How To Memorize Current Affairs For CLAT 2022?

For any entrance examination or competitive examination across India, the current affairs section plays an important role. At least 20-25% of the question paper comprises current affairs questions. In CLAT as well, 25% of the questions are from current affairs topics.

So, how do you remember so much current affairs? Many of you might have this doubt running in your mind. This post shall provide different ways to memorize the current affairs for CLAT 2022 and remember them for a long time.

Top Seven Tricks to Memorize Current Affairs for CLAT 2022

Here are a few top seven tricks and strategies to memorize current affairs for the CLAT examination. Solving previous year papers of CLAT shall help in knowing which type of questions are asked in current affairs section.

Be Selective

  • If you are a beginner to CLAT preparation, be selective. Get expert guidance for understanding topics in depth.
  • In case you are preparing for CLAT for 6 months then begin revising all the topics.
  • Don't start reading random books and everything. An important trick is to read one newspaper and identify the latest issues happening.
  • Be wise while choosing the material for reading Daily Current Affairs


  • Use mnemonics to remember information. 
  • Example: Name of the Planets is generally remembered as "My very educated mother just served us noodles"
  • In case if you are forgetting mnemonics remember with any known person name or abbreviations which is easy to remember. 
  • A proper practice gets you through this.


  • Revision is the key to last minute preparation for CLAT
  • Make sure to revise whatever you have studied the previous day. Make a habit of revising every day without fail.
  • You can also write and practice to remember what you have studied.

Practice Writing 

  • Writing must be practised than typing. Nowadays everyone is addicted to using mobile phones for noting down, but start writing.
  • You will remember things when you are writing them. 

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Teach Someone or Discuss

  • Discussing or teaching someone is one of the ways to remember current affairs. 
  • When you are discussing with your friend you are confident about what you have studied and you can get inputs from your friend as well.
  • You can even teach someone as you build confidence and remember whatever you have studied.

Analyse Preparation Level

  • Attempt free quizzes on Current Affairs to test your preparation level. 
  • You can also solve previous year papers to know the difficulty level of questions. 
  • Analyse the solutions as well and improve on the wrong answers.

Study in FAQ Format

  • You can jot down questions yourself and answer them.
  • This way you are preparing for different types of questions. 
  • You can also use pictures, images, or diagrams to remember current affairs.


How many questions are asked in CLAT General Knowledge section?

In CLAT GK Section, around 35-39 questions are asked. 

What are the CLAT GK Preparation Tips?

Some of the Important CLAT General Knowledge Preparation Tips are:

Reading Newspapers regularly. Watching News to stay updated about latest happening across the globe. Also, attempting Current Affairs Quiz will help in knowing the difficulty level of the exam and estimating which type of question can be asked.

Which are the best books for CLAT General Knowledge section?

Some of the best books for CLAT GK section include

Legal General Knowledge - R. K Gupta

General Knowledge 2020 - Arihant Publications

Current Affairs Yearly - Arihant Publications

Will Static GK come in CLAT 2021?

As per the previous year analysis, the GK section include questions only from Current affairs. Therefore, it is important to focus more on current affairs than static GK.

Do I require knowledge of law to attempt CLAT GK?

No. You do not require any additional knowledge of law apart from what is in the passage to attempt CLAT GK.

How to crack GK section in one week?

Study the current affairs and read General Knowledge books regularly. Also, follow experts preparation tips to crack the GK section in one week.