Are of aware of which book to refer to for UP Judicial Services Exam? Well, this post shall explain best UP Judiciary Books for prelims and mains session. 

There are many books available for each subject in UP Judiciary Exam, but preparing from the right book is important. Hence, our subject experts from Judiciary Gold have prescribed the best books that explain concepts in-depth and better succeed in the upcoming UP PCS J exam.

To ease out your preparation, we have assembled a list of the Best Books for the UP Judiciary Exam in this post.

UP Judiciary Books 2021

Following the UP Judiciary Preparation Tips provided by experts will help you know how to utilize books during your preparation.  A lot of books are available both offline and online for the UP Judiciary exam, but opting for the best book for each subject is difficult for many students.

The below table shows the list of best law books for the UP Judiciary Exam. 

Book Name Author Price
Textbook on Indian Penal Code K.D Gaur Rs. 800
The Law of Evidence Batuklal Rs. 550
Indian Contract Act R.K. Bangia Rs. 360
Modern Hindu law Paras Diwan Rs. 580
Limitation Act J.D. Jain Rs. 204
Civil Procedure with Limitation Act C.K. Takwani Rs. 653

up judiciary mock test

up judiciary mock test

Best UP Judiciary Books for Prelims 2021

Along with referring to the books, you are advised to solve at least 1-2 UP Judiciary Question Papers a day to know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam. Go through the subject-wise important books for the preparation of the UP Judiciary prelims exam from the post below.

Book Name Author
Constitution Bare Act MP Jain / MP Laxmikant
Code of Civil Procedure C.K Takwani
Indian Evidence Act Batuklal
Hindus Law Bare Acts Paras diwan
Muslim Laws Akil Ahmed
Transfer of Property Acts- TPA Bare Act Poonam Prashant
Limitation Bare Act J.D Jain
Law of Torts R.K Banghiya

Best Books for UP Judiciary Mains Exam 2021

Before starting the preparation, you are advised to choose the best books that cover all the topics as per the latest UP Judiciary Syllabus 2021.  The UP PCS J Mains Exam constitutes five subjects namely General Knowledge, Law, Substantive Law, Procedure and evidence, Penal, Revenue & Local Laws.

Subject Book Author
 Jurisprudence A Textbook of Jurisprudence Avtar Krishen Koul
Jurisprudence: The Legal Theory B.N. Mani Tripathi
 Constitution Indian Constitutional Law Prof. M.P. Jain
Constitutional Law of India J.N. Pandey
Hindu Law  Family Law Dr. U.P.D. Kesari
Law of Marriage & Divorce Dr. Paras Diwan
 Muslim Law Outlines of Mohammedan Law Asaf A. A. Fyzee
Principles of Mohammadan Law Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla
 Contract Textbook on Law Of Contract & Specific Relief Avtar Singh
Contract – I and Specific Relief Act S. K. Kapoor
Sale of Goods Act Law of Sale of Goods Avtar Singh
Partnership Act Introduction to Law of Partnership Avtar Singh
Law of Torts The Law of Torts Rattan Lal & Dhiraj Lal
Property Law and Easement Property Law Poonam Pradhan Saxena
Crpc Criminal Procedure Code R.V. Kelkar
 IPC The Indian Penal Code Rattan Lal & Dhiraj Lal
Criminal Law  P.S.A. Pillai
 Evidence  Law of Evidence Vepa P. Sarthi
Law of Evidence Batuk Lal
The Law of Evidence Rattan Lal & Dhiraj Lal
CPC Civil Procedure C.K. Takwani
Negotiable Instrument Act The Negotiable Instrument Act O. P. Faizi

up judiciary preparation

up judiciary preparation

Best Books for General Knowledge for UP Judiciary

Referring to the best Judiciary Exam Books will help improve your general knowledge. Check out the table below to know the best UP Judiciary 2021 Exam Books for the preparation of general knowledge.

Book Name Author
General Knowledge Arihant Publications
General Knowledge Manohar P
General Knowledge Lucent
Objective General Knowledge Sanjiv Kumar

How to Utilize UP Judiciary Books?

 There is a certain way to study in order to mug as much as possible in a single read. You can follow the instructions mentioned below to make your book reading for UP PCS J effective.

  •  Make short notes
  •  Use visual representations like flow charts, diagrams
  •  Don’t clog yourself with books
  •  Revise the books at least twice
  •  Refer your notes along with books while revising topics


Are the UP Judiciary Books available online?

Yes. The best books for UP Judiciary are available online.

Can I find UP Judiciary books for prelims in Hindi?

Yes. The UP Judiciary books for prelims are available in Hindi as well. 

Which is the best book for the preparation of UP Judiciary Prelims Exam?

  • Constitution of India- Bare act, MP Jain
  • Code of civil procedure - Takwani
  • Transfer of property act- Poonam Pradhan

What are the most recommended books for the preparation of UP Judiciary Indian Evidence Act?

The following books are the most recommended books for the preparation of Indian Evidence Act:

  • Indian Evidence Act by Batuklal
  • Textbook on the Indian evidence Act by  KD Gaur
  • Law of Evidence by Vepa P. Sarthi

List some important books for the preparation of UP Judiciary Hindu Laws?

  • Law of Marriage & Divorce by Dr. Paras Diwan
  • Modern Hindu Law by Dr. U.P.D. Kesari

Should I make online notes or offline notes?

You are advised to make notes in which you feel most comfortable. However, experts suggest that note-making shout be online since it can be organized in a much better way.