UP PCS J 2020 is conducted for recruitment of Civil Judges (Junior Division) for the state of Uttar Pradesh. UPPSC PCS J Civil Judge (Junior Division) 2020 is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after state-level judicial service exams across India. This not only makes it a dream for millions of candidates but also equally hard and competitive to get.

It is such a competitive exam where even a difference of 1 mark can either get you selected as Civil Judge under Allahabad High Court or get you out of the process to try another year. This calls for proper guidance and awareness about how the processes work in UP PCS J 2020 and what are the UP PCS J 2020 Preparation Tips that actually work and are not a sham by coaching institutes to lure you into paying them hefty sums. But before we begin telling you how and what to do regarding your UP PCS J Preparation, let us first look at how the UP PCS J Exam is conducted.

UP PCS J Preparation Tips

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, UPPSC is the convener of UPPSC PCS J 2020. The Commission, UPPSC releases the UP PCS J Notification for the recruitment of Civil Judges. This year in 2020, there is expected to be almost 600 total vacancies (including category vacancies) against which millions of candidates will be filing applications. Do you already feel the heat of competition here? Well, hold on to that while we tell you more about the exam. Parallelly we will also debug all your worries and queries regarding UP PCS J 2020 Preparation.

UPPSC PCS J is a three-stages examination: Prelims, Mains, Interview. UPPSC PCS J Prelims is a stage where your accuracy and your raw knowledge about the subject is tested. Since the questions asked in the exam are of objective type, one has to know the exact answer to be able to solve the question which makes it a little tricky than the mains level of the exam which is subjective in nature.

But it also has a positive side to it. Since it is only a one-word answer, and you are not expected to know the complete story behind the question, it gets easier for you to at least find out the options relevant to the question if you have done your UP PCS J Preparation thoroughly. It is said that the prelims level is a screening round to weed out the not-serious candidates from the process. We want you to succeed in the process and all the next ones to come. We will share with you brief information on how to prepare for the UP judiciary. Tune with us.

Delhi judiciary eligibility

Delhi judiciary eligibility

Let your UP PCS J Syllabus be the Guiding Light

While researching about the article, I came across a beautiful thought which most of the UPSC toppers share about their Syllabus, Let it be your guiding light. In the darkness of unsurity and the unknown, let your syllabus be the guiding light. This not only is a very beautiful message but is in fact tells you a lot about the significance the syllabus has.

This holds true for UP PCS J Preparation too. While referring to books and other reference material, one must always keep a copy of UP PCS J Syllabus beside. To help figure out what is relevant in the book and what is not.

Befriend the Books

Books are the first and the only friends you should be giving priority to in your UP PCS J Preparation. They keep your preparation relevant, help you not get deviated from the main course of the papers that fetch you most of the score. There are a multitude of books available on the internet and all of them are equally good. So, we will suggest you to not waste any time in comparing which one is good and which one is not. And just get any of the available UPPSC PCS J Preparation Books.

In order to help you skip the search on the internet, we have listed a few good books that can help you with your memorable journey to becoming a Civil judge.

  • Singhal’s UP Judicial Service Examination
  • EBC's Master Guide to Judicial Services Examination For All States
  • Uttar Pradesh/ Uttarakhand Judicial Services Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Examination Guide
  • Uttar Pradesh Civil Judge Junior Division Main Examination Solved Papers (English, Paperback, R.P. Mishra)

Previous Year Papers and Answer Writing

The most elemental part of UPPSC J Preparation is UP PCS J previous year papers. They are the key. Candidates are highly suggested to solve, study and analyse the patterns in UPPSC PCS J Previous Year Papers from at least 10 years prior to their year of examination. This will not only help them understand the pattern but will also equip them to respond to any unexpected changes thrown by the question paper at the very last minute.

There are lots of UP PCS J Previous Year Paper books available in the market and online which can be used to strengthen their Judiciary preparation.

The Mains level of the UPPSC Judiciary exam is a little different than the Preliminary. Firstly, the questions asked are subjective in nature. Candidates are expected to throw light upon the topic. This includes a detailed answer with an explanation of the current situation in question, the context of how it came to be in place and the impact it holds on present and future to come.

In talks with a UP PCS J qualified Civil Judge of the Batch 2018, We came to know that answer Writing of Uttar Pradesh Judiciary is of textbook nature. And questions asked have a pattern which has been followed over the years.

After the successful completion of Mains level, qualified students are invited to the final round of interview. Upon the basis of cumulative marks obtained by students in UP PCS J Mains and Interview round, High Court of Prayag Raj prepares the UPPSC PCS J merit list and candidates securing rank within the merit list are invited to join the prestigious rank as Civil Judges.

Like every other exam, Previous Year papers are the spine of UPPSC PCS J Preparation. Candidates who will thoroughly solve UP PCS J Previous Year Papers will definitely have an edge and advantage over candidates with directionless preparation. UP PCS J Previous Year Papers should be an elemental part of every PCS J Aspirant’s Preparation Strategy and in their journey of becoming Civil Judge from an Aspirant.

Moreover, as mentioned above; the questions asked in the UPPSC PCS J exam are repetitive and it is highly likely that some questions from the UP PCS J Previous Year Papers are repeated in your paper. Also, solving previous year papers will help you get a grip on the questions of repetitive nature in the examination.

Solving UP PCS J Mains Previous Year Papers will surely help candidates understand that pattern and will help in their preparation.

Delhi judiciary eligibility

Delhi judiciary eligibility

Don’t dread the Current Affairs

This is the most dreaded section by candidates when it comes to Preparing for any civil services examination. And that is most probably because most of us are doing it wrong. Instead of breaking the syllabus in small milestones and proper revision, we try to mug it all up from the printed notes of benefiting from your money coaching institutes.

Current affairs are something which should be studied thoroughly and understood clearly. Because every news that you read in your newspaper forma chain that keeps going on. What you read today will have a follow up in the next week which will have a follow up in the week after.

So, the first step towards mastering current affairs is making notes. You read the entire news and make one or two bullet points about it. And you revise them every day. This will not only help you strengthen your Current Affairs but will also help you in other subjects of your UPPSC PCS J Preparation.

Wield your Weapon through Revision

Revision is the final nail in your wall of UP PCS J Preparation. Consistent and regular revision clubbed with solving Previous year Papers will take you a long way. Revision not only helps you keep the things mugged up but also trains your brain to mind map all the stored knowledge which is going to definitely help tackle the surprises thrown by question papers at you on the D Day.


How to Prepare for UP Judiciary?

UP Judiciary Preparation 2020 is not a big deal that the internet makes it to be. With right books, consistent revision and proper time management, anyone can crack the exam. Read the article thoroughly to crack you next UP PCS J Exam.

How to Prepare for UP Judiciary General Studies?

Preparing for UP Judiciary General Studies, you will have go after individual subjects that make up General Studies to be able to get good at it. That includes History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Ecology, Science and Current Affairs.