How To Prepare GK For UP Judiciary Exams 2022

Kya gk padhna jaruri hai? surprise Many of you must have got this double thought while preparing for GK section of the judiciary exam.

It is very necessary to understand that GK is vital in every prospect.

Excelling GK section can you grab those extra marks and help you stand out with a good rank.

Also, preparing for the General knowledge is as important as preparing for law subjects as it has a separate paper in the UP PCS J exam.

In the prelims exam, you will get multiple-choice questions, and in the mains, subjective questions are asked from this subject. Also, you can expect questions based on current affairs in the interview round.

Hence, GK plays a vital role in qualifying for the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Exam. This post shall guide you through some tips and tricks on how to prepare GK for the UP PCS J Exam, essential topics, best books, and more.

Important GK Topics for UP PCS J Exam 2022

As per the previous year's trends, the questions are mainly based on Indian politics, Indian history, Indian culture, India and world, etc.

Check out the table given below to know the essential topics that need to be prepared in general knowledge section for the Upcoming Judiciary Exams 2022.

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Indian history and Indian culture Indian geography
Indian politics Current national affairs
India and world Indian economics
International affairs International Organizations
Science and technology Information technology and space

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GK Preparation Tips for UP Judiciary Exam 2022

Most of us often overlook the GK section and procrastinate it till the end. And, normally when the admit cards are out we start revising the other subjects, again ignoring the GK section. This approach is incorrect as it directly hampers the opportunity of securing easy marks from this section. 

You must require a proper preparation strategy to crack this section with a high score.

The best way to prepare for the GK paper is to maintain consistency in making judiciary notes from newspapers and revising all the essential news regularly.

To ease your GK preparation, we have curated the best Preparation Tips for UP Judiciary Exam provided by our expert faculty at Judiciary Gold. 

You also prepare for currents affairs by watching you tube channels that will help you stay updated about all the happenings around the world.

Do Smart Study

  • Preparing an intelligent study plan would help you fetch more marks in this section.
  • Try to focus only on essential topics rather than studying all the subjects.
  • Along with Law subjects, allocate at least 1.5 - 2 hours of your daily time for GK.

Know the Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, make sure to go through the detailed GK syllabus for UP Judiciary Exam.

Mainly the GK section is broadly divided into two categories: Static and Current Affairs. 

Most of the questions are solely based on Indian Economy, Geography, Indian History, Current Affairs, art and culture, the person in the news, and Science.

In the UP PCS J Exam, you can expect 4-5 questions from the science category.

UP Judiciary mock test

UP Judiciary mock test

Recommended GK Books

  • For static GK, you can refer to Lucent GK or Ghatnachakra as these are highly recommended UP Judiciary Books for GK Preparation by experts and toppers.
  • Ghatnachakra's book provides a compilation of questions from each topic. Also, this book contains GK questions asked in the previous year's judiciary exams.
  • Lucent GK's book covers all the topics of Static GK. While studying this book, you need to focus more on Modern History than Ancient and Medival History.
  • Make sure to highlight important questions and most commonly asked questions from these books.

Newspaper Reading

  • Newspaper plays a vital role while preparing for the Daily Current Affairs section.
  • You can find many newspapers. However, the most reliable is The Hindu and The Indian Express.
  • You cannot just read the newspapers randomly. Instead, pick the important news. 
  • Don't read irrelevant news or political news. 
  • Jot down the important news related to government schemes, meaningful person death, and an agreement between countries, which will help your revision.

Practice Current Affairs Quiz

  • Practice is the key to preparing well for the current affairs section.
  • By solving daily current affairs questions and monthly quizzes, you can build your confidence levels and analyze your preparation levels.
  • Also, you can take up Indian Monthly Current Affairs Quiz as this will help you revise full month news.

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Focus on Science 

Science is an essential segment in the UP Judiciary Exam. You can refer to Lucent GK for reading topics related to science.

Practice as many questions as possible from GK today as this will help you get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.

judiciary online coaching

judiciary online coaching

Previous Year Paper Analysis

  • By analyzing the previous year's Question Papers of the UP Judiciary Exam, you will get an idea about the difficulty level of the questions.
  • Also, you can know on which topics the questions are asked consistently.
  • You can estimate which topics are prominent in the GK section and focus more on those topics.

Make Notes for GK

  • Please don't refer to multiple resources as it will create confusion.
  • Try to choose any 2 to 3 reliable sources and stick to them.
  • Do not get demotivated by seeing other's preparation.

Attempt Mock Tests

  • Practicing mock tests is one of the best preparation methods to enhance your time management skills and speed in the final exam.
  • With the help of UP Judiciary Mock Tests, you can build your confidence levels.
  • Experts recommend attempting at least 1-2 mock tests weekly to analyze your preparation levels.


What type of GK questions are asked in UP Judiciary Exam?

You an expect general and state specific GK questions in UP Judicial Services Exam. 

How can I better prepare GK for UP PCS J Exam?

You can follow the tips given in the above post to score well in the GK paper of UP Judicial Services examination.

Which is the best book for GK preparation for UP Judiciary Exam 2021?

Lucent GK is one of the best books for GK preparation for UP Judicial Services Exam.

Which is the best newspaper for the UP Judiciary GK preparation?

One can read any good newspaper for while preparing for GK section. Usually, The Hindu is preferred by judiciary exam aspirants due to its precise and concise articles.

How are UP Judiciary Exams Question Papers useful in preparing for the GK section?

It will help you to learn more about the test format and the difficulty level of the test. Also, you can improve your speed, performance, and knowledge about the type of topics asked in the exam.