UP PCS J Preparation Tips 2021-22

An aspirant for the UP Judicial Services exam but doesn't know what to prepare for the exam? Are you wondering how to start your preparation for the UP PCS J Exam?surprise

Well, no need to worry! This post curates the best UP PCS J Preparation Tips for prelims, mains, and interview rounds.

So, What are you Looking for!indecision Follow the tips given below and enhance your preparation for the upcoming exam.

How to Prepare for UP Judiciary Exam 2021-22?

Many of you might be thinking about when I should start my preparation, how I should plan my preparation and more. Well, Don't worry!!

To ease out your preparation, Our experts from Judiciary Gold have provided some of the best tips in this post. Following these tips would definitely help you crack the exam on the first attempt.

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  • It is advised to begin preparation at least six months before the exam as the syllabus is vast.
  • Before creating a study plan, make sure to understand the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.
  • In the UP Judiciary exam, most of the questions are asked from the 22 Bare Acts. Hence, it is essential to allocate at least 1-2 hours a day for preparing bare acts.
  • If you are already well versed with any topic, then give less time for that topic. Instead, concentrate on the topic you are weak.
  • Try to solve at least 1-2 previous year's Questions Papers of UP Judiciary weekly to improve your time management skills and speed.
  • Also, ensure to prepare your own notes for both prelims and mains from the major and minor topics of the syllabus.

UP Judiciary mock test

UP Judiciary mock test

What are the Important Topics under UP Judiciary Syllabus?

You are advised to focus more on topics like Indian history and Indian culture, Indian geography, Indian politics, current national affairs, India and world, Indian economics, International affairs, etc., to score good marks in the upcoming exam.

Before starting the preparation, it is important to go through the detailed Syllabus for UP Judicial Services Exam, as this will help you know the important topics from the exam point of view. 

Civil Procedure Code Indian Penal Code
Criminal Procedure Code Current national affairs
Hindu Law Constitutional Law
Law of contracts Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land reforms Act 1951
UP Consolidation of Holding Act Indian history and Indian culture

UP PCS J Preparation tips for Prelims Exam 2021

  • As the prelims exam consists of two papers, make sure to set a different preparation strategy for each paper. 
  • Follow reverse engineering technique, i.e., start from solving MCQs and then move to solve Bare Act questions like the long answer questions while preparing for the prelims exam.
  • Focus on topics like the Indian national movement, Geography, current affairs from the last six months, and static GK of UP.
  • Make sure to prepare a question bank of 50 questions from each major topic and create 50 HOTS questions, as this question bank will help you at the time of revision.
  • Note down questions from the previous year's papers, and make sure to practice those questions as part of your preparation. 
  • Take up UP Judiciary Mock Tests regularly to test your preparation levels and improve in weak areas.
  • Practice as many speed tests as possible to enhance your speed and accuracy.


Practicing more and more questions from the previous year's papers is most important to get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam and improve your time management skills.

Also, practice will help you in two ways:

  1. Building your confidence levels
  2. Improving speed

UP PCS J Preparation Tips for Mains Exam 2021

Here, we have provided some simple tips to help you plan your Mains Preparation for the UP Civil Judge exam.

  • When preparing for the General Knowledge section, focus on the issue-based current affairs, historical events, constitution, amendments, polity, dates, etc.
  • Make sure you are well caught up with the current and contemporary legal developments and issues.
  • Also, make a habit of reading newspapers daily as this will help you have a better grip on the English language.
  • Creating substantive law outlines or referring to the notes from law books will help you in excelling in the substantive law subject.
  • Make a habit of writing comprehensive answers instead of writing long answers.
  • Follow Daily Current Affairs to keep yourself updated about all the happenings around the world regularly.
  • Opt for books and resources that have detailed information of the law of contracts, the law of Partnership, the law concerning easements and TORTS, Law relating to the transfer of property, including the principles of equity, principal of equity, etc.
  • Solve as many previous year papers as possible to know the different types of questions asked in the exam.

judiciary online coaching

judiciary online coaching

UP PCS J Preparation Tips for Interview 2021

Most of you might be worried about How to Prepare for Up Judiciary Interview. Well, you can follow the simple instructions given below to crack the interview easily.

  • The most important thing when you are going for an interview is that you should be confident.
  • Watch online videos related to the presentation, personal development, etc.
  • Ensure to prepare contemporary topics especially related to the field of law.
  • You must be thorough with the Bare Acts, as this will help you answer tricky questions easily in the interview.
  • Prepare a list of UP PCS J Interview Questions that are commonly asked and revise them regularly.
  • You should see as many mock test interviews online as possible to understand how interviewers will ask the questions and the atmosphere inside the interview room.
  • Understand your strengths and weakness and try to work on them.

How to Prepare for UP Judiciary General Studies 2021?

Follow the simple tips provided below to know how to plan your General Studies Preparation for UP PCS J Exam.

  • The first and foremost tip shared by the experts for the preparation of general studies is focusing on current affairs. Be well-versed with what is happening currently in the country and around the world. 
  • Emphasize the constitution law, especially dictated by the honorable Supreme Court.
  • Watching the news for at least 45 minutes will help you stay updated about all the current events.
  • Prepare your notes that include the nationalization of banks, historical events, banking systems, etc.

How to Master in Bare Acts for UP Judiciary Exam 2021?

Solving previous year's papers will help you cover almost 80 percent of the syllabus. You can follow the Preparation Tips for Bare Acts given below while attempting the last year's papers.

  • Make a chart for each act as per year-wise and start your preparation accordingly.
  • Read the content from each section and observe it. Try to write the definition of each act as a oneliner word.
  • Try to read all the definitions of bare acts and practice them without seeing them.
  • Also, candidates need to attempt the other state judiciary exam papers as part of the Judiciary Exam Preparation and that will help candidates understand the different modes. Thattioning style.
  • Read such-wise MCQs from the books and solve them regularly.
  • Focus on the latest amendments of every act of the UP Judiciary Syllabus.

Which are the Best UP PCS J Preparation Books 2021?

Referring to the best books that cover the entire syllabus is one of the most important things during the UP Judicial Services Exam Preparation.

You can refer to the following best books for UP Judiciary while preparing for the exam.

Subject Book Name Author
Criminal Law, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act Bear Act Criminal Manual Universal
Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure  K.N. Chandrashekaran Pillai
Indian Evidence Act The Law of Evidence Central Law Agency


How to Prepare for UP Judiciary?

UP Judiciary Preparation 2021 is not a big deal that the internet makes it to be. With the right books, consistent revision, and proper time management, anyone can crack the exam. Read the article thoroughly to know how to crack the UP PCS J Exam.

How to Prepare for UP Judiciary General Studies?

Preparing for UP Judiciary General Studies, you will have go after individual subjects that make up General Studies to be able to get good at it. That includes History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Ecology, Science and Current Affairs.

How to prepare for UP Judiciary Prelims exam?

Make a study plan that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus and start your preparation accordingly for the exam. Read all the definitions of care acts and practice them without seeing them. Focus on the latest amendments of each and every act of  UP Judiciary Syllabus to score good marks in the exam.

What are the important topics that need to be prepared under paper 2 syllabus of UP PCS J Exam?

International Organizations, Current International Affairs, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Penal Code are some of the topics that need to be prepared under paper 1 syllabus of UP PCS J Exam.

Is there any recommended newspaper for UP judiciary exam?

One can read any good newspaper for Current Affairs preparation, Usually The Hindu is preferred by judiciary exam aspirants due to its precise and concise articles.

What is the best way to prepare for the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service examination?

The best way to start the preparation of the Uttar Pradesh civil judge examination is that you should follow the reverse mechanism technique i.e. candidate should start preparing for the mains examination after that automatically you will be covering the prelims syllabus also.