Quantitative Aptitude Questions on Heights and Distance for IPMAT & DU JAT

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : June 8, 2023


If you are preparing for competitive exams like IPMAT and DU JAT, you can expect questions from trigonometry in the quant section.

Most of you might face difficulties while solving problems related to heights and distances, a sub-topic under trigonometry.

However, if you follow the right methods to solve these questions, you can get them correct. 

This post shall take you through important questions based on heights and distances for IPMAT and DU JAT exams.

So, what are looking for? Dig into the post to know the different types of questions from this topic.

Heights and Distance Questions for IPMAT and DU JAT

Heights and distance are the main applications of trigonometry. You will have to find the distance between two places or the height of an object, or the angle subtended by any object at a given point without actually measuring the distance or heights or angles. 

To help you get an idea about the type of questions asked from this topic, we have provided important heights and distance questions that are curated from the previous year's IPMAT Question Papers.

Q. One flies a kite with a thread 150m long. If the thread of the kite is at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal line, then the height of the kite from the ground is

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Sample Heights and Distance Questions for IPMAT & DU JAT

The questions based on heights and distance are quite lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, following the IPMAT Preparation Tips provided by experts will help you solve these questions in seconds.

Q) A man is standing on the deck of a ship, which is 10m above water level. He observes the angle of elevation of the top of a lighthouse as 600 and the angle of depression of the base of the lighthouse as 300. Find the height of the lighthouse.

a) 30m

b) 40m

c) 45m

d) 38m

Q) From the top of a building 60m high, the angle of elevation and depression of the top and the foot of another building is α and β respectively. Find the height of the second building.

a) 60(1+ tan α tanβ)

b) 60(1+ cot α tanβ)

c) 60(1+ tan α cotβ)

d) 60(1- tan αcotβ)

Q) From the top of a tower 75m high, the angles of depression of the top and bottom of a pole standing on the same plane as the tower is observed to be 300 and 450 respectively. Find the height of the pole.

a) 30.4m

b) 35.9m

c) 28.6m

d) 31.7m

Q) The angle of elevation of the top of a tower from point A on the ground is 300. On moving a distance of 40m towards the foot of the tower, the angle of elevation increases to 450. Find the height of the tower.

a) 48.6m

b) 42.84m

c) 54.64m

d) 58.76m

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