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Reader's Digest: Are you ready for the AIBE Exam 2023? Looking to boost your chances of success? Discover the vital questions that could make or break your performance. Read on to equip yourself with the essential knowledge and excel in this crucial examination!

The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is an examination that is designed to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified to engage in the profession of advocate in India. 

The purpose of the AIBE is to establish a minimum standard for admission to the practice of law; it tests a candidate's analytical ability and ensures that they have a basic comprehension of legal concepts. The AIBE will evaluate capabilities on a fundamental level. 

The candidate will be granted a "Certificate of Practice" by the Bar Council of India once they have successfully completed the test.

The AIBE will be held in forty different cities across the entirety of India. The examination will be given in eleven different languages, and you will be able to select one of them. 

The examination format will be multiple choice questions, and students can bring in any relevant materials. Check out the critical question in the AIBE exam. 

Important Topics of AIBE 18 Syllabus

Check the important topics of the AIBE Syllabus:

Constitutional law

Constitutional law is the set of laws that defines the structure and power of the government. It also defines the fundamental rights of the citizens in the country.

I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)

It is India's primary code of criminal procedure, and it goes into great depth about several facets of criminal law. It offers the definitions of the many sorts of crimes and the consequences for acts of criminality and improper behaviour.

Cr. P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)

The Code of Illegal Procedure, often known as the Cr.P.C., is the procedural legislation that governs the processes that the law enforcement apparatus must follow to take action against any infraction or criminal activity.

C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)

Another piece of procedural legislation in India controls the many kinds of civil processes that might take place.

Evidence act

In addition to its other name, the Indian Evidence Act of 1872, this legislation consists of 11 chapters and 167 parts. Solve as AIBE model question papers as possible.

Alternative dispute redressal incorporating arbitration Act

When there is a dispute between two parties, the judicial and quasi-judicial agencies, which function on the basis of a predetermined framework, step in to act as an arbitrator. These structures are outlined in detail in the Alternative Dispute Resolution, including the Arbitration Act.

AIBE Mock Tests

AIBE Mock Tests

The rules governing families

It addresses the disagreements that occur between the various members of the family and the other relatives.

Litigation in the public interest

On the basis of judicial activism, the courts in India have granted the public their authority, and this power is being discussed here. The law serves to protect the general public's best interests.

The administrative and legal system

This legislation establishes the authority and responsibilities of various administrative authorities and applies to all administrative activities and proceedings. In addition, it is a subfield of public law.

Company law

This legislation establishes the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the various types of enterprises and the people who work for them. You can find several questions of company law in AIBE sample question papers.

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Environmental law

This legislation encompasses a number of different acts with the goals of reducing pollution and protecting natural flora and animals. Additionally, the regulations governing how natural resources can be used and various agreements and other elements are included.

Cyber law

The legislation outlines the offences that can be committed in cyberspace, on the internet, and in the digital environment.

Labour regulations and industrial legislation

This law establishes the guidelines for proper behaviour that both employers and workers must follow in the workplace. Different labour codes, labour reforms, and laws connected to the International Labour Organization are all included under the umbrella of labour and industrial law.

  • Law related to taxation
  • It comes under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

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Land acquisition act

The ability to purchase private land for use in a variety of various types of developments can be exercised by either the union or the government. The compensation that is to be received for the purchase of land is also defined under the Land Acquisition Act.

The law governing intellectual property

The legal system provides protection for intellectual property, such as artwork, designs, and brands, as well as innovations. By securing and establishing these things via patents, trademarks, and copyrights, it safeguards and establishes them. 

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Top 100 Important Questions for AIBE 2023 Exam

  1. According to the Specific Relief Act provision, is it impossible to file a lawsuit against the government?
  2. The Patent Act was signed into law in which year?
  3. According to Section 271 of the Criminal Procedure Code, whose authority in a particular state, other than the High Court, has the jurisdiction to choose the language used in court proceedings?
  4. What is a decree?
  5. How is Foreign Judgement defined in CPC?
  6. Which of the following statutes does the clause that establishes the Public Service Commission fall under?
  7. What minimum number of people must be present to form a public company?
  8. As soon as a private firm has the necessary permits, it is able to start conducting business.
  9. Which of the following does NOT constitute an important part of a Guarantee Contract?
  10. The definition of "Agent" may be found in the Indian Contract Act under which Section?
  11. In a banking firm, what is the maximum number of partners involved?
  12. What do we name the individual who provides the guarantee?
  13. Which of the following does an underpaid seller not have as a right to exercise against the goods?
  14. What does the Specific Relief Act offer for sections 36 to 42?
  15. Which of the following does not pertain to the realm of civil law?
  16. In a legal proceeding, which principle of res judicata is applicable?
  17. A lawsuit involving immovable property can be brought by a court whose local jurisdiction lies in what jurisdiction, according to section 16 of the CPC?
  18. What does begging mean?

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

  1. In the event that a written statement is not submitted, the Court may, according to order VIII Rule 10 of the CPC, take what action? 
  2. What does it imply for an oral statement to be admissible under sections 59 and 60 of the Indian Evidence Act?
  3. Explain the definition of "Court" under the Evidence Act.
  4. The admissibility of the contents of electronic records can be demonstrated in line with the provisions of which statute?
  5. According to the Indian Evidence Act terms, which of the following is not considered a public record?
  6. What does the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988's Section 67 provide?
  7. Which of the following is not exempted from the provisions of Section 80 of the CPC?
  8. Is it possible to get a temporary restraining order?
  9. What is the Right to Appeal?
  10. What year did the Indian Succession Act get its most recent amendment?
  11. Which of the following statements is true?
  12. In accordance with the provisions of Section 63 of the Indian Succession Act, a Will must be certified by the following?
  13. What does it mean when Islamic law refers to "Iddat"?
  14. Who is responsible for appointing the marriage registrar for any district in accordance with the Christian Marriage Act?
  15. Where does the word "Ombudsman" originate from?
  16. Who is responsible for appointing an inquiry commission in accordance with Section 3 of the Commission of Inquiry Act of 1952?
  17. What year did the Information Technology Act become law?
  18. The Indian government passed the Information Technology Act in the year 2000 with the purpose of?
  19. What is included in the right to personal liberty?
  20. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Defense Forces?
  21. What is the mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court Justices?
  22. Which of the following is the subject of the Criminal Procedure Code?
  23. The distinction between bailable and non-bailable offences was first made in?
  24. Who can appoint a Special Executive Magistrate per Section 21 of the Criminal Procedure Code?
  25. Is a person arrested subject to a personal search by the police?
  26. Who or what is the Special Court?
  27. Can a magistrate use the powers granted by section 159 of the Criminal Procedure Code?
  28. Can a statement recorded during an inquiry conducted under section 161 be used in court?
  29. Is the authority to take cognizance of an offence granted to a Magistrate of the First Class or of the Second Class?
  30. Does the Criminal Procedure Code allow for the addition or modification of charges?
  31. According to the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, the individual who is adopted is considered to be?
  32. Did Hindus use to be able to practice polygamy before?
  33. Mohan is going to marry Kritia, who is his sister's daughter. Is that legal?
  34. According to the Water Act, what does it imply for a body of water to be considered a stream?
  35. What exactly does it mean to commit homicide?
  36. Is it a crime to adulterate food or drink, and what are the penalties?
  37. According to the Indian Penal Code, what is the maximum sentence for waging war against the government of India?
  38. Which of the following are election-related offences?
  39. Rupa Bajaj vs KPS Gill is a well-known legal dispute that was heard and determined by the Supreme Court. Write a brief note about it. 
  40. What does Section 154 of the IT Act say?
  41. Which of the following does not fall under the definition of a capital asset according to Section 2 (14) of the Income Tax Act?
  42. Who makes the decision on the language that will be utilized throughout the arbitral proceedings?
  43. Shall the Arbitral procedure be considered to have come to an end?
  44. Each and every Award made by a Lok Adalat is considered to be a?
  45. What does it say in Sections 18-27 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996?
  46. Which of the following is not a basic human right?
  47. When looking into the case of Maneka Gandhi, what was found??
  48. Is it possible to limit the right to free movement via the imposition of reasonable restrictions?
  49. Which of the following can make a claim to the constitutional provision known as Article 19?
  50. The Indian Constitution, under Article 20 I Clause 3, states that no accused person will be forced to be a witness in any court proceeding.
  51. What is the case of Indra Sawhney vs the Union of India, commonly known as?
  52. Residents in slums benefited from the decision that was made about this case. What was it?
  53. Which of the following categories does a lawsuit in the public interest fall under?
  54. What did the Supreme Court decide in the case of SP Gupta vs Union of India AIR 1982 SC 149?
  55. In a case referred to as the Kamal Nath case that the Supreme Court developed, what is the connection between this case and the State of Rajasthan?
  56. The Specific Relief Act grants the courts the authority to hand out compensation; yes or no?
  57. Does the Indian Evidence Act permit the presentation of handwritten evidence?
  58. What does the Indian Evidence Act's Section 26 provide?
  59. What does the term "Evidence" signify, and what does it include?
  60. What does "define the meaning of" entail according to Section 2 (1) (ZB) of the Trade Mark Act 1999?
  61. Is an offence against a woman's modesty punishable under the Indian Penal Code?
  62. Which of the following violates Section 463 of the Indian Penal Code?
  63. What section of the Indian Penal Code explains criminal intimidation?
  64. What does the case of Krishna Gopal vs the State of MP concern?
  65. In the event that the Bar Council reaches the conclusion that advocates misappropriated funds, what are the consequences for such attorneys?
  66. If one is unhappy with the decision made by the State Bar Council, to whom may they appeal their case?
  67. Which Section of the Advocates Act Provides Punishment for Advocates Who Engage in Unprofessional Conduct?
  68. What does Section 24 of the Advocate Act address?
  69. Which of the following factors, according to the Workmen's Compensation Act, is most useful in deciding the extent of an injury in order to get compensation?
  70. The Workmen's Compensation Act of 1923 specifies that the Commissioner can do the following, according to section 23?
  71. What was the intention behind passing the Industrial Dispute Act in 1947?
  72. The term for which may be found in Section 2(q) of the Industrial Dispute Act of 1947.
  73. When did the Land Acquisition Act become effective in the United States?
  74. What does it imply when the Land Acquisition Act refers to "arable land"?
  75. Who is responsible for trying instances of check fraud prosecuted under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act?
  76. What do you mean when you say "tort"?
  77. In the law of torts, what is meant by the term "vicarious liability"?
  78. In accordance with the provisions of subsection (f) of section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, a defect is defined as any flaw, imperfection, or inadequacy with respect to the following?
  79. Which of the following is an example of an act of God? 
  80. The Income Tax Act was passed into law in which year?
  81. According to Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, "Income" refers to the following?

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