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MPCJ Mains Batch and MPCJ Mains Test Series Combo Package

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    10 May 2022

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    11:00 AM


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    There is no provision for order cancellation. Toprankers reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at its sole discretion.
    We provide a test series for MPCJ mains Examination, MPCJ Mains Batch with Live & Recorded Sessions as well as a combo package containing Test series, Sessions and Study material.
    5 subject tests and 5 Comprehensive Mocks will be provided.
    It will enhance your preparation for MPCJ Mains, the combo package contains tests, sessions and study material for an overall preparation.
    The recorded lectures can be played 3X
    The course will be valid till the MPCJ Mains Examination.

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    MPCJ Mains Batch 2022:

    1. Live+Recorded Sessions
    2. Classes on Judgement Writing
    3. Practice Sessions for Precise Writing (Summarization)
    4. Practice Sessions for Translation and Language Paper

    MPCJ Mains Test Series 2022:

    1. 5 Subject Test Papers (Covering all the Subjects of MPCJ) with Model Answers+Voice Notes+Evaluation
    2. 5 Comprehensive Mocks based completely on the MPCJ Mains Pattern with Model Answers+Evaluation
    3. Exhaustive Leaderboard after every single Subject Test to give you a clear idea of your standings
    4. Top-3 students will be given prize money by Judiciary Gold
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