Trigonometry is one of the trickiest topics in Mathematics subject. But if you follow the right methods to solve, then you can get them correct. In most of the entrance examinations after the 12th standard, quantitative is one of the prominent sections included. 

The questions in this section mainly test your quantitative ability and problem-solving skills. This post shall take you through questions based on heights and distances. 

Heights and distance are the main applications of trigonometry. You will have to find the distance between two places or the height of an object, or the angle subtended by any object at a given point without actually measuring the distance or heights or angles. 

Aspirants preparing for IPMAT or DU JAT can solve the Quantitative Aptitude Questions on Heights and Distance concept for enhancing preparation levels. 

Heights and Distance Questions for IPMAT and DU JAT

Q. One flies a kite with a thread 150m long. If the thread of the kite is at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal line, then the height of the kite from the ground is