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IPM Indore Cut Off 2023: Know Here

Author : Muskaan Jain

Updated On : July 4, 2023


Summary: The IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude test) conducted by IIM Indore for the year 2023 has concluded successfully. Students who appeared for the exam provided feedback stating that the overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate, and there were no surprises in the paper pattern compared to last year's exam. The expected IPMAT Indore cut off are anticipated to be similar to the previous year. 

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of IPMAT 2023, including the exam pattern, section-wise breakdown, difficulty level, and expected cut-offs. Additionally, we will analyze each section and provide valuable insights to help you understand the exam and IPM Indore cut off better.

Expected IPM Indore Cut Offs: IPMAT (IIM Indore) 2023 

The expected cut off marks for IPM IIM Indore cut offs for IIM  2023 are as follows: 


Good Attempts 

Good Score 

Quantitative Aptitude (SA) 



Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ) 



Verbal Ability 



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IPMAT Indore Cut Off 2022

Here's a table depicting the IPM Indore cut off for the year 2022.


No. of Questions

Total Marks


% Cut-off

Time limit






40 mint






40 mint






40 mint

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 IPMAT 2023 (IIM Indore) Admission Calendar 

 The following is the admission calendar for IPMAT 2023 conducted by IIM Indore: 

IPM Indore 2023: Exam Pattern 

The IPMAT 2023 exam pattern consisted of three sections with a total of 90 questions. The sections, along with their respective time limits, weightage, and number of questions, are as follows: 



No. Of Questions 

Quantitative Ability (SA) 

40 minutes 

15 Questions 

Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 

40 minutes 

30 Questions 

Verbal Ability 

40 minutes 

45 Questions 

Candidates were given a total duration of 2 hours to answer the 90 questions across these three sections. 

ipmat results

ipmat results

Marking Scheme 

The marking scheme for IPMAT 2023 is as follows: 

- Every correct answer carries 4 marks. 

- Every incorrect answer carries a penalty of -1 mark. 

- The Quantitative Ability (SA) section does not have any negative marking. 

For more details regarding the fee structure, eligibility criteria, admit card information, and other important details about IPMAT (IIM Indore), please refer to the official website. 

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IPMAT (IIM Indore) 2023: Exam Analysis 

Let's delve into the analysis of each section of IPMAT 2023 to provide you with a better understanding of the exam. Through understanding the exam analysis, it is easier to get a gist of the tentative IPMAT Indore cut off for the year 2023.

IPMAT (IIM Indore) Analysis: Quantitative Ability (SA) 

The Quantitative Ability (SA) section of IPMAT 2023 consisted of 15 questions. This section did not have any negative marking, making it less challenging for test-takers. However, the questions in this section were of moderate difficulty level and covered a mix of concepts. 

The distribution of questions in this section is as follows: 


No. of Questions 

Arithmetic - Time, Speed & Distance 

Arithmetic - Averages 

Arithmetic - Profit and Loss 

Number System - Series 

Number System - Arithmetic Progression 

Permutation & Combination 

Set Theory 

Algebra - Binomial Theorem 

Algebra - Modulus 

An attempt of 8-10 questions in this section can be considered good, given the absence of negative marking. 

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IPMAT (IIM Indore) Analysis: Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 

The Quantitative Ability (MCQ) section of IPMAT 2023 comprised 30 questions. The difficulty level of this section was similar to that of the previous year, and it was considered moderately difficult. Candidates had a sectional time limit of 40 minutes to complete this section. 

The breakdown of this section is as follows: 


No. of Questions 

Arithmetic - Time, Speed & Distance 

Arithmetic - Mixtures & Allegations 

Arithmetic - Ratio & Proportion 

S.I & C.I 


Geometry (Circle and tangents) 


Arithmetic - Averages 

Geometry - Triangle 

Number System 

Algebra - Modulus 






Arithmetic Progression 

Matrix and Determinants 

Combination & Arrange (Set) 

Linear Equation 

Permutation and Combination 

Similar to the previous year, questions from higher mathematics were limited. The overall difficulty level of this section was high. A good attempt of 18-20 questions can be considered within the sectional time limit of 40 minutes.  join the best IPMAT Indore coaching

IPMAT (IIM Indore) Analysis: Verbal Ability (MCQ) 

The Verbal Ability (MCQ) section of IPMAT 2023 was easy to moderately difficult. Candidates had to answer 45 questions within the given time frame of 40 minutes. 

The breakdown of this section is as follows: 


No. of Questions 

Reading Comprehension (2 Passages) 


Fill in the Blanks 

Sentence Improvement 

Idioms and Phrases 

Error Spotting 


Sentence Completion 

Students found this section to be easy to moderate in difficulty. It is expected that the cut-off for this section will be higher than that of the other two sections, similar to the previous year. A good attempt of 30-32 questions was possible in this section within the given time.

Fact Check

In life, prepare for the unexpected, but when it comes to IPM Indore cut off, anticipate a challenging scenario.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

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IPMAT 2023 (IIM Indore) concluded with a moderate difficulty level. The exam consisted of three sections: Quantitative Ability (SA), Quantitative Ability (MCQ), and Verbal Ability. The analysis provided valuable insights into the section-wise breakdown and expected IPMAT Indore cut offs. Aspiring candidates should stay updated with official notifications and prepare diligently for a successful future in management. Best of luck to all the aspirants! Hold up, interested in the exam pattern of IPM Indore? Read here IPMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

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