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Mastering the Art of Skipping for IPMAT 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : June 8, 2023


IPMAT is a five-year IPM course admission test administered by IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak (Integrated Program in Management). IIM Indore offers a dual degree program (Bachelors + Masters) for candidates who have completed the 12th standard. 

It is a program that allows students to enter an IIM immediately after finishing the 12th grade. Aspirants must pass the IPMAT in order to be considered for admission to the IPM program. Shortlisted candidates must then pass the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). 

Nirma University, in addition to IIM Indore, accepts IPMAT scores for admission to its BBA-MBA integrated program. IIM Rohtak has also launched an Integrated Program in Management and has its own IPMAT for admissions.

This article is about the ‘Art of Skipping’ for IPMAT and how it can significantly improve your overall score and competitive ranking. Let’s learn how you can use the Art of Skipping for AIMAT and boost your scores.

What is the Art of Skipping?

Art of Skipping is a quantifiable strategy where you first attempt all the questions that you are 100% sure of getting right. And not wasting time on questions you can’t answer or are doubtful of getting right.

Although it sounds simple, it is not that easy to apply. Worry not; this article will tell you strategies you can use to successfully execute the Art of Skipping for IPMAT.

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How does the Art of Skipping Help you?

The basic premise of this is to skip the questions that are tough, or you are unsure of. By doing this, you save your precious time.

Attempting all the easy questions that you are sure of or are easy allows you to attempt a maximum number of questions very quickly. Usually, we tend to go through the questions in a linear fashion as given in the question paper, and when we stumble upon a harder question, we start worrying, and the pace of solving the questions goes down.

When you save time, you already beat out your competition by a significant margin. Adding to the factor of time, this method also boosts your confidence.

Attempting all the easy questions first, you are in the positive mental zone since you know you are getting all those questions right, which ultimately boosts your confidence.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Let us understand the concept of the Art of Skipping

The Art of Skipping is backed by quantifiable results. Reports have shown that your score can increase by 30 to 35% if Art of Skipping is applied. It has also shown that your marks can increase by 20 even by answering 5 questions.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you and your friend are writing the exam. Your friend is going through each question one after one in line, and you are using the Art of Skipping to attempt the questions you are 100% sure of.

When you both encounter a tough question, your friend gets busy solving that particular question while you have skipped to an easier question leaving the tough one for later. In such a scenario, your friend will most probably miss out on the last questions because of the time limit. At the same time, you managed to grab all the scores you could.

This way, you manage to grab all the easy scores you can and maximize the score you can get.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Best Strategies for the Art of Skipping

EMT Strategy

The EMT in EMT Strategy stands for Easy, Moderate, and Tough. While you are preparing for your IPMAT examination, you have to classify each question or type of question into the class Easy, Medium, or Tough.

But what are the parameters to classify the questions?

Easy questions are those which you are 100% sure of getting right the moment you read the question.

Moderate questions are those you think you can solve but are not 100% sure about. If you get it right, it’s good; if not, no worries.

Tough questions are those which you are sure you can’t solve because you are not familiar with the basic concepts or haven’t solved such questions before.

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It is important to understand that the classifications of questions can change as you practice more. After more practice, you might find moderate questions to be easy or tough questions to be moderate.

The bottom line is that the EMT classification can change depending on the level of your practice.

While using EMT in the examination, you must first solve all the Easy questions. Then, attempt all the Moderate questions once (and leave them if it is wrong) and leave the Tough questions for the last when you are done with Easy and Moderate questions.

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Topic Driven Strategy

This strategy can be used by students who usually prepare for exams like IPMAT with crash courses, haven’t completed the syllabus, or covered all the topics. In such cases, it is better to use this strategy.

In Topic Driven Strategy, you can skip those questions that are out of your scope, and you know that you haven’t prepared for that particular topic. You have to solve all the questions with the topics or subjects you are familiar with and then move on to the topics you are unaware of.

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Combination of Topic-Driven and EMT Strategy

You can combine the two strategies to make it more effective where you answer all the easy questions and fall into your topics' expertise.

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You can use the Art of Skipping for IPMAT and even other similar exams as well The basic concept remains the same,, and your strategy is effective there too.

Art of Skipping can take you from cut-offs to good marks and from good marks to top scores. The art of Skipping is incredibly effective in saving time and grabbing all the marks you can, putting you ahead of your competitors.

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