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How To Prepare for UP Judiciary General Studies 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : May 15, 2023


SummaryThe GK section of the UP Judiciary Exam consists of questions about Indian history, geography, politics, science, current events, and general knowledge. The questions may be based on topics such as the Indian Constitution, Indian political system, Indian economy, Indian culture, Indian legal system, and international relations. Candidates are expected to grasp general science and general knowledge topics well.

General studies subject is an integral part of the UP Judicial Services Exam, both for preliminary and mains. Preparing for this subject is as important as preparing for law subjects, as it has a separate paper for general studies.

In the prelims exam, you will get multiple-choice questions; in the mains, subjective questions are asked about this topic.

You can easily crack this paper with the proper guidance. Are you looking for effective strategies? Read through! 

Our experts at Judiciary Gold (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Judiciary exams) have curated some simple tips and tricks on preparing for the UP Judiciary general studies paper in this post.

Before going through the tips, let us understand the critical topics from the exam point of view.

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Essential Topics for UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation 2023

Most of you might neglect the general studies subject, thinking the syllabus is vast. However, this paper plays a vital role in qualifying for the UP PCS J Exam.

You can score good marks on this paper by following an innovative study plan and preparation tips.

The following are some important topics for UP Judiciary General Studies that you need to focus on for the upcoming exam.

  1. History: You must focus on ancient, modern, and medieval history. You can refer to NCERT books and Bipan Chandra for contemporary history.
  2. Geography: For covering this topic, you mainly need to focus on NCERT books, especially from the 9th standard to the 11th standard.
  3. Polity: Focus mainly on concepts of constitutional law like federalism, centre-state relations, fundamental rights, and many more.
  4. General Science: You must cover concepts like force, motion, the human body, etc.
  5. Current Affairs: This section is a little bit tricky and challenging. You can only predict the areas where the questions can be asked but are unsure. Hence, daily reading newspapers daily can be helpful.
judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching

How to Prepare for General Studies for UP Judiciary Exam 2023? 

As said above, the general studies paper is a high-scoring section, and you can score full marks with the right preparation strategy.

To ease your preparation, our experts at Judiciary Gold (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Judiciary exams) have curated a few tips for UP Judiciary exam preparation.

Following these tips on preparing for UP Judiciary general studies would help you score good marks in this paper.

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Smart Study

  • Preparing an intelligent study plan would help you fetch more marks.
  • Try to focus only on essential topics rather than studying all the issues.
  • Along with Law subjects, allocate 1.5 - 2 hours of your daily time for General Studies preparation.

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Focus on Current Affairs

  • The foremost tip shared by the experts for the UP Judiciary General Studies exam is to focus on current affairs.
  • Be well-versed in what is happening in the country and worldwide. The weightage of questions from current affairs has recently seen a considerable surge.
  • Follow Daily Current Affairs to stay updated about all the latest issues happening across the globe. 

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Make Newspaper Reading a Habit

Newspaper plays a vital role while preparing for the current affairs section. Make sure to dedicate at least one hour to newspaper reading daily.

This will give you a multi-dimensional view of current events worldwide and help you form a thought process and opinions. 

  • You can find many newspapers. However, the most reliable is The Hindu and The Indian Express.
  • You cannot just read the newspapers randomly. Instead, pick the important news. 
  • Don't read irrelevant news or political news. 
  • Jot down the important news related to government schemes, necessary person death, and an agreement between countries, which will help your revision.

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UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Solve Previous Year's Question Papers

Solving previous year's question papers will be a perfect option for topics including history and geography.

By analyzing the previous year's question papers of the UP Judiciary Exam, you will get an idea about the types of questions asked and the essential topics to focus on from the exam point of view.

Also, solve as many as sample papers from different UP PCS J coaching institutes,  it will help to estimate which topics are prominent in the general studies subject and focus more on those topics.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Prioritize Preparation from Bare Act

As is said, 'Bare Act is the Bible, ' which is true. If you know enough about Bare Act, your preliminary exams will be easy to crack.

Emphasize topics related to constitutions, primarily dictated by the honourable Supreme Court.

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Refer to Recommended Books 

  • For general studies preparation, you can refer to Lucent or Ghatnachakra, highly recommended books for the UP Judiciary exam.
  • Ghatnachakra's book provides a compilation of questions from each topic. Also, this book contains questions asked in the previous year's judiciary exams.
  • You can refer to NCERT Class 11 & 12 Geography and Economics books.
  • While studying Lucent's book, you must focus more on Modern History than Ancient and Medival History.

UP Judiciary General Studies Preparation - Make Quick Notes for Revision

  • Please don't refer to multiple resources, as it will create confusion.
  • You can choose any 2 to 3 reliable sources and stick to them.
  • Prepare notes on a 5-year plan (titles and objectives), nationalization of banks, historical events, and banking systems.
  • Also, study the environment and recent developments on its front as well.

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