Haryana Judiciary Exam Analysis 2021

This year, the Haryana Judiciary prelims exam is scheduled for 13 November 2021. We will provide you with a detailed paper analysis as soon as the exam gets over.

Going through exam analysis will give a fair idea about the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam. It will also help you understand better the areas to focus on more for better results. 

Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into Haryana Judiciary Exam Analysis 2021 and the previous year's analysis.

HJS Exam Paper Analysis 2021

As the prelims exam is around the corner, enhance your last-minute preparation by practising the previous year's question papers for Haryana Judiciary Exam.

Our experts from Judiciary Gold will provide you with all the authentic information gathered from the students related to the exam analysis after completing the exam.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates on the Haryana Judiciary Exam Analysis 2021.

haryana judiciary mock test

haryana judiciary Mock test

Previous Year Haryana Judiciary Analysis (2018)

As per the student's review, the overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate to difficult.

  • The question paper had a total of 125 questions.
  • Four marks were awarded for each correct answer.
  • There were questions based on both bare acts as well as application-based based questions.
  • Most of the questions were repeated from the previous year papers.

Number of Questions Asked in Haryana Judiciary Exam 2018

According to the Haryana Judiciary past 10-year paper analysis, most of the questions in the prelims exam were based on the Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, and current affairs.

To help you understand the number of questions asked from each topic, we have provided a detailed analysis in the table below.

Subject Number of Questions
Indian Contract Act 6
Civil Procedure Code 22
Criminal Procedure Code 12
Indian Penal Code 7
Specific Relief Act 3
Indian Partnership Act 3
Indian Evidence Act 17
Sale of Goods Act 3
Muslim Law 3
Hindu Law 11
Limitation Act 6
Registration Act 3
Haryana Local Laws 2
Current affairs and Legal GK 27

Type of Questions Asked in HJS Exam 2018

To ease your Harayana Judiciary Prelims Exam Preparation, we have curated a few essential questions that were asked in the previous year's exam.

Q) In law, a man is presumed to be dead if he is not heard of as alive for:

A) 4 years

B) 7 years

C) 10 years

D) 15 years

Q) A sentence of death by a lower court:

A) must be confirmed by High Court

B) must be confirmed by Supreme Court

C) must be confirmed by President

D) is operational if no appeal is made to High Courts.

Q) Which of the following types of companies/ organisations issue ULIP? (The ULIPS were recently in news)

A) Insurance companies

B) Banks


D) RBI 5) All of these

Q) Insurance business in India is regulated by which of the following authorities?





E) All of these

As per the news in various financial newspapers, Larson & Toubro (L&T) is planning to enter the insurance business in India. Otherwise, what is the major business of L&T, which it is known for?

A) Newspaper Publications

B) Media Entertainment

C) Car and Automobile Production

D) Textiles

E) Heavy Engineering & Construction


How to handle panic during the Haryana Judiciary examination?

To avoid stress or any sort of panic during the exam, focus on what you know the best. Attempt the sections that you are confident about and start answering the ones you know the answers first.

Is there any recommended newspaper for Haryana judiciary Preparation?

One can read any good newspaper for Current Affairs preparation. Usually, The Hindu is preferred by judiciary exam aspirants due to its precise and concise articles.

Do really solving Haryana Judiciary Exam Question Papers will help score better in the exam?

Yes. Solving previous year papers will help improve your time management skills, speed, and accuracy in the final exam and that would definitely help you score good marks in the exam.

What type of GK questions are asked in Haryana Judiciary Exam?

You an expect general and state specific GK questions in Judiciary Exam. 

What are the important topics that need to be prepared for the Aptitude section of the Haryana Judiciary Syllabus?

The important topics that need to be prepared for the Aptitude section of the Haryana Judiciary Syllabus include permutation and combination, probability, time & distance, percentage, work & time, number system, mixture & allegation.