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Best Books For AIBE Preparations

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : February 3, 2023


Summary: Preparing for AIBE? Which AIBE books should you refer to? We will surely answer this in this post. To start your AIBE preparations, you need to refer to books with simple language and a complete syllabus. Here in this post, we have mentioned some of the best books for AIBE preparations. 

The AIBE exam is one of the most important exams for advocates opting for the Certificate of Practice(COP). 

To begin the preparations, you first must select the best books available in the most understandable language. 

Some good points you need to consider before choosing any book-

  • Updated syllabus
  • Complete syllabus
  • Verified books from famous authors or publication houses
  • Ample amount of practice questions

These few points make up for a good and referrable book. Never go for multiple books at once, do a one-by-one trick to keep concepts easy to understand.

AIBE Best Books 2023 

Here are some of the best AIBE exam preparation books you must consider while preparing for the AIBE examination:

AIBE Books Author/Publication
Fundamental Rights Uday Raj Raj
Guide to All India Bar Exam PK Pandey
Intellectual Property Law Private Publication
Patents Act-1970 Taxman
Civil Practice and Procedure Manual Sarkar’s 
Criminal Manual Universal’s
Other Bare Acts  Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt Ltd.
Constitution of India Durga DasBasu
Company Law and Practice AK Majumdar/Dr GK Kapoor
Civil Procedure with Limitation Act CK Takwani
Guide to All India Bar Examination Universal’s
Sure Success AIBE & JCJ DV Rao
All India Bar Examination Guide Shambhu Prasad Choudhary
The Constitution of India Bare Act with short notes Universal’s
Public International Law VK Ahuja
Human Rights HO Agarwal
Law Exam Times PK Pandey
Central Law Agency All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide SM Ranjan and PK Jain
AIBE Solved papers (2011-2021) Lovedeep Bangia
AIBE – Previous years solved papers Thakral Law Publications

Check: AIBE 17 Syllabus

How To Select A Good Book?

Considering the fact that you are new to the AIBE preparation, here are a few pointers that will help you choose the right book- 

  • The book must be revised and updated to the latest syllabus patterns.
  • The book must be in simple language, free of grammatical errors.
  • The book must be based on the complete AIBE syllabus.
  • The legal concepts must be explained elaborately.
  • There must be case law and examples to understand the concepts better.
  • The books must be written by famous authors or must be verified by one of them. 
  • It must contain an adequate amount of practice questions and the previous year's questions for practice.

AIBE Mock Tests

AIBE Mock Tests

AIBE Preparation Tips 2023 

The major factor in preparation for the AIBE exam is the book you study from. If you can find the best book you can refer to, all you will have to do is these two things-

Time Management

  • Your ability to manage time effectively is the most important factor in whatever AIBE preparation 2022 you make.
  • As soon as the candidate has a thorough knowledge of both the curriculum and the examination format, he or she may begin to divide the subjects into weekly chunks to prepare for the exam.
  • Making efficient use of the time given for the AIBE Exam is one of the most important steps in achieving a satisfactory outcome on the test.

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The Material for Study

  • You have access to many sources; thus, they need to pick reputable sources to study for the exam fully.
  • A candidate can get an edge over other candidates by reviewing the papers from the previous year, doing a suitable number of practice tests, and working through sample papers.

AIBE Syllabus

To check the validity of any book you refer to, compare it with the AIBE Syllabus. This will help you to choose the most suitable book to refer to for AIBE preparations. 

The marking scheme and weightage for the AIBE exam are shown in the table below:

Subject No. Of Questions
Limitation Act 2
Corporate Social Responsibility 2
Family Law 2
Jurisprudence 3
Administration Law 3
Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional misconduct under B.C.I rule 4
ADR + Arbitration Act 4
Company Law (2013) 4
Constitutional Law 5
Environmental Law 5
C.P.C 5
Public International Law 5
Cyber Law – 05 5
I.P.C 6
Labour + Industrial Law 6
Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law 6
Evidence 8
Cr. P.C 10
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Prop Laws, Spl Contract N. I Act 15
Total 100

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Why should you refer to the AIBE books mentioned above? Well, these AIBE exam preparation books have concepts explained in such a way that it’s easy to understand and backed by examples. Some of these top AIBE exam books are from renowned authors and publications recognised worldwide. 

Are you still lagging behind in AIBE preparations? LegalEdge After College provides a headstart and helps you prepare for the AIBE exam in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The difficulty of the AIBE test is often considered to be moderate. The fact that you do not have to compete with other students to qualify for the exam makes the process of doing so far simpler than qualifying for any legal entrance exam.

Unfortunately, the AIBE is not an open-book test any longer. Up to the year 2020, the bar examination was given in an open-book format

If you want to do well on the bar test, it is advised that you study for at least seven to eight hours per day.
If you are studying for the AIBE in 2022, some of the essential publications that you should consult are Universal's Guide to All India Bar Examination, Sure Success AIBE & JCJ by DV Rao, and All India Bar Examination Guide by Shambhu Prasad Choudhary.
The AIBE test covers a total of 19 different areas of law, and questions come from all of them.
No, the AIBE test solely contains objective-type questions; hence the answer is no.
After going through the process of analysing the answer sheets, the Bar Council of India (BCI) chooses the minimum passing score for the AIBE test. Note, however, that the result of the AIBE will merely be described as either a pass or a fail; scores will not be shared.


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