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JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2023 Check Difficulty Level & Questions Asked

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 25, 2023


Summary: The JIPMAT Entrance Exam 2023 was conducted on Sunday, 28 May 2023. Stay tuned for the live JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2023 conducted by our experts at Supergrads. 

NTA conducted the JIPMAT Entrance Exam 2023 for admission to the five-year IPM programs at IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya for the current academic year. 

Continue reading the post that will help you have a complete insight into the JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2023. 

JIMPAT Exam Analysis 2023 [Section Wise]

Here we discuss highlights of the session followed by the difficulty level if there were any surprise elements, topics-wise breakup, and the difficulty level in each section. 

Important things to note about JIPMAT Exam 2023:

  • 33 Qs each were asked in LR/DI and QA sections, respectively.
  • 34 Qs were asked in the Verbal Ability section.
  • The complete exam consisted of 100 questions. The time to solve them was 150 minutes in total.
  • This exam also had negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer and a positive mark of +4 for each correct answer.

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Highlights on JIPMAT Exam 2023:

1. Overall paper was reported to be between easy to moderate level of difficulty.

2. JIPMAT 2023 was already expected to be more difficulty than the JIPMAT 2024. IPMAT Rohtak, on the other hand, was easier than the 2022 exam. Between the two exams, JIPMAT 2023's level of difficulty is higher than IPMAT Rohtak 2023's.

3. The number of Good Question Attempts in the JIPMAT Exam 2023 can be considered at 85 Questions.

4. Approximately 8,500 students attempted JIPMAT 2023 on May 28, 2023 (based on Supergrads' conversation with dignitaries from the college in the past and an insight on the registration data).

5. Since there are multiple selection lists after JIPMAT for IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu, there's no need to worry. While qualifying scores are not enough to get into these IIMs, a higher number of attempts with an equally high level of accuracy is required from those that attempted JIPMAT Exam 2023. In this session of the exam, managing time to complete even 85+ Questions was definitely possible!

JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2023 for Quantitative Aptitude 

  • This section was trickier than expected and required a lot of calculations, which students were not expecting.
  • The major surprise students faced in the exam was answering the 12-15 Questions that were statement-based. These questions revolved around true/false and assertion/reasoning.
  • Good attempts in this section: 24-28 Questions out of 33 Total Questions.
  • Students who are giving IPMAT Indore could have attempted upto 31 questions too. Experts have reported observing that the style of questions and format of the paper seems to have moved more towards thr IPMAT Indore pattern in both questions-type and level of difficulty.
  • Many students reported that the questions were conceptual and therefore this section felt quite lengthy.

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Here's an overview of the topic-wise question division across the JIPMAT Exam 2023, including high-weightage topics.

Number System 3
Set Theory 2
Simplification 1
Profit & Loss + Compound Interest 1
Profit & Loss + Ratio 1
Average 1
Mean, Mode, Median 1
Functions 1
Arithematic Progressions 1
Time, Speed, Distance 1
Boats & Streams 1
Permutations/Combinations, Probability 3
Trignometry 2
Geometry (Tangent) 2-3
Mensuration 4
Time/Work 1
Algebra 3-4

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ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2023 for Verbal Ability

  • The exam was quite balanced. This section was just as expected. It was reported to be relatively easy to solve.
  • The only surprising thing was word meanings and synonyms/antonyms, which only those students who put vocabulary coverage on the back burner may have struggled with.
  • There were RCs and para jumbles, which were highly doable by all kinds of students. Questions based on idioms and phrases were also fair and direct. 
  • The questions in this section were limited to the syllabus and what is usually asked in the JIPMAT Exam Paper. Nothing beyond what should have appeared was asked in the Verbal Ability section.
  • In fact, on the whole, this section should have proved to be a time-saver for students struggling to complete the other two sections.
  • Good attempts in this section: About 30 Questions out of 34 Total Questions, with an accuracy of at least 90%.

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JIMPAT Exam Analysis 2023 for Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

  • According to student feedback, this section was rated as moderately easy.
  • The section consisted of 10 questions based on Data Interpretation, with an unexpected question on Time, Speed & Distance. This suggests that the JIPMAT Exam is aligning more closely with the IPMAT Indore style.
  • Some students reported having a critical reasoning question, while others did not.
  • Some students reported having attempted up to 31 questions, so it is advisable to aim for a higher number of attempts.
  • A good attempt for this section would be to answer 28-30 out of the total 33 questions.
  • Students who managed to save time during the Verbal Section would have had enough time to perform well in this section as well.

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Data Interpretation 2 sets with 4 Q's each and 1 set with 2 Q's
Data Arrangement 2-3
Coding/Decoding 4-5
Number Series + Missing Numbers 3
Clock 2
Calendar 1
Analogy 1
Directions 1
Critical Reasoning 1

Selection Criteria for IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu

IIM Bodh Gaya Selection Criteria: 

  • Every student must have a 30 percentile in all the above sections is a major selection criterion. 
  • No 10th or 12th marks hold importance. Selection is purely based on JIPMAT scores. 
  • Only 10 marks will be considered for tie-breaker situations. 
  • Bodh Gaya has increased seat intake to 120 seats. 

IIM Jammu Selection Criteria: 

  • JIPMAT score hold 60% weightage.
  • 15% of each weightage of class 10 and class 12 scores. 
  • 10% for Gender diversity. 
  • Every student must have a 50 percentile in all the above sections is a major selection criterion. 

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Section-Wise Expected Cut-off 2023

Let's take a look at section-wise qualifying marks which are likely to be the case for JIPMAT Exam 2023, according to our experts.

General About 100 About 100 About 100
EWS* 35 35 35
NC/OBC* 35 35 35
SC* 30 30 30
ST* 25 25 25
PwC* 25 25 25

*Scores represented for these categories are based on IIM Bodh Gaya official cut-offs from 2022. The JIPMAT Exam cut-off for 2023 is likely to be a bit higher than these numbers for all categories.


  • Your performance needs to have been balanced across all 3 sections for the best result possible and a higher chance of qualifying for JIPMAT 2023.
  • Time consuming papers in themselves cannot be viewed as 'tough'. The problem a lot of students faced in this exam was time management. Whatever time was lost in QA and DI could be recovered in VA and therefore, cut-offs will be on the higher side.
  • The seat intake has also gone up for both IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu to 120 each. Even that will play into qualifying scores and cut-offs.
  • JIPMAT has a tendency to make some changes in each exam each year. You never know what is going to end up happening. In 2022, sectional cut-offs were applicable in shortlisting. As of now, we don't know what it's going to be for 2023.

Interested in observing the JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 & 2021? 

Click on the link below to get the JIPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 and 2021.👇

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