma's books provide a comprehensive set of problems and explanations. While they are more commonly associated with standard mathematics, they can still offer valuable practice for areas of overlap like Mathematical Reasoning.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Calculus Books

  • Calculus is a division of mathematics that allows you to consider changes in values associated with a function. It plays a vital role in taxes, profit, and revenue calculations, which are very important for any business.
  • The calculus branch of mathematics is made up of two fields- differential calculus and integral calculus.
  • Calculus is used in many different areas, such as physics, astronomy, biology, engineering, economics, medicine, and sociology. 
  • The calculus unit covers topics like Introducing functions, Domain and Range of a function, Types of functions (Polynomial function; Rational function; Composite function; Logarithm function; Exponential function; Modulus function; Greatest Integer function, Signum function), Graphical representation of functions, Concept of limits and continuity of a function, Instantaneous rates of change, Differentiation is a process of finding derivative, Derivatives of algebraic functions using the Chain rule, Tangent line and equations of tangents.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: R.D. Sharma's books have been a mainstay for CBSE students for many years. The detailed explanations and wide array of problems present in these books make them a valuable asset, especially for intricate topics like Calculus.
  • Arihant Publications' All In One Applied Mathematics for Class 11: Arihant Publications has a series of books tailored for CBSE students, which tend to be comprehensive and updated as per the latest syllabus.
  • R.S. Aggarwal's Mathematics for Class 11: R.S. Aggarwal provides a systematic approach to topics, and for Calculus, this book can offer a gradient of problems from basic to advanced, aiding in building a strong foundation.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Probability Books

  • The branch of Probability in Applied Maths usually deals with the outcomes of an event. In most cases, the incident will be random. However, it will have a direct connection with real-life events as well.
  • There are two different types of Probability that are usually included in the syllabus of probability CBSE class 11 applied maths: theoretical probability and experimental probability.
  • The probability topics deal with topics like Random experiments, sample space, events, mutually exclusive events, Independent and Dependent Events, the Law of Total Probability, and Bayes’ Theorem.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: R.D. Sharma's comprehensive approach to topics, especially ones as conceptually demanding as Probability, can be particularly helpful. The book offers a plethora of problems, categorized by difficulty, making it easier for students to progressively challenge themselves.
  • R.S. Aggarwal's Mathematics for Class 11: R.S. Aggarwal's books are known for their systematic breakdown of concepts. The Probability section in his book offers a clear, step-by-step exposition of topics combined with a wide variety of problems for practice.
  • Arihant Publications' All In One Applied Mathematics for Class 11: Arihant's series generally offers in-depth coverage of CBSE subjects. Their approach to Probability might include additional practice problems and concept clarifications, making it a valuable resource.

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CBSE Class 11 Basics of Financial Mathematics Books

  • Financial Mathematics is the application of mathematical methods to financial problems. (Equivalent names sometimes used are quantitative finance, financial engineering, mathematical finance, and computational finance.
  • This topic expects you to develop mathematical language and symbolism to communicate and relate everyday experiences mathematically. The questions in Financial Mathematics, which are asked with Applied Maths Financial Statistics Class 11, test your adaptability to simple arithmetic with complex numbers.
  • It sees application in other fields of mathematics, too, in addition to Arithmetic. Algebraic methods as a means of representation and as a problem-solving tool are an elemental part of Financial Mathematics, and so should it be part of your preparation strategy.
  • Financial Mathematics deals with topics like Interest and interest rate, Accumulation with simple and compound interest, Simple and compound interest rates with equivalency, The effective rate of interest, Present value, net present value, and future value, Annuities, calculating the value of the regular annuity, Simple applications of regular annuities (up to 3 periods), Tax, calculation of tax and simple applications of tax calculation in Goods and service tax, Income Tax, Bills, tariff rates, fixed charge, surcharge, service charge, Calculation and interpretation of electricity bill, water supply bill, and other supply bills.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: R.D. Sharma's books have always been comprehensive. Even if not explicitly labeled for Applied Mathematics, the portions dealing with financial mathematics concepts in this book can be beneficial.
  • Comprehensive Applied Mathematics Vol I & II for Class 11 by Laxmi Publications: Laxmi Publications often goes into depth on specific subjects, making their resources valuable for topics like financial mathematics.
  • Arihant Publications: Known for their wide range of educational books, Arihant might release or already have a book specifically catering to the Applied Mathematics syllabus for Class 11. It's worth checking their latest releases.
  • Business Mathematics by Dr. Sancheti and Kapoor: While this book is traditionally aimed at B.Com students, the basic concepts related to financial mathematics are thoroughly covered. CBSE students can use this for a deeper understanding, but they should be careful to focus only on the topics relevant to their syllabus.

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CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics Coordinate Geometry Books

  • Coordinate Geometry will help you to develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their applications in the field of commerce (business/ finance/economics) and social sciences.
  • It is used to make sense of the data by organizing, representing, interpreting, analyzing, and making meaningful inferences from real-world situations. Coordinate Geometry is used to reinforce mathematical communication by formulating conjectures, validating logical arguments, and testing hypotheses.
  • The coordinate geometry holds a weightage of 13 marks in the CBSE class 11 Applied Maths subject. It deals with topics like Straight Lines, Conic sections (Circles and parabolas), and Introduction to Three - Dimensional Geometry.

CBSE Class 11 Applied Math Books 2024- 

  • R.D. Sharma's Mathematics for Class 11: R.D. Sharma's books are known for their comprehensive coverage and systematic approach. The Coordinate Geometry segment in his book is detailed and comes with a plethora of graded problems for thorough practice.
  • R.S. Aggarwal's Mathematics for Class 11: R.S. Aggarwal's approach to Coordinate Geometry is well-structured and provides students with a step-by-step exploration of the topic. With a mix of solved examples and practice problems, students can solidify their understanding.
  • Arihant Publications' All In One Applied Mathematics for Class 11: Arihant's books often focus on a holistic approach. If they have a version specifically for Applied Mathematics, it could be beneficial for the Coordinate Geometry segment, among other topics.
  • SL Loney's Coordinate Geometry: While this book might be more advanced and has been traditionally recommended for IIT-JEE aspirants, it provides an excellent deep dive into the subject. However, if you choose to refer to this book, make sure to stick to topics relevant to the Class 11 CBSE syllabus and not get overwhelmed with the advanced problems.

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The applied math books for Class 11 by CBSE act as a cornerstone for students aiming to merge theoretical mathematical knowledge with real-world applications, ensuring a robust foundation for future academic and professional pursuits.

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