In order to accomplish any examination with excellent scores, the best preparation strategy that you can avail of is solving the previous year’s question papers. Thus, if you are aspiring to crack the WBPSC judiciary examination, enhance your knowledge and competence by solving the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers beforehand.

WBPSC Judicial Service Previous Papers

For achieving the post of Civil Judge, you ought to crack both the prelims and mains. For that, the WBPSC Judicial Service previous papers can help you out. By solving them, you will be able to comprehend the pattern and types of questions that are usually set on the WBPSC judicial examination. In this write-up, you can go through the PDF question papers and download them as per your convenience.

  • In 2020, WBPSC Judiciary has mentioned around 26 vacancies. Thus, if you are willing to be one among them, then you should be serious regarding your exam preparation.
  • Along with the previous year’s question paper, in this post, you will also get to download the question paper of the year respectively 2016, 2017, and 2018. Hopefully, after solving all of them, you will not only be familiar with the exam pattern but also gain adequate self-confidence.
  • Almost all the experts, as well as the toppers, advise solving the previous question papers regardless of which exam you are appearing for. It will assist you in understanding the difficulty level, which, in turn, prepares you mentally.

Judiciary Online Coaching

Judiciary Online Coaching

Download the WBPSC Judicial Service Question Papers in free of cost

Expectedly, all the candidates have made their own preparation strategy. With the inclusion of practising the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers, you can make your preparation tactic even more favourable. Hence, make sure to download them from the below section. For downloading, you just need to click on the “Download PDF” option.

West Bengal Judiciary Question Papers for 2016: Download PDF

WBPSC Judicial Service Question Papers for 2017: Download PDF

WBPSC Civil Judge Question Papers for 2018: Download PDF

West Bengal Judiciary Previous Year Papers (2019): Download PDF

Benefits of solving the previous question papers of WBPSC Judicial Service

Solving the previous question papers of WBPSC Judiciary is extremely beneficial for the aspirants. Read the below-enlisted points that would help you to understand the importance of practising question papers as a part of your preparation.

  • First of all, by going through and solving the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers, the candidates will be acquainted with the difficulty level. Hence, they can prepare themselves accordingly and modify their preparation strategy if needed to crack the examination in the first attempt.
  • Frequent practice of the previous years' question papers would enhance the speed of the candidates, which, in turn, allows them to answer the whole paper within the time limit.
  • Understanding the question pattern and the type of question that can be set in the papers is extremely important for securing good grades. The clear comprehension is possible if the aspirants solve WBPSC Civil Judge Previous papers efficiently.
  • Lastly yet most importantly, with regular practice of the WBPSC judicial exam papers for both prelims and mains, the candidates can work on their weak points and improve their skills to a great extent.

The tips for utilizing the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers PDF

In some cases, after downloading the question papers, the candidates could not determine how to make the most out of it. If you are in the same dilemma, this particular section can guide you well, so continue reading.

  • Initially, right after getting the pdf, opt for separating the WBPSC Judicial Service prelims previous papers from the mains. It would later save much of your time when you will actually engage yourself in solving the papers.
  • For enhancing your speed and competence it would be better to solve one question per day. On the other hand, you can also choose to solve the papers weekly to evaluate how prepared you are.
  • Try to create a similar ambience of the actual exam hall. It will further help you in combating your exam fear and increasing your self-confidence.
  • While solving the papers, track the time and ensure to finish the paper within the duration of the exam.

Judiciary Online Coaching

Judiciary Online Coaching

How to prepare for the WBPSC Judiciary examination?

All the aspirants are probably aware of the fact that the syllabus of WBPSC Judiciary is undoubtedly vast and intricate. Thus, to cover all the topics proficiently, you need to chalk out a study schedule. The following are some quick tips that you can follow to do well on the papers.

  • Firstly, prepare a precise study routine and accomplish the prearranged tasks and lessons without any procrastination.
  • Go through the legal terminologies in a thorough manner without missing any single one. Only learning the lessons is not enough. Thus, revise the previously learned topics on a regular basis.
  • With shallow knowledge, one could hardly crack the WBPSC exam. Thus, study all the topics starting from its basics to in-depth. Regardless to mention, start solving the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers only when you are done completing the overall syllabus.
  • Keeping all these aside, always study from the latest study materials and reference books while preparing for the WBPSC Judiciary examination.


Should you need to solve additional mock test questions other than the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers?

The more you practice the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers, the better knowledge you would acquire. Thus, apart from the previous years’ papers, you need to solve the sample questions as well to strengthen your knowledge in GK, English, reasoning, and current affairs.

What is the exam pattern for WBPSC Judiciary examination?

The WBPSC examination is conducted in three different phases- prelims, mains, and personal interview rounds. In the preliminary test, the candidates need to solve a total of 200 marks within 2 and a half hours. While appearing in the mains, the candidates require solving 8 compulsory papers and 3 optional papers, each holding 100 marks (3 hours per paper). After cracking both the prelims and mains, the aspirants would appear in the interview round.

What is the salary structure of West Bengal High Court Civil Judge?

Initially, upon joining, the West Bengal High Court Civil Judge would attain Rs. 27700. From next year, he/she will acquire an increment of 770 INR. It will continue until the pay scale reaches Rs. 33090. After that, the judge’s increment will be around 920 till it reaches to Rs 40450. Then, he/she will get a yearly increment of Rs. 1080, increasing the monthly salary to Rs. 44770.

What type of questions are asked in the preliminary examination of WBPSC judiciary?

The candidates need to solve the objective type questions in the WBPSC preliminary exam. The paper comprises all total 200 MCQs, holding one mark for each.