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How to score 100 percentile in CUET Mathematics?

Author : Aparna

Updated On : July 26, 2023


Mathematics is a major domain subject that is required by many courses for science and commerce-related courses. While maths is not usually a favourite subject for many, it is still important. Scoring the 100 percentile in CUET mathematics can be difficult but not impossible. With the right strategy and hard work, scoring 100 percentile is achievable.

The syllabus for mathematics will be from NCERT class 12, including the reduced syllabus. However, the topics from the reduced syllabus are not seen too much in the CUET, so you need not worry too much about it.

The exam pattern for mathematics is simple, with 50 questions in which you need to solve 40.

There are 5 marks for each right question, -1 for the wrong answer and 0 for the unattempted question. Let's check how to score 100 percentile in CUET Mathematics?

How to score 100 percentile in CUET Mathematics?

Now that you know the syllabus and CUET exam pattern of the exam, here’s a simple strategy and important tips for scoring the best marks in CUET maths

Here are steps on - How to score 100 percentile in CUET Mathematics?

1. Revise all the chapters from NCERT class 12th

Since the CUET 2024 and your class 12th are almost the same, you would have already studied the complete syllabus for your class 12 final exam. Assuming that your final exam is over and you are starting your preparation for CUET, this is the best way to start.

So far, all the topics you have learnt will stay fresh in your mind, completing half of your preparation.

If you are well prepared and good with your class 12, you will easily score in CUET.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

2. CUET practice questions

There are various resources available for CUET practice questions in the form of online test preps, question banks and free questions available online. Pick any you can and start practising for the CUET maths questions.

Practice as much as possible. If possible, practice them topic-wise and note your weakest/strongest topics.

You can return to the more difficult topics and put extra effort into them later. If you are stuck on some topic, do not waste too much time on it, or it will demotivate you.

Keep practising questions until you are sure of the topic and your ability to solve any question from that topic.

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3. Revision and notes

Revision and making notes should be an important part of your strategy.

Make notes of everything important you need to remember for each topic. Keep them organized in a notebook of about 40-50 pages.

Use it before the exam to revise all the topics and keep things fresh in your mind.

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4. Understanding what the 100 percentile means (critical point)

100 percentile doesn’t mean you must score 200 on the exam. 100 percentile is the top score obtained in the exam. The highest score in CUET 2024 maths was 150 out of 200; getting a score of 150 is considered the 100 percentile.

What does this mean? You need to be smart about picking the questions in the exam. 

Do not solve each and every question in a linear fashion during the exam. Solve the easiest questions that do not take much time. Remember that you only have 45 minutes to solve a paper with 40 questions. You get roughly 1 minute for each question.

Attempt all the questions that take less than or close to 1 minute to solve. Get the maximum marks possible first. If time permits, go for the ones that can take more time, but you are sure you can get the right answer since a wrong answer can reduce your score. The goal is to secure the maximum possible score in the exam.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

5. Mock tests

To get familiar with the exam conducted, take up mock tests in CBT/MBT (Computer/Mobile Based Testing). It will familiarize you with the exam structure and make you more comfortable in the real exam. You can find free and paid CUET mock tests online to practice.

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Well, here you go! These are the important strategies to score 100 percentile in the exam. Prepare for all the topics, make notes and pick your questions strategically. This will ensure you score the maximum possible score, which is the best way to get the 100 percentile.

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