How to prepare for class 11 Commerce?

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Summary: Enhance your Class 11 Commerce preparations with expert guidance from Shah Nawaz. Dive into key subjects with a structured timetable, grasp the syllabus, and utilize subject-wise strategies. Check out recommended NCERT books and craft effective notes for success.

If you are preparing for class 11 board exams, then following some tips and strategies would definitely help you score better in the exam. This post takes you through detailed information on how to create your Class 11 Commerce Study Plan.

To ease out your preparation, we spoke to Shah Nawaz, a faculty member at Commerce Edge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Commerce subjects). Also, he answered few queries that students usually have while preparing for class 11 exams.

Study Time Table for Class 11 Commerce

As we all know, accountancy, business studies, and economics subjects are the backbone of the commerce stream, Nawaz quoted.

To help you better prepare for class 11 commerce, he recommends following the timetable as mentioned in the table below:

Subject No. of hours a Day
Accountancy 1-2 hours
Business Studies 1 hour (3 days in a week)
Economics 1.5 hours (3 days in a week)
English 30-45 mins
Mathematics 1 hour
Geography 1 hour (for 3 days in a week)

How to Prepare for Class 11 Commerce?

To score good marks in the class 11 board exams, you need a proper preparation strategy, Nawaz said. He suggested the following tips that help enhance your preparation for the class 11 exams.

  • Firstly, understand the Class 11 Commerce Syllabus in-depth
  • After knowing the syllabus, prepare a proper study plan that covers all the topics.
  • Ensure to follow the schedule without fail.
  • Pick any two subjects a day and keep switching between the subjects.
  • Try to avoid 5-6 chapters a day. Instead, pick 2 topics and do it thoroughly.
  • Sometimes, you may miss a few tasks in avoidable conditions but try to cover them up the next day.
  • Try to understand the topics practically, instead of just reading or remembering them.
  • After you are done with all the concepts, practice questions from the previous year's papers. It will help you know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.

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Class 11 Commerce Subject-wise Study Tips

Here are a few section-wise preparation strategies provided by Nawaz. Follow them during your preparation and be exam-ready.

How to prepare for Class 11 Accounts?

For the Accountancy section, you need more and more practice as it involves a lot of calculations. Accountancy of class 11th is quite easy when compared to class 12th. Make sure to spend at least one hour a day for preparing accountancy.

And, try to solve at least 4-5 questions daily from the previous year's papers. In this way, you can increase your speed and calculations.

  • To score more marks in the theory part, you should study the merits and demerits of theory concepts.
  • Make a  note of all rules and formulas.
  • Try to prepare your own notes that include important formulas and points.
  • Practice as many Class 11 Commerce Question Papers and sample papers as possible.

How to prepare for Class 11 Business Studies? 

Business studies subject is a totally theoretical part and it is one of the scoring subjects in class 11.

  • While studying any topic, note down important terms or highlight the definitions which you think are necessary. 
  • Understand all the concepts, definitions, and side headings along with the meanings.
  • Study case studies and practice previous year Class 11 Business Studies Sample Papers.
  • Make sure to follow the information prescribed in your textbooks.
  • If you are a CBSE student, then you can refer to NCERT books.
  • Solve to understand which type of questions can be asked, and the difficulty level of the questions. 

How to Prepare for Class 11 Economics?

Economics is an easy subject and you can score more if studied and understood the topics well, Nawaz said. Be thorough with the theory portions by reading from the recommended books.

Prepare effective notes on definitions, numerical, and formulas. Underline important points by using different colour pens.

  • Try to Memorize all important formulas and practice diagrams and graphs neatly.
  • Draw tables and practice calculations.
  • Solve statistics problems on a weekly basis.
  • You can also solve Class 11 Economics Sample Papers for a better understanding of the paper pattern.

How to Prepare for Class 11 English?

To score well in this subject, you required much extra effort and it is independent of the stream you are in. Read the textbooks, novels carefully at least three times before the examination.

Try to learn at least 5-10 new words and use them in your daily life and writing section. Also, maintaining good handwriting is most important.

Solve more and more questions from the previous year's sample papers and question papers.

How to Prepare for Mathematics?

You required more practice to score well in the mathematics subject. To build your confidence levels, solve NCERT solved examples or any other reference books.

Make a habit of practicing mathematics questions every day.

Solve as many questions as possible from the previous years' sample papers.

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Which Books can I refer to for Class 11 Commerce?

Nawaz mentioned that there are many books available both online and offline, but opting for the right books is important.

To enhance your preparation, you can refer to the following Class 11 Commerce Books.

Subject Book Name Publisher
Accountancy Accounts NCERT Accountancy Book Class 11th
Lekhashastra Vittiya Lekhankan Bhag  NCERT
Business Studies Business Studies NCERT Business Studies Book Class 11th
EconomicsEconomics Economic Statistics NCERT Class 11th Economics Book
Indian Economic Development NCERT Class 11th Economics Book
English Hornbill NCERT Class 11th English Core Book
Snapshot – Supplementary Reader Class 11th English NCERT Book
Mathematics Mathematics Class 11th Maths NCERT Book

How to Make Commerce Class 11 Notes?

Preparing your own notes during preparation will be of great help, Nawaz quoted. You can prepare your own notes by following the simple tips given below.

  • Firstly, try to explain each topic or point in your own words.
  • List out the points under each concept for easy understanding.
  • Write headings to know the essential concepts.
  • Use different color pens for easy recognition of words or important terms or headings.
  • Try to summarize what is there in the textbooks.
  • Create flowcharts that are easy to remember important concepts.

In conclusion, acing your Class 11 Commerce exams requires a blend of strategic planning, dedicated study sessions, and the right resources. With insights from experts like Shah Nawaz and a well-defined study plan, students are well-positioned to navigate the challenges of the syllabus.

Embrace these tips, refer to the suggested NCERT books, and pave your path to academic success.

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