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AIBE Exam Pattern 2023: Key Details and Insights!

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : August 22, 2023


Reader's Digest: Are you preparing for the AIBE Exam 2023? Curious about the latest changes in the exam pattern? Look no further! In this article, we'll explore the revamped AIBE Exam Pattern for 2023, highlighting key modifications and offering valuable insights. Whether you're a first-time taker or a repeat candidate, reading on will provide you with essential information to excel in the upcoming AIBE Exam.

The AIBE XVIII test format has been specified by the Bar Council of India, which will be utilized to administer the exam. The exam dates and all important information, including the syllabus and Admit Card will be released shortly. 

In order for you to be able to study adequately for the AIBE  XVIII examination, you must be familiar with the format of the test. 

The test pattern for the AIBE XVIII will give you a comprehensive grasp of the different types of subjects, total marks, and marking system, in addition to the sequence of questions and the length of the examination. 

You will be evaluated on a number of topics, such as public interest litigation, industrial laws, cyber law, and environmental law, among others. 

The examination will consist of one hundred questions, each of which will count for one mark, and there will be no mark reductions for incorrect responses. 

Let us further understand the AIBE Exam Pattern, so you can thoroughly prepare for the AIBE 18, which is expected to be conducted shortly. 

AIBE Exam Pattern 2023 Details

Let's check the important details of the AIBE exam question paper pattern 2023 details:

Features  Details 
Exam name All India Bar Examination (AIBE)
Conducting Body Bar Council of India (BCI)
Exam Level National
Exam frequency  Once a year
Languages  11 modes of languages
Exam fees  Rs 3,560 (General/OBC category) and Rs 2,560 (reserved category)
Eligibility  3- or 5-year LLB from a recognized institute
Exam Purpose
  • The AIBE is a certification exam to earn the Certificate of Practice (COP).
  • The COP is mandatory for practising law in India.
Mode of exam Offline, pen-and-paper exam, and Online, computer-based test mode
Question type The question paper will include 100 objective-type questions.
No. of test cities 40

AIBE Mock Tests

AIBE Mock Tests

  1. Up to AIBE XV, the examination was a book-and-paper test. However, beginning with AIBE XVI, applicants will not be permitted to bring materials inside the examination room other than the Bare Acts. This restriction will take effect immediately.
  2. The AIBE 2023 Registration period began in August of this year. The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is an annual National Level Examination administered by the Bar Council of India. An examination will be administered to evaluate if an applicant possesses the essential abilities to practice professional law in India.
  3. The Bar Council of India will offer a "certificate of practice" to candidates who successfully finish the AIBE exam and satisfy the prerequisites.
  4. If you wish to practice law in India, you will be needed to take the AIBE entrance test. The Bar Council of India (BCI) is responsible for the regular organization of AIBE. In order to be qualified to take the AIBE Exam, candidates must provide proof that they possess a law degree.
  5. Due to the tremendous difficulty of the AIBE Exam, which provides all legal aspirants with the "Certificate of Practice" required to practice law, a thorough study plan is required to pass the AIBE.
  6. The AIBE will be administered offline in eleven separate languages. There is no chance for negative scoring on the AIBE, which consists of one hundred questions that must be solved within three hours and thirty minutes. Students must acquire a minimum score of 40% on the AIBE Exam to receive the "Certificate of Practice."

AIBE Exam Pattern 2023 Guidelines

  • When studying for the AIBE Exam, candidates should consider the following concepts.
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to concentrate on graduate-level legal issues since AIBE covers many legal-related themes.
  • Applicants must begin their preparations early in advance so that they may devote sufficient time to resolving their weaknesses and learning knowledge.
  • Candidates for the AIBE Exam should maintain a high degree of consistency throughout their preparation and review the whole curriculum of the exam.
  • Writing activities should be designed to enhance both speed and accuracy.
  • Effective time management is required to pass the AIBE.
  • You must maintain current on all official bulletins about AIBE. You should visit the official website of the Bar Council of India.
  • The key to passing AIBE is prompt and effective answers.

Check: AIBE Application Form

Changes in The AIBE Exam Pattern

The examination will consist of one hundred objective questions, each selected randomly from a pool of twenty distinct subject areas.

These twenty subjects will be broken into two distinct categories: Category I and Category II.

When it comes to Category I, there will be a total of seven questions for each subject; however, when it comes to Category II, there will be a total of 23 questions for each topic.

It is estimated that the entire process will take three hours and thirty minutes to finish. Also, refer to the best AIBE books.

The table below has important information about the AIBE exam question pattern:

Parameter Details
Mode of Examination Offline & Online both
Type of Examination Certification Based
Medium of Question Paper 11 languages
Type of Questions Objective
Total Number of Questions 100 MCQs
Total Marks 100
Time Duration 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Marking Scheme 1 mark for every correct answer
Negative Marking No negative marking

List of AIBE 2023 Subjects

The AIBE Syllabus 2023 and corresponding weightage are as follows:

Category-I (Part-I) Category-II (Part-II)
Alternative Dispute Resolution Administrative Law
Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act Company Law
Constitutional Law Environmental Law
Contract Law, including Specific Relief, Special Contracts, and Negotiable Instruments Family Law
Criminal Law I: The Indian Penal Code Human Rights Law
Criminal Procedure Labour and Industrial Law
Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law
Evidence Principles of Taxation Law
Jurisprudence Public International Law
Professional Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct for Advocates --
Property Law --

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

Subject-Wise Questions Asked in AIBE 2023

Understanding the type of questions asked and weightage is an integral part of the AIBE Exam Pattern: 

Subject No. of Questions
Limitation Act 2
Corporate Social Responsibility 2
Family Law 2
Jurisprudence 3
Administration Law 3
Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional misconduct under B.C.I rule 4
ADR + Arbitration Act 4
Company Law (2013) 4
Constitutional Law 5
Environmental Law 5
C.P.C 5
Public International Law 5
Cyber Law – 05 5
I.P.C 6
Labour + Industrial Law 6
Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law 6
Evidence 8
Cr. P.C 10
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Prop Laws, Spl Contract N I Act 15
Total 100

Check: AIBE Eligibility Requirements 

AIBE XVIII 2023 Marking Scheme

Many students ask if there negative markings in the AIBE exam. Yes, and the detailed mark distribution is mentioned in the table below. 

AIBE XVIII 2023 Marking Scheme is described below for the AIBE Exam Pattern 2023. Your scores or AIBE Result is based on it. 

Answer Type Marks Given
For every correct answer 1
For every incorrect answer 0 marks
For every unattempted question 0 marks

Important Considerations Regarding the Exam Format of the AIBE 2023

An outline of the most significant facts on the format of the AIBE test:

  • During the course of the registration procedure for AIBE XVIII (18), potential candidates will have the ability to select their language of choice.
  • In order to be considered for a Certificate of Practice issued by the BCI, prospective candidates in the general category need to get a score of at least 40%, whilst individuals applying under the SC/ST category need to attain at least 35%.
  • On the AIBE XVIII (18), there will be no provision for the subtraction of points for erroneous responses; hence, each candidate will gain a full point for every question that they get right.

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