Commerce is one of the challenging subjects for students who have passed out from 10th. Though the subject might look easy and a safe option to choose from among other streams, it requires a lot of hard work to score high. To help students with their preparation, we have come up with detailed Class 11 Commerce preparation strategies, tips, and tricks. 

Commerce Class 11 Study Tips

Some of the quick tips to remember when studying Class 11 Commerce Subjects are:

  • Prepare a proper study plan as per your requirements, and that doesn't affect your daily routine.
  • Ensure to follow the schedule without fail. Sometimes, you may miss a few tasks in avoidable conditions but try to cover them up the next day.
  • Try to study 2-3 subjects in a day. This way, you may not be bored with subjects. 
  • Instead of just reading or remembering topics, try to understand them practically. 
  • Studying doesn't mean 24*7; you must keep reading, make sure to take a rest and refresh yourself.
  • Indulge in activities like indoor or outdoor games, take a quick walk, or you can even take a short nap. 

cbse 11th commerce syllabus

cbse 11th commerce syllabus

Class 11 Commerce Subject-wise Study Tips

This year, due to unexpected situations in the country, the CBSE and ICSE board have reduced the syllabus by nearly 30%. So, it is great news for all students studying in the Class 11 Commerce stream. As per the Class 11 Commerce Syllabus, there are four mandatory subjects while the other two can be chosen from the optional list. 

Let us start understanding detailed preparation methods for each subject. Go through the brief strategies provided below separately for each subject. 

How to prepare for Class 11 Accounts?

  • Be thorough with the basics. Ensure to be clear with all the important topics under basics or introduction to Accounts.
  • This is the first step of learning accounts subject in class 11th. 
  • Refer to the best Class 11 Commerce Books that cover all the topics as per the latest syllabus. T.S.Grewal is the best book recommended by 
  • As the name says, the subject includes 90% of problems. So, it is essential to solving more and more problems. 
  • Try to take up tests to analyze your preparation levels. You can also get more problems from the previous year's papers. 

How to prepare for Class 11 Business Studies?

  • Business studies is another important subject for commerce students. 
  • 30-40% of business studies syllabus is included in Accounts theory. So, make sure to study the topics carefully by understanding in depth.
  • While studying any topic, try to note down important terms or highlight the definitions which you think are necessary. 
  • This will be helpful during last-minute exam preparation.
  • Solve Class 11 Commerce Question Papers to understand which type of questions can be asked, and the difficulty level of the questions. 

How to Prepare for Class 11 Economics?

  • Economics is an easy subject and you can score more if studied and understood the topics well.
  • Be thorough with the theory portions by reading from the recommended books.
  • If paying attention to the class, then it is definitely easy to score more marks without any extra tuition.
  • Solve statistics problems regularly and memorize formulas.
  • You can also download free Class 11 Economics Sample Papers for a better understanding of questions. 

Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation

Now you are clear about how to prepare for Class 11 Commerce subject-wise. Students might definitely think about whether to go for offline tutorials or take up online coaching. There are many misconceptions about both type of coaching, however, the below points will clarify all your doubts on online coaching. 

commerce syllabus for 11th CBSE

commerce syllabus for 11th CBSE

  • By joining online coaching for Commerce, you can majorly save a lot of time.
  • There is no need to travel long distances like offline tutorials. You can take up the coaching at your place and at your convenient time. 
  • You can watch live video classes from top-notch faculties whenever you are free. 
  • Get your doubts clarified from the separate doubt clearing session.
  • Download free study materials in PDF format for each subject. 
  • There is also Subject-wise Class 11 Mock Tests offered by the online coaching classes to test student's preparation levels.,
  • You can even download previous year's question papers to know the difficulty level of the exam and the type of questions asked. 
  • Thus, there are more advantages in taking up Commerce Online Coaching. 

How to Make Commerce Class 11 Notes?

Notes play an essential role during exam preparation. The same is applicable for students studying in the Class 11 Commerce stream. Experts advise preparing notes while studying any topic or concept. The primary question that arises in each student's mind is how to prepare or make these Class 11 Commerce Notes. 

  • Firstly, students must write notes in their language or whichever you are comfortable with. 
  • After listening to the class, try to prepare notes on your own. Begin with what exactly you understand from your class. 
  • Try to summarize what is there in the textbooks. 
  • Write headings to know the essential concepts. List out the points under each concept for easy understanding.
  • Explain each topic or point in your own words. This way, you understand the concept rather than just reading it.
  • Use different color pens for easy recognition of words or important terms or headings.
  • This looks interactive, and you may not get bored with learning.
  • You can also refer to other textbooks for different headings and explanations. 
  • Another way to enhance preparation is to prepare two types of notes: Fair notes and Rough notes.
  • Fair notes are what we have explained above, while rough notes refer to preparation notes. Note down all the important stuff while studying.
  • This increases your speed and helps in remembering all things.
  • You will also be perfect with all topics before the exam. 
  • There is also another method of notes, i.e., flow charts. Students prepare flow charts that are easy to remember important concepts.
  • Students can jot down essential topics and concepts in the form of a flow chart for quick revision. This is an excellent help during last-minute exam preparation. 
  • Thus, students can crack the Class 11 Commerce exam 2020-21 with a high score by following these tricks. 


What is the Class 11 Computer science syllabus?

The Class 11th computer science syllabus include topics omputer systems and organizations, computational thinking and programming-1, society, law, and ethics.

What is the revised Class 11 commerce syllabus for mathematics?

The revised Class 11 commerce syllabus for mathematics includes algebra, sets and functions, coordinate geometry, calculus, and statics and Probability.

What is the importance of Class 11th Commerce question papers?

Go through the importance of Class 11th Commerce question papers listed below:

  • Firstly, previous year question papers will help in knowing different types of questions that can appear in the exam.
  • Candidates can improve their speed and know how to manage time during the exam.
  • It will let candidates where they go wrong and how to improve in those areas.

How to utilize Class 11th Commerce Question papers?

Try to solve the easier questions first as it will increase your confidence. Solve at least one question paper in a day so that you can have time to improve on the weak areas. Note down where you go wrong and how to correct the mistakes. Solve more and more question papers in order to be perfect in all the topics.

Which is the most important subject of commerce for the 11th class?

All the mandatory subjects are important subjects of commerce for class 11th. It is very crucial for individuals to understand the basics of Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics to have a  strong foundation to build a career in Finance.

Which books can I refer to cover CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus?

  • Statistics for Economics Class 11 by VK Ohri and TR Jain
  • Introductory Microeconomics Class 11 by Sandeep Garg
  • Introductory Microeconomics by CB Sachdeva

How many units are there in the revised business studies CBSE Class 11 commerce syllabus?

There are a total of four units in the revised business studies CBSE Class 11 Commerce syllabus and those are as follows:

  • Sources of Business Finance
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Internal Trade
  • International Trade