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How Will You Prepare For IPMAT in One Year?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 7, 2023


Summary: IPMAT is among such exams where the more time you dedicate, the better the chances of you scoring a good rank. Clearly, not everyone has the determination to crack IPMAT and get into the highly ranked IIMs. But there are better strategies that, when followed, can land you into IIM quite easily. Here in this article, we will be discussing the best strategy that you can follow if you have one year to prepare for IPMAT. Go through the article to get detailed insight into what experts have to say about the preparations.

As soon as one plans to appear for any entrance, for that matter, not just IPM, the initial query that strikes them is, “Where should I start from?”

Let’s just break down the answer to this by categorizing the aspirants into two major categories; one who is preparing for IPMAT with the boards and the one who is solely preparing for the IPMAT examination.

How To Start Your Preparations?

Considering both types of aspirants, we have devised some common strategies feasible for everyone. Following this will be easier for you while you prepare for your board exams. You don’t have to put a lot of time unevenly into actually cracking the exam; instead, following a standard daily routine and some changes in daily habits can easily land you on a good rank.

For every aspirant, we can easily break the preparation strategy into the following parts-

  • Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses in IPMAT syllabus
  • Dedicating six months to your weakest parts
  • Preparing three months for your intermediate and strong parts
  • Practicing mocks and previous year paper’s from the last 3 months of your preparations
  • Reading editorials in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and articles to improve your comprehension skills.
  • Finalizing your preparations in the last month with revisions

This would help you with the initialization as well as the finalization. With a proper strategy, your dream of securing a seat at IIM Indore might come true.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Categorizing Subjects According to Your Strengths

The hardest but the most fun part for you would be this. Before you begin with anything, just pull out your books and start making a list with three columns in it- Easy, Intermediate & Hard. Here you don’t have to mention the subject; instead, write down all the topics in any particular subject. And you will have to do this for all the subjects.

Now how exactly will you determine where to place any topic on the list? 

Let's understand this with an example; suppose you have three topics from the modern maths section- Set Theory, Determinants, and Probability. 

Now here, a true self analyzation is required, and you should be able to judge yourself correctly. 

  • For Set Theory, if your concepts regarding every set of questions are clear and you are confident about being able to solve any question related to it. Classify it as an easy topic and write it down in that list.
  • For Determinants, if your concepts are almost clear and you can solve some of the questions put infront of you. But you are still not clear about some relevant topics in Determinants, so classify them in the intermediate list. You still have to work hard for that topic to be shifted to the easy list.
  • Lastly, for Probability, if your concepts are totally unclear or somewhat clear and you are unable to solve most of the questions regarding the topic. Classify that as hard and add it to the hard list.

It will take some time but will eventually save you a lot of time. With the categorization being done, you can begin your preparations.

The First Six Months of Your Preparations

Before proceeding with the preparation strategy, Which section would you prefer to start with first?

If your answer is easy, then you are wrong. Ideally, even experts say that the first priority should always be the toughest part. If you cover the tough part early on, you will have enough time for the other parts and the revisions. 

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

What Should be the Strategy for These Six Months?

The beginning of your IPMAT preparations commences here, and you should make a goal to crack it for the best colleges under it. Now, the prime target for your first six months should be

  • Pick the ‘Hard’ list and prepare a weekly study plan, only devoting time to that part.
  • Allot at least 8-10 hours of your time to any four topics from the list.
  • Six months is enough time to understand all your concepts regarding all the topics completely.
  • Do watch regular classes and videos on our youtube channel to understand the topics as well as learn some useful tricks.
  • Make sure to make brief notes of all the topics you study.

During this crucial time, prepare well for the hardest parts of your subjects. Following these tips will help you create a unique flow for the preparations.

We have a clear preparation strategy for different sections, like- Tricks to attempt logical reasoning questions

The Next Three Months Preparation Strategy

After you finish your hardest part, you can start preparing for the intermediate and the easiest parts. However, keep in mind, while you prepare for the intermediate and weakest part, do not just study the parts you are unclear about. Instead, prepare well enough for all the related topics, even if you completely know about them.

What Should be the Strategy for These Three Months?

The strategy for these three months will firstly depend on which topics you have chosen as intermediate and easy. Still, here are some general strategies for IPMAT preparations you should follow-

  • Begin with the intermediate section moving on towards the easy section
  • You can keep your dedicated time the same as for the six-month strategy or increase it even more up to 8-10 hours.
  • Always keep track of your time in hand, and prepare a weekly plan according to it.
  • Allocate more time to understanding the unclear topics.
  • Watch online classes, youtube videos, and refer to books for better understanding.
  • Make sure to refer to our section-wise preparation blogs for detailed information

The preparation of these two parts won’t take long enough, so you can easily cover the topics. Don’t forget to make notes during your preparation as it will help you in the end.

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ipmat results

ipmat results

The Last Three Months Of Your Preparation

Finally, when you are in the last stage of the preparations, you don’t need to keep studying your subjects anymore. The last three months before the IPMAT exam are very crucial, and you need to focus more on exam preparations rather than syllabus preparations.

You will be dedicating your time to solving questions, MCQs, mocks, and other important things here.

What Should be the Strategy for These Three Months?

These crucial months are a do-or-die for any aspirant aiming for IPMAT 2024. The preparation strategy for these months would be 

  • Make a revision of all the three classifications, i.e., hard, intermediate, and easy, via the notes you made during all the phases of your preparations.
  • Find all the previous year's question papers and start solving them
  • Get a series of mock tests from our website and keep attempting them from time to time.
  • Refer to all the books that will be mentioned in the next part, and solve all the sectional MCQs.
  • Make sure to immediately clear any doubt regarding any topic you encounter during the question-solving process.
  • Make sure to improve your comprehension skills by reading editorials in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and articles.
  • While solving any paper, keep a stopwatch beside you to keep track of the time. At first, it might take somewhat longer to solve the papers but do not rush. You will eventually manage the time taken to solve the paper.

This will be the finalizing part of your IPMAT preparation, so do invest all your time available for the cause. Eventually, you will be satisfied with the results you get to see in the end.

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Preparations For IPMAT Interviews

While preparing for the main exam, you will have to prepare for the interviews as well simultaneously. So follow this strategy to excel in the IPMAT interviews-

  • The basic and simple strategy to crack the IPMAT interview is that you should be clear that this interview test is not for your knowledge but to check your personality, manners, behavior, etc.
  • Whenever you are going for the interview, you should be confident, your attitude should be right and good, and you should look solid and look like you are the perfect person for admission to this program.
  • Prepare a list of Commonly asked IPMAT Interview Questions and practice them regularly.
  • The country's recent management issues and growth and developments are the most important topics to be studied. 50% of questions will be asked on these topics.
  • You should see as many mock test interviews online to get how the questions will be asked and what the atmosphere will be inside the interview room.

Best Books for the IPMAT Exam 2024

Now, in the above strategy, we mentioned reading books to improve your reading comprehension skills, so with the help of some of these books, you will be able to excel that easily. Some of these books will be a savior when you don’t get the relevant information from your domain-based books as well.

The table below shows the best books for preparing for the IPMAT entrance examination. Include these IPMAT Preparation Books while preparing for the entrance exam.

Book Name Author Name Book Price
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams R. S. Aggarwal Rs. 520/-
Class XI and XII Mathematics R. D. Sharma Rs. 510/-
Better English  Norman Lewis Rs. 400/-
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis Rs. 440/-
English Grammar and Composition  Wren and Martin Rs. 560/-

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