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Physics Preparation Tips for UCEED and NATA to Score High in General Paper

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : August 8, 2023


Summary: This is all about the best books for UCEED Physics preparation. We have covered the syllabus, the topics, and the best books for this section in this blog. We hope this helps you in preparing for UCEED Physics with the help of these books.

NATA and UCEED examinations are familiar entrance exams for Architecture and design aspirants. However, if you still don't know about it, let us share the basics with you. NATA is an acronym, abbreviation that stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture. The core drive of this examination is to scrutinize candidates' abilities which include visual perception, critical study, aesthetic insight, logical computation, and cognitive mastery. 

On the other hand, UCEED is designed for testing candidates for the five major skills (Cognition, Aesthetic, logic, critical & Visual). It is designed to determine the best candidate for allocating seats in the leading IITs in India for the B.Des degree program. Conducted and managed by IIT Mumbai, qualifying UCEED makes you eligible for admission to IIT Hyderabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, Delhi & Jabalpur. 

Coming to another critical segment, the Syllabus and how many questions you have to face from Physics. In which section does it appear and what do you need to study to master the physics section for unraveling UCEED and NATA seamlessly? We have it all wrapped in this blog. 

You are going to encounter 7 questions from physics, which can be both numerical or graph-based questions. It comes in the Numerical sections of NATA and UCEED where most of the Maths reasoning questions are listed. Now the question arises: what should be your plan to maximize your score in this section and how to prepare for Physics for the Design Entrance Exam?

What to study for the Physics section in NATA and UCEED?

Physics questions in NATA and UCEED include basic and advanced level mathematical numerical. Starting from class 9th to 12th you have to prepare for all these 4 classes before you set your mind on solving these questions. The catch here is that you don't have to memorize the whole chapter but focus on the major topics in each chapter.

Now the confusion here is what are the best books for UCEED preparation and what are the topics that have to get covered? To find out the answers to these questions, spare 4-5 mins and go through this blog for the elaborate report. Let's begin with the basic one and then move to the advance in chronological order. From Class 9th to class 12th.

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"Physics questions in NATA and UCEED include basic and advanced level mathematical numerical. Starting from class 9th to 12th you have to prepare for all these 4 classes before you set your mind on solving these questions. The catch here is that you don't have to memorize the whole chapter but focus on the major topics in each chapter."

What do you have to cover from Class 9th from physics?

All the Questions asked in NATA and UCEED from physics are of a basic Level. So here, there is no rocket science in it. Here are the enlisted topics you have to go through from class 9th Physics section. Also, refer to NCERT as it is one of the best books obtainable out there. It will guide you through the journey of clearing your concepts and developing an insight into the introductory creeds and numerical practices in physics. 



Motions along a straight line


Go through the basics of the chapter, which Include:

  • Description of the topic and its basic concepts.
  • Various laws and fundamentals on each topic.
  • The formula for solving the numerical of each topic. 
  • The SI unit of each topic is incorporated into the Chapters.
  • Laws and their application in diverse conditions (Motion, Force, and Energy)
  • Indexes of motions, their rules, and application. 
  • Kinds of Energy: Kinetic and Potential - Definition, Principles, and application.
  • Numericals established on all the given topics from primary to extended. 

Uniform & Non-Uniform Motion 

Motions & its Equation 

Uniform Circular motions 

Balanced and Unbalanced motions 

Laws of Motion 

The universal law of motion 


Archimedes Principles 




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Graphs to be taken into consideration 

While covering these topics you have to focus on another major topic which is the Time and Distance graph. Also, it often happens that the questions for physics are asked based on graphs. Hence you need to practice these graphs closely. 

  1. Distance & Time
  2. Speed & time
  3. Displacement & time
  4. Velocity and time
  5. Acceleration & time

If you cover all these topics from class 9 then you will be capable enough to solve a minimum of 4 questions out of the 7 questions given in the physics section. 

UCEED Online Coaching

UCEED Online Coaching

Dissemination of Class 10 Physics Syllabus 

After covering class 9 you have to quickly Jump to the Class 10th Syllabus. Although you don't have to get into details for class 10th either, still it has some of the major topics which are primarily covered in NATA in the previous years' Questions. Let's see what are they:



Reflection & Refraction 

Fundamentals and Definition of Reflection and Refraction. Reflection in Plain Mirror. Refraction in Glass slab, spheres, and lenses. Numericals, Concepts, and Application of concepts in different ways. 



Human Eyes 

Go through the Definition and basics. No extensive reading is required. 

Defects of the human eye 

Electric Current and Circuit 

Numericals, Circuits - Types of circuits. Current & its types.

Resistance & Combination of Resistance - Series, Parallel and Mixed.

Calculation of Power. 

Electric Potential 

Ohm's Law

Brief on Class 11th and 12th physics Syllabus 

Let's take a glance together at what you need to Cover on the 11th and 12th because most of the questions are from the Syllabus for the 11th and 12th Only. So, you need to have a sound knowledge of the topics you need to cover. 



Physical quantities and units 

Definition and basic concepts l. Numericals and Application of concepts on numerical. Pressure and friction. Conductors and their types. Graphs on the Topics of:

  1. Elasticity
  2. Fluid Pressure
  3. Thermodynamics 


Fluid Pressure and Surface Tension 

Material properties 

Graph of various physical properties 

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You have to cover all these topics thoroughly because NATA has repetitively asked questions from these chapters in previous years Questions

nata mock test

nata Mock test

What UCEED Physics Questions Comprises?

Coming to the UCEED exams. The UCEED asks its questions based on the same syllabus as NATA but in a different manner. They don't ask the question directly, rather they give you a question based on a certain concept. Also, there are limited numbers of questions That are completely different from theories.

So you must have a clear knowledge of the concepts and how you can apply them while solving these application-based Questions. Similarly, if you are contemplating preparing for JEE then you have to prepare just the way you want to prepare for UCEED.

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