West Bengal Judiciary Question Papers 

Are you an aspirant for the West Bengal Judicial Services Examinations? Then, solving previous year's papers is at most important for better results.

To qualify for the West Bengal PSC Judicial Service Exam, interested students should study these West Bengal Judicial Service Previous Question Papers. Practising a variety of Judicial Service Previous Papers allows applicants to better grasp the standard of questions and become comfortable with the questions. So, download and practise Model Papers as much as possible.

Looking for the question papers PDF? Well, we have provided previous year papers PDF in this post.

So, Why Late!!! Download West Bengal Judiciary Question Papers by clicking on the direct links provided in the post below and start your preparation from today itself.

West Bengal Judicial Service Question Papers PDF Download

Practicing previous year's papers questions papers is one of the best preparation methods to score good marks in the West Bengal Judiciary Exam. 

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By solving previous year papers, you can build your confidence levels, overcome mistakes, and develop smart methodologies to complete the exam with the utmost precision and negligible error. Also, it will help you to understand the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam. 

Practicing previous year's judiciary question paper PDF, you can learn the most time-consuming and the least time-consuming sections in the exam. It will give you an idea about your preparation levels and focus on weak areas.

Before solving question papers, make sure to prepare all the topics as per the West Bengal Judiciary Syllabus.

Sample Questions for West Bengal Judiciary Exam

Along with solving previous papers, you are advised to take up Judiciary Mock Tests on a weekly basis as this will help enhance your preparation levels.

To help you get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam, we have provided some sample questions here.

Q) What is the verb form of "mad"

A) madness

B) maddening

C) madden

D) madly

Q) Use a suitable prefix with 'human' to mean 'above'

A) post

B) ultra

c) super

D) anti

West Bengal Judiciary Exam

Q) Initially OPEC was headquartered at

A) Vienna

B) Geneva

C) Baghdad

D) Tehran

Q) Fill in the blank: QPO, NML, KJI, ---------, EDC





Q) How many fundamental duties are there under Article 51-A of the Constitution of India?

A) 9

B) 10

C) 11

D) 12

Q) The Constitution of India describes India as a 

A) Federation of Independent States

B) Union of States

C) Quasi Federation

D) Dominion of States

Q) A decree for a specific moveable property can be executed

A) by attachment

B) by detention

C) by seizure

D) All of the above

Importance of solving West Bengal Judicial Previous Year Papers

Solving the previous question papers of WBPSC Judiciary Exam is extremely beneficial for you in many ways and those are listed below:

  • You can know the difficulty level of the exam. 
  • It will help you understand the exam pattern and syllabus in depth.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.
  • You can improve speed and accuracy while solving the question papers
  • Also, you can know which topics you are weak and strong, and how to improve in weaker sections.

How to Utilize WBPSC Civil Judge Question Papers?

Following the West Bengal Judiciary Preparation Tips would help you better understand how to utilize previous year papers during your preparation. You can follow the below tips while solving the previous question papers.

  • Firstly, segregate the question papers like prelims and mains.
  • For enhancing your speed and competence it would be better to solve one question per day.
  • Also, you can choose to solve the papers on a weekly basis to analyze your preparation levels.
  • Try to create a similar ambiance to the actual exam hall. It will further help you in combating your exam fear and increasing your self-confidence.
  • While solving the paper, track the time and ensure to finish the paper within the duration of the exam.


Should I need to solve additional mock test questions other than the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers?

The more you practice the WBPSC Civil Judge question papers, the better knowledge you would acquire. Thus, apart from the previous years’ papers, you need to solve the sample questions as well to strengthen your knowledge in GK, English, reasoning, and current affairs.

What is the exam pattern for WBPSC Judiciary examination?

The WBPSC examination is conducted in three different phases- prelims, mains, and personal interview rounds. In the preliminary test, the candidates need to solve a total of 200 marks within 2 and a half hours. While appearing in the mains, the candidates require solving 8 compulsory papers and 3 optional papers, each holding 100 marks (3 hours per paper). After cracking both the prelims and mains, the aspirants would appear in the interview round.

How can I download West Bengal Judicial Question Papers?

You can download the previous year's West Bengal Civil Judge Question Papers by clicking on the direct link provided in the above post.

Do really solving West Bengal Judiciary Question Papers will help score better in the exam?

Yes. As per the experts, solving previous year's papers will help candidates to enhance their preparation and better succeed in the exam. This will also help improve time management skills, speed, and accuracy.

How are West Bengal Judicial Service Preliminary Question Paper useful in preparing for the examination?

It will help you to learn more about the test format, the difficulty level of the test, and the weighting of each subject in the examination which will boost your speed, performance, and knowledge about the most sluggish topics and the least time-consuming topic so that your approach will conveniently cover up all the questions.

Why should I solve West Bengal Judicial Service Preliminary Question Papers?

There are various advantages of solving West Bengal Judicial Service Question Papers such as-

  • You will know which of the topics are most important and can prepare accordingly. 
  • You will get to understand the question pattern which will help you prepare in the correct manner. 
  • It will increase your speed and accuracy on the day of the actual exam.