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Success Story of UP Judiciary Topper Noopur Srivastava with Judiciary Gold Team

Author : Aparna

Updated On : May 15, 2023


Summary: The Uttar Pradesh Judiciary Exam is conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission every year. The entrance examination is conducted to select candidates for the Civil Judge (Junior Division) post in three phases: the Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview.

Preparation without planning is very ineffective. When it comes to Judiciary exams, wherein many candidates take the exam every year; you must perform thorough preparations. 

This article sheds light on the tips and success story of Noopur Srivastava.

If you are appearing for your judiciary exams in the coming year, go through the article and video to gain more insights on Judiciary Preparations

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Interview with UP Judiciary Topper Noopur Srivastava

  • How did Noopur clear her Judiciary exam? 

She planned her studies, applied several strategies, keyword and performed brilliant work over hard work. She took help from her friends and attended other states' prelim exams to understand the nature of the exam. 

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  • What are the preparation tips advised for Judiciary aspirants? 

You can prepare a flexible timetable, start your day with easy subjects to start with a positive mood, analyze ten years of papers, revise law well, and try multitasking.

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  • How to remember the concepts of law? 

Understand the concepts thoroughly to reduce the chances of not remembering them, and revise as much as possible before your examination. Read notes, draw flowcharts of the pictures of bare acts, etc. 

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

  •  What is essential and must be covered comprehensively?

Study Bare acts thoroughly. It's essential to understand them. For procedural laws, check textbooks, and civil court procedures, Noopur relied on bare acts. 

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  • Should one study for mains and prelims together? 

Divide the syllabus, read bare acts, and prepare for mains and prelims simultaneously, as 40 days gap is not enough for mains preparations. Cover main bare acts while preparing for prelims. 

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  • How to prepare for the GK portion?

Prepare for static GK, check the topics interests you begin with, check in each state what kind of GS questions are asked, and if it's a polity, study them accordingly. History, environment, international law, etc., are prepared for GS. Survey questions are also asked. Purchase a yearly magazine, history, geography study, and study guides. Study 2-3 GK every day. 

judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching
  • Should one target many states? 

Target home state, focus on one condition. In preparing for many states, dates might overlap. 

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  • What was the Noopur interview process experience?

She was confident, honest, and prepared for common questions like what changes will you bring to the current judiciary system? Be aware of all current affairs etc. Your demeanour will be checked. Prepare your CV well. 

  • What happens if one loses confidence in the interview? 

Be honest and tell the exact reason.

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  • What was the driving force for Noopur?

Family's support and determination for a prestigious job.

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